The State of Plateau as a platform seeks to promote democracy on the local level by bringing the fore issues concerning the State, and facilitating citizens debate on public issues, through participation in government decision making.

Federal Lawmaker Edward Pwajok SAN Joins Plateau North Senatorial Race.

30th August, 2018

Federal lawmaker Pwajok joins Plateau North Senatorial race

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Federal Lawmaker representing Jos South /Jos East in the house of representative Hon Edward Pwajok on Thursday declared his intention to contest for the  Plateau North Senatorial seat in the forthcoming 2019 general elections .

Our correspondent reports the Pwajok  is the first and so far the only indigene of the Northern zone of Plateau State to be appointed Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN).

He is  also the first Senior Advocate in the House of Representatives and the only Senior Advocate of Nigeria in the 8th National Assembly.

Speaking at the occasion in Jos ,Pwajok said " Today’s occasion is unique as it affords me the opportunity to formally commence my campaign to be the flag bearer of APC in the 2019 General elections to represent Plateau North in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria."

"With my impressive achievements in the House of representative ,respectable persons in the Northern zone have been urging me to offer myself to serve in a higher capacity in the Senate come 2019. They feel with my track record of excellence in whatever tasks I am given, that the zone will benefit from the wealth of my experience, and resourcefulness. The 2019 contests are going to be tough. Even from the aggressiveness of the opposition, we can see that they are hell bent on taking over power from our great party at all levels. In view of this we have no option but to put forward our best defeat them."

"May I say with all sense of modesty, that having excelled and with the credibility that I have, that I invite you to support me to be elected to fly the flag of our great party in order to clinch the Northern Senatorial seat in next year’s election in order to continue the good works that we are known for."

The conventions of the National Assembly favor those with cognate legislative experience in the National Assembly. That is why those who are elected from the house to the senate are ranked higher than even former Governor’s or Ministers or State Speakers elected for the 1st time to the senate. Electing me will thus benefit our constituency as I wouldn’t be learning the ropes but being on familiar terrain,I would transit seamlessly to the Red chambers and would use my network of familiar contacts both in the National Assembly and the MDA,S for the benefit of my constituency. "

He also said "Since there is a National consensus that I have done very well in the house, the old saying that the reward for hard work is more work aptly applies to me. As the winning horse,I beseech you to trust me and vote for me so that I will not only win the race but continue to work very hard to justify your confidence"

The lawmaker also said he has  sponsored over "50 Bills in the House of Representatives, thus the 3rd Highest sponsor of Bills in the 360 member House of Representatives, the highest among members from Northern Nigeria and the highest of all first timers in the 8th National Assembly."

"For instance, the Bill on the abolition of the Dichotomy between HND and First Degree. Hitherto, HND holders could not progress beyond level 14 in the civil service but can now rise to Permanent Secretary or the peak of their careers."

"I  also sponsored a Bill, which has been passed to amend the interpretation Act, to regulate appointments in acting capacity, there is also a Bill to establish the NIGERIA Football Federation (NFF)which the House has passed. My Bills cut across Education,Health,The Armed Forces,Federal Character Commission,Children,Women,Institution of Government,Electoral Act,Deepening Democracy,Human Rights,Anti Corruption."

Because of my regular presence on the floor particularly in committee of whole, I always amend bills to reduce the age qualification for government organizations to ensure employment of young persons.

I moved the motion to mandate the Federal Government to fill the many vacancies in INEC, which has enabled the commission not only to be duly constituted but to organize many elections after 2015 and even prepare for the forthcoming elections.

"I am proud to say that in addition to being a member of 9 standing committees in the House namely: Human Rights which I chair; Constitution Amendment; Federal Judiciary; FCT Judiciary; House Services, Power; FERMA; Sports; Diaspora, I have been privileged to chair the House ad Hoc Committees on investigating the Bama Initiative, and Harmonizing the Electoral Act amendment Bill and also a member of several ad Hoc committees including the Petroleum Industry Bill, wherein Bassa Local Government of Plateau State has been included as one of the host/impacted communities by virtue of oil pipelines passing through it; ad Hoc committee investigating the DSS invasion of Judges Houses, ad Hoc committee investigating NEMA; ad Hoc committee investigating capital budget/Releases 2015 etc etc.

Through my membership of the committees and my Constituency projects I have influenced several projects in my constituency including motorized boreholes in Jos East (Shere), Jos South (Rantya) including rehabilitation of the motorized borehole in Vwei, Kuru, (Jos South) and in Vat (Barkin Ladi), road construction in Kwata and VWANG, fencing of primary school in Diye, Jos South, Free Medical Outreach in both Jos South and Jos East where thousands of persons were tested and treated two babies among many who were delivered successfully by caesarian section, were named after my wife and myself.

Pwajok also said " I am glad to announce that some of the projects I have influenced have been advertised for tender namely electrification of areas of Jos East and Jos South, road construction in Vwang, Kuru, School construction in Turu, Primary Healthcare centre rehabilitation in Fursum, including motorized boreholes.

" I have always spoken for the underprivileged in the society, for my constituency and my state. I also speak, i lobby for promotion, appointment, employment of persons from my constituency in particular and my state in general. I have done the same in many MDA’s including the security agencies like the Police, Prisons, Civil Defence, the Federal Civil Services, Federal Parastatals etc.I have sponsored some students of FCE Pankshin from my constituency and also sponsored for the training of some youths in ITF all from the constituency. One of the beneficiaries of those whom  who secured employments in the office of the accountant general ,.Also Miss Kaweng Susan Doro was among those FCE students being sponsored by the Honourable member. Hon Hilary Ajik from Jos East was among those youths trained on ICT at ITF among others.

I have presented several petitions on behalf of citizens some of who have been reinstated to work or paid benefits they were denied. I have interceded for traumatized residents of my constituency even in Labour matters where many citizens that would have lost their jobs were not only retained but some promoted.The Veterinary Research Institute Vom is an example.

Pwajok also appealed to the people of the state to support the APC government at all times .

Plateau Killings- Gov Lalong Calls On Security Operatives To Fish Out Culprits...

30th August  2018

Plateau  killings - Gov Lalong calls on security operatives to fish out culprits
By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau state government  on Thursday  said  it is intensifying collaboration with security agencies to bring to an end attacks on communities by criminal elements who are bent on taking the state back to the dark days.

 Commissioner of Information and Communication in Plateau Yakubu Dati, in a statement commiserating with the people of Foron particularly, Abonong where 8 people were killed and many houses burnt as confirmed by the police conveyed the deep sympathy of Governor Simon Lalong.

Dati said Governor said Governor Lalong has directed security agencies to leave no stone on unturned in ensuring that the perpetrators of the dastardly act are brought to justice.

He recalls various peace initiatives being put in place by Governor Lalong to ensure lasting peace in the state, the latest being the just ended Northern Region Christian Association of Nigeria summit in Jos.

The government explained the review of the criminal justice act in the state is to ensure criminals are tried in the state.

Dati conveys the condolences of Governor Lalong to all those who lost their loved ones and property including the Church of Christ in Nations which lost a priest and his family in the attack.

The Governor appreciates COCIN for providing sanctuary for some IDPs as well as other organizations for their role in bringing succour to victims of conflict.

The statement implores citizens not to give up on the State's cherished values of peace and hospitality. As such they should not take laws into their hands when provoked but collaborate with security agencies to prevent any break down of law and order and bring criminal elements to justice.

The VP ( NYCN) North Central Totally Condemns The Recurrent Killings On The Plateau....

29th August, 2019


In view of the latest attack witnessed in parts of Barkin Ladi (Gwol) LGA of Plateau State that led to the death of Rev. Adamu Gyang Wurim of COCIN LCC Abonong, members of his family and other victims in the Siminti and Zayit communities, all of Foron district, the Vice President of the NYCN (North Central), Com. Sele Sean Pwajok condemns in strong terms, the recurrent wave of attacks on innocent civilians in their homes and communities as life is constantly being reduced through terror and vandalization.

This has come shortly after the attack on some farmers by alleged armed  men while returning from their farm in Bisichi village a few days ago and a report of another ambush laid around the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), where the slain driver of the current PLHA Speaker and others were involved.

These spate of killings undermines the efforts put in place by the Plateau State Government to forestall the incidences while designing a template to achieving peace on the Plateau and as efforts have been underway to resettle the erstwhile displaced persons across different IDP camps, this latest attacks have further dampened the confidence of helpless citizens who are still yet to come to terms with their losses. This is not only worrisome and regrettable, but grossly unfortunate.

The VP admonishes such attacks and implores the Government and security agencies to kindly multiply efforts at securing lives and properties in the state and other parts of the nation at large. Speedy investigations to look into the remote causes should be employed and the perpetrators and their sponsors should be made public while emphasizing the highest rule of law.

The NYCN mourns.

(From the
Directorate of
Administration, Information and Publicity.)

For: Com. SS Pwajok, (MIASS)



North Central.


The Monte video conference of 1933 has spelled out indices for nations to be recognized, independent, free and stand in their own rights as a sovereign states. Hence, once a state meets the requirements as postulated in the conference of 1933, it becomes a state to reckoned with among the comity of states and enjoys privileges like respect and honor from it counterparts. 
Invariably, it is worthy to note that, no nation is independent of others, that means, interdependence and symbiotic relationship between climes make the world to progress.
 Unfortunately, great powers like US looks down on Afrikaans and Afric nations. This neo-racist views on Africa leadership and leaders must stop, if the pact of Monte video conference must be respected and followed respectively. 

About the comment made by the US government, quoted in New York Times and published by the same media house based in hub of the world greatest country USA as stated thus; "I will not want  to meet a president as lifeless as president Buhari " if this statement is true, and if the America government actually said this crap words, then the United States has failed in it role as global hegemonic power, or as police of the world. 

As a concern Nigerian, who don't allowed party affiliation and leadership skills of leaders to be Cloud my sense of reasoning, and as an academician, who believes in building the image of the nation through writings that's relevant to our foreign image and national and international views of the nation in the global table of analysis , I am therefore  left with no option,than to describe the words credited to US government to the nation as an absolute inverity, involute, crass, irrelevant and irritating to say the least. 
This can further be described as hegemonic incompetent from a leader who ought to be leader to all the nations. The description of the president Buhari as "lifeless " is inconsistent with reality of respect acceptable among leaders.

 If he Buhari is lifeless, why did the US government entered into agricultural relations with the Nigerian state? Why did he the president of America choose to invite the lifeless president to the White House,  as the first leader from Sub-Saharan Africa to visit him since his inception to power as the 45th POTUS of US ? Why did he say all the good things he said to president Buhari during their eventful discus at Rose garden media chat with him?

 There are so many rhetorical questions to asked about this lifeless saga. I see this statement as distraction from the United States of America to Africa and Nigeria in order not to help Afrikaans as promised or supposed as a world hegemon. The US government must have a rethink over this unfortunate comment in New York Times.

To the youths celebrating this ill comment, either because of their dislikes on the style of leadership of the president, I want them to have a rethink, there are certain things that must unite us as a nation, that's our core national interest.
 What is said is to the nation,not just directed to the image of Buhari, the statement has a multiple effects to the image of the nation. If you accept that statement because of the personality of the president you don't admire, that shows that we are all lifeless people in Nigeria. That statement if true has dent and stained our image among the comity of states. 

The PDP is expected to write a rejoinder immediately, condemning  that statement made by the US government. The statement was directed to the leader of nation who is also the image of the nation. 
The 91 registered political parties must write to condemn this egregious statement directed to the nation in general. 
While the APC should not take this issue personal, the president is national image and represent all of us across the creeds and regions, he belongs to everyone no matter the national divides as multi lingua country and multi ethnic as well. It will be good for  haters and lovers, hailers and wailers, PDP and APC, stakeholders, clergies, academicians, friends of the nation, members of the diplomatic Corp, corporate and multi nationals to come out openly and kick against the potency of the comments made. 

The tag lifeless is not good at all, he was elected by people full of of life, or is he telling us that the over 15 million Nigerians that voted for the president in 2015 are also lifeless? This is a bad omen and retrogression to us as people. 

The US government must  come out in good time to take responsibility for this statement or condemned it as well, if it is false and fallacy. 
I will recommend that all Nigerians in diaspora and at home to come up with an,  anti-lifeless harsh tag #Buhariisnotlifeless
This is because, no one will build image of this nation for us, it is our total responsibility and  mandate to project the burgeoning image of our nation. 
Undoubtedly, we may have our numerous challenges as a people and differences , but we must learn to have the spirit of togetherness and oneness  as an indivisible people  to stop any forms of divisiveness such as this "lifeless" quagmire . 

This thought is shared out of patriotism to the country, I am strong advocate of a better Nigeria, I look forward to seeing us uniting to building our national images across the globe. 

The ministry of foreign affairs, the Nigerian ambassador to the US and all other diplomats representing the nation all over the globe must preach this in all our embassies. "we are not a lifeless people and we don't have a lifeless president #PMBisnotlifeless
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and make us a great country amen. 

Rwang Patrick Stephen 
Department of political science 
Federal University of Kashere Gombe state 
Northeast Nigeria. 


Capacity Building And Wealth Creation; The Gov Lalong Style Part 1.....

27th August 2018



Governor Simon Lalong assumed office at a time Plateau state was termed a civil servant state,

thus commercial activities experiences paralysis at every time salary payment suffers a setback.

And for a man who inherited months of unpaid salaries, it was obvious that the state was at an

all-time low commercial activities wise, however, the Governor who has empowerment and

business growth as one if his policy thrust took the bull by the horn by establishing sustainable

institutions to tackle job creation head on.

Fully aware of the fact that strong institutions translate to sustainable administrative framework,

the Governor Lalong led administration after critical analysis of the existing scenario as at the

time of assumption of office in 2015 immediately swung into action towards building sustainable

foundation in a bid to make Plateau state greater and self-sustaining without necessarily

depending constantly on the center.

With a burden in his heart to change the narrative in Plateau State, the Executive Governor of

Plateau State his Excellency, Barr. Simon Bako Lalong established the Plateau State

Microfinance Development Agency with a mandate to promote Financial Literacy,

Entrepreneurship, Vocational and Skill Acquisition in order to tackle issues of Poverty and

unemployment amongst other challenges facing the state. The decision was made against the

backdrop of the critical factors constraining the growth of the private sector and in particular the

MSMEs in Plateau state which include among many the following;

 Weak capacity of the operators in terms of technology, skills, knowledge and attitudinal


 Weak institutional synergy

 Low market access

 Poor access to financial services

 Poor information flow

 Poor access to land

 Inadequate power supply

 Security Challenges

 Infrastructural deficit

 Issues of taxes and levies

Doing business in Nigeria according to the 2014 World Bank Report and the ranking of the 36

states including the FCT, indicated the position of Plateau in all key selected areas as follows-

 Ease of Starting Business 20

 Construction Permits 17

 Registering Properties 15

 Enforcing contacts 22

The above ranking is enough to scare away investors and was partly responsible for the poor

economic activities in the State.

PLASMIDA upon its establishment immediately swung into action in an attempt to reawaken the

already weak and inactive private sector. These interventions had led to a dramatic positive

change in the business operating environment thereby bringing hope and relief to the MSMEs

and gingering a lot of start-ups. Since the creation of the Agency, numerous activities and

achievements have taken place as observed subsequently;

The Anchor Borrowers Scheme, this initiative spearheaded by the Agency was to increase access

to finance to farmers and Agro-processors. To achieve this goal, a total of 120 Laptops were

provided and youth from each Local Government Area engaged. In further strides to develop on

the goals targeted by the Agency, there was also a presidential envoy from the office of the Vice

President to Plateau State. This delegation and the DG embarked on a tour to assess the level of

performance of MSMEs in all LGA’s. In

included the Women Skill Empowerment Programme (WOSEP), in collaboration with the

Industrial Training Fund (ITF). This initiative was captured under the quick wind strategy to

equip women with the requisite skill for setting up and managing small scale businesses, a total

of thirty-three women were trained under the scheme and were given starter packs after the

training. Another Land mark event was the inauguration of the MSME council in Plateau State.

The council works towards creating and enabling business environment and also a plain level

field for MSME’s to operate. After the inauguration of the council, the MSME Clinic was held

immediately at the Jos Polo Field. This was to boost the capacity of SME’s and also link them

with the relevant business regulatory agencies. The MSME clinic was immediately flowed by the

opening of the One Stop Shop (OSS) cited within the PLASMIDA office complex and it is

engendered towards granting SME’s easy access to business regulators such as the FIRS, CAC,

NAFDAC, BOI, CBN, ITF amongst others. At this point there was a need to further build on the

SLEMS initiative, this led to the second phase of the SLEMS having the programmes under the

following set of skills: poultry farming, cosmetology, pop and paint making, food and beverages

and barbing and hair styling. The agency also spearheaded the process of citing and

establishment of a cassava processing plant on the Plateau in partnership with EBS of Brazil and

the project will soon commence as the relevant equipment are already on ground for takeoff.

Again in the bid to improve on the access to market for MSME’s and to create the needed

platform for SME’s. The Agency again sponsored selected SME’s to the Plateau Trade fair so

that they can show-case their products and build on their network.

Gov. Simon Bako Lalong over the years has committed himself towards wealth creation and to

make Plateau and indeed Plateau people become self-sustaining, and to demystify the fact that

Plateau State is not just a civil servant state that only waits for allocation from the Federation

Account monthly for commercial activities to boom, but a state that is working hard to become a

commercial nerve center of the North Central region and perhaps Northern Nigeria also,

although the road towards a fully commercial Plateau may be a very bumpy one, but with the

level of commitment shown by the Lalong led administration, it is crystal clear that a new path

towards a greater Plateau has been paved by His Excellency, Barr. Simon Bako Lalong

Re-award Panyam - Bokkos- Wamba Road To Avoid Collapse- Dyong Mangut Tells Federal Government...

Re-award Panyam-Bokkos-Wamba Road to Avoid Collapse - D'yong Mangut Tells Federal Government.

27th August,  2018.

Mr.  D'yong Mangut, an activist has called on the Federal Government to as a matter of importance re-award the construction of the stalled Panyam - Bokkos - Wamba road which connects Plateau and Nassarawa State to avoid a total collapse of the road.

He stated that the revocation of the contract by the then Government of Goodluck Jonathan has lead to the formation of gullies and water flow channels which never existed before the work commenced and which now threatens the existence of the road that was motorable in the past.

To complicate matters for motorists who ply the route,  there was no alternative road created while work went on. The road has now been abandoned for over 6 years due to litigation between the Federal Government and STATCO Company after the contract was terminated. The road is now a nightmare to everyone.  The huge agricultural community that the road serves has been further cut off with no outlet, he said.

He urged the Federal Government to avert the looming danger ahead by engaging the contractor in an out of court settlement and re-award the contract to a more competent firm so as to reduce the sufferings of the people of Mangu, Bokkos, and Wamba LGAs in Plateau and Nassarawa States respectively.

Nobody Can Islamize Nigeria- SGF Boss Mustapha

27th August, 2018

Nobody can Islamize Nigeria - SGF Boss Mustapha

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

 Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr Boss Mustapha, has said  that the   notion that their are attempts to  Islamize  Nigeria is a dummy been sold by enemies of the country that wants to plunge it  into religious war .

 He further said nobody can Islamize the country .

He made this known in his keynote  address  at a two day peace summit organised by the Northern region of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN with the theme Sustainable Peace and security in Northern Nigeria As a Panacea for development

"I must correct the dummy been sold by some rumour mongers about the issue of Islamizing Nigeria ,no body can  ".

He also said the  Federal Government remains committed  to ending the current insecurity facing the country.

Mustapha  assured that the current security challenges will soon be over as the Federal Government was doing everything possible to tackle the menace .

"I call on the church to always continue to speak the truth at all times ,nobody can kill the gospel , let's continue to be our brothers keepers at all times and continue to preach peace ."

 Mustapha further  said " we  must reject those who propagate hatred, ethnicity, divisiveness, sectionalism or seek to manipulate religious differences for political gains."

Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong in his opening address   at the occasion said in the last one month ," we have concentrated efforts in establishing the vital nexus that will help us in identifying the key roles that we have as Government ,in driving the peace process  on the Plateau through diverse approach which will help us consolidate on the gains we have made so far".

 "Today we are further making a resolve to add value to the commitment of government in being part of the solution that will promote peaceful existence and religious harmony beyond Plateau ."

"The theme of this summit is no doubt apt and draws to mind the essentially of peace and security as panacea for sustainable development beyond our state   we remain resolute in our commitment to building an enduring legacy of peace beyond Plateau and we shall not relent in exploring all avenues that will help us in the sustenance of peace and security."

"The peace conference that recently held under the auspices of Plateau state peace building agency is a statement of our Government,s resolve not to leave any stone unturned as we seek to find a comprehensive solution to the peculiar dynamics of our human existence within the cosmopolitan sphere of our social interaction ,as a people of faith ,we must underscore our common humanity as we seek to find within the dictates of our faith ,those essentials that defines us as human beings and for which ,we hold our accountability in the same faith to our callings as Christians ."

Lalong also said "I am confident that as Christian leaders gathered on a common platform for the simple task of activating our faith with action , we would be stimulating in the course of this summit ,the kind of words that will give visible expression to the dictates of our faith ,which will further help us identify the onerous responsibility that we have as a people of faith in the peace project in Nigeria

I have no doubt in my mind that with the caliber of people who have been assembled for the purpose of dealing with the dialectics of the conversations in this meeting   we are more than poised to identifying and dealing with the essential matter of faith within the cause of this deliberation ,that will seek to challenge our collective common destiny

"I wish to assure that Northern Nigeria is a project in God,s hands and the strength of our conviction is that we are on a journey to a brighter future which is secured in the hands of God ."

Lalong also said his administration remains committed to promoting programmes that would improve the quality of life and deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of the state.

Speaking earlier in his welcome address the Northern CAN chairman Rev Yakubu Pam said "as Christian leaders we are expected to play critical roles in the development of our societies ,States and countries ."

"We have every reason to be worried over the recent ugly security developments in our region following attacks and killings in communities and some states of the North by people who do not wish our country good ."

"I urge our Christian leaders in the North and security experts who are attending  this occasion to proffer solutions to the current ugly events happening in Northern Nigeria and country as a whole "

"I want to appeal to the federal government to do all within its legal and constitutional powers to put an  end  to the issue of farmers /Herders clashes in the States of the North so that lasting peace can return to these restive communities that have produced thousands of internally displaced persons ."

Our correspondent reports that the occasion was also attended by Minister of Agriculture  Chief Audu Ogbeh ,Sports Minster Solomon Dalung ,Deputy Governor Adamawa  state Martins Babale amongst other guest .

Condolence Message For The Loss Of Two Iconic World Leaders From The Vp (NYCN) North Central...

27th August,2018


The world has indeed, in the month of August, lost two great leaders who have tilted world history to a path of great advancements. Africa and America have received with a deep sense of loss, the passing of Kofi Atta Annan (Former UN Sec. General) and US Senator John Sidney McCain III.

1) Kofi Atta Annan (8 April 1938 – 18 August 2018), a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, from January 1997 to December 2006. Annan and the UN were the co-recipients of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. Founder and Chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation, as well as chairman of The Elders, an international organization founded by Nelson Mandela.

2) John Sidney McCain III (August 29, 1936 – August 25, 2018) An American politician and naval officer who served as a United States Senator from Arizona from 1987 until his death. He previously served two terms in the United States House of Representatives and was the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2008 election, which he lost to Barack Obama.

These are two global leaders who have left a yawning mark to be filled and remembered for. We join the world in mourning our true Statesmen who have been called to the great beyond. They both have fulfilled true virtues of leadership that we must emulate as young, aspiring leaders.

The NYCN (North Central) is deeply saddened by these great losses and we call on the Ghanaian and American people to be consoled by the trail of achievements recorded by these gentlemen and their efforts at leaving the world in a better shape.

We shall draw lessons from their scripted resolves and adopt their landmarks in our path to gaining global freedom, equity and justice.

May their souls find eternal rest. Amen.

From: Office of Administration, Information and Publicity.

For: Comrade Sele Sean Pwajok, (MIASS),

Vice President,

National Youth Council of Nigeria, (NYCN),

North Central.

2019; APC Aspirants From Shendam Refutes Rumours Of Supporting The Ambition Of A Se natorial Female Aspirant....

2019; APC Aspirants From Shendam refutes Rumours Of Supporting The Ambition Of A Senatorial Female Aspirant...

25th August 2018

Aspirants from the All Progressive Congress (APC) from Shendam have dissociated themselves from rumours making the rounds that they have stepped down to support the rumoured ambition of a female senatorial aspirant   from the area.

The aspirants for the seat of the House of Representatives for Quan-Pan/Shendam/Mikang constituency stated this to newsmen in Jos.

In separate statements, the aspirants, Hon Henry Yunkwa, Hon Joe Bukar, Bar Gabriel Tsenyen and Komsol Longgap said the rumour is false, misleading and meant to create confusion among the teeming supporters and leaders of the party.

They reaffirmed their commitment to the rescue administration of Gov Simon Lalong stressing that they cannot be part of any act of betrayal.

2019; Crack In Tarok House,As Jerry Useni Accused Victor Lar Of Desperation And Lies...

25th August 2018.

2019 : Crack in Taroh House, As Jerry Useni Accused Victor Lar of desperation and lie

It seems there is a running battle in the Taroh House, in view of the 2019 gubernatorial. The Jerry Useni Campaign group have accused the Distinguish Sen.Victor Lar of desperation and lies. in their words

“The art of greed, desperation and mischief at its best.

Below is the true reflection of what has happened. Thus:

The contestants met twice but did not agree on a candidate. They went back to the committee that the Tarok elders had mandated to come up with a candidate. The committee met with the contestants yesterday where the contestants confirm they were unable to agree on a person. The committee then formed eight criteria which they used to interview the contestants. After their interview they collated the results and came up with three names. Thus: JT Useni, Victor Lar and Jimmy Cheto. These are the names the committee passed to the Tarok Elders yesterday. The Elders are going to invite these three for a discussion before they make their decision. They are yet to sit, so the post making the rounds is false.

The art of greed, and mischief at it best. Reliable information shows that Sen. Victor Lar was the only one who even rejected the Taroh elders process of picking a consensus candidate among them at its inception on the ground that his supporters barred him from signing any agreement or conceeding to  anyone. Finally he accepted at their last meeting and has gone ahead to produce a result before the conclusion of the process. The Taroh elders are yet to deliberate on the 3 names forwarded to them as this was done only yesterday 23/8/2018. There has been no meeting for such deliberations since then. This is contempt and a direct slap on the Taroh elders. It is being laboriously meant to truncate the process. I urge the Taroh elders to continue the good work they are doing. They should not be detracted please.

 Please be guided accordingly.

Press Release from the JT Useni Campaign Organisation(JUCO)..

25th August 2018

The attention of Sen. J. Useni Campaign organisation JUCO has been drawn to a publication being circulated on the social media of a "concensus" candidate agreed upon by Taroh elders.
Here are the facts we know:-

1. The Taroh elders set up a committee to liaise with aspirants from the Tarok nation from all political parties to negotiate a consensus candidate.

2. The committee consists of 14 members under the chairmanship Air Marshal Jonah Wuyep rtd. and Barr. Jilli Dandam as Secretary and they were tasked with negotiating a truce among the aspirants.

3. Committee’s report to the elders is that none of the aspirants is willing to step down for the other.

4. Taroh elders are now deliberating the way forward.

Therefore we at JUCO wish to distance ourselves from the so-called “consensus” and ask that our teeming supporters to disregard the story.
However, we appreciate and respect what the Taroh nation are doing. It is a good step in the right direction. We stand/support them and hope that this all ends up good and in the best interest of the Plateau man.
We remain in the race to restore Plateau State.

U S ambassador task Social media gurus to end crisis, promote peace and good governance

The United States of America through its Embassy in Abuja has tasked a Social Media expert in Plateau State to explore the multiple advantage of the new media to end crisis and promote peace especially among youths whom are used as foot soldiers to perpetrate heinous crime.

The US Embassy stated this yesterday in Jos, the Plateau State capital at a social media gathering of young Nigerians championed by an ICT company known as Tomruk iHub.

Speaking at the event, the United States official, David Young, said the social media space in Nigeria should be used to mobilize grassroots awareness, inter-communities peace-building and sustainability of communal security, charging youths to be more positively engaged in the use of the new media.

On his part, the ICT expert and founder Tomruk iHub, Mr Job Ayuba highlighted the work of Tomruk at using social media for mass awareness stressing the need for collaboration between community based organisations like Tomruk and the US embassy on fostering peace and democracy through social media.

Ayuba said with a robust collaboration the ITC firm leveraging on the new media would however promote sustainable goals such as Voters education, specifically targeting the youths and the new voters not to sell their votes.

"We shall intervene in the scourge of out of school children and youth, by exposing the education opportunities available to them as well as Training of NGOs, CSOs and FBOs.

"Tracking of IDPs and engaging them in productive, gainful activities: Sustained advocacy for government agencies and those coming into govrnance to attend to the problem of public education in Nigeria, especially in the Northern part: Sustained pressure on the government to stop the killing of innocent farmers in Nigeria focusing on the Middle Belt", he said.


Defection; Kanam APC Youths Online Receives Mass Decampees...

Defection: Kanam APC Youths Online Receives Mass Decampees.

24th August,  2018.

The PDP in Kanam was dealt a huge blow as 2200 of it's members defected to the PDP.

The defectors were received during Kanam APC Youths Online ward and LGA coordinators inauguration which took place in Dengi, the headquarters of Kanam.

The occasion witnessed the presence of leaders of the APC including the chairman of the occasion, Rt. Hon. Yusuf Gagdi and Hon. Pius Tongman among many others.

The decampees said they decamped to APC as a result of the youth involvement in the current rescue administration at the grassroot level, They were welcomed in by Hon. Gagdi whom warmly welcomed them and charged them to be good ambassadors of the APC and work for it's success.

The leaders of the decampees are Munkaila, Christopher, Pangkuk, Abduleahab,Zainab,John Sunday and Bilyamini Kabiru.

Addressing the decampees, Kanam APC Youths online  Coordinator, Hon Sadiq Kwaltommai appreciated them for identifying with the APC at the grassroot and promised to carry them along.

The event witnessed a wide turnout from allover the state .

Our Support For Buhari Has Attracted Development- Gov Lalong.

Our support for Buhari has attracted development - Lalong
23rd August 2018

Gov Simon Lalong said the State will continue to support President Mohammadu Buhari because of the several federal projects and interventions being sited in the State.

In a press statement by Hon Yakubu Dati ,Plateau State Commissioner of Information and communication,Gov Lalong spoke at the state All Progressive Party (APC) stakeholders forum in Jos, where he said the party in the State is growing from strength to strength.

According to him,  "the easiest way to get free publicity is to declare you're defecting, and most of them are not even registered members of the APC.

Gov Lalong further encouraged his political appointees desirous of seeking elections to formally inform the government in order to avoid vacuum in governance.

The APC State Chairman, Chief Latep Dabang commended the stakeholders for working for the unity of the party.

He further said the meeting is for stakeholders to make inputs on the modalities of the forthcoming primary elections.

He announced the tentative  timetable  for the APC primary elections, urging  aspirants to mobilise support and promote the party in their campaigns.

I Remain Committed To Delivering Dividends Of Democracy To Plateau People- Gov Lalong

23rd August 2018

I remain committed to delivering dividends of democracy to Plateau people - Lalong

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau state Governor  Simon Lalong on Thursday said the All Progressive Congress APC in the state is growing from strength to strength .

He made this known while speaking at  the state APC stakeholders forum in Jos .

"The APC  in the State is growing from strength to strength."

"I remain committed to promoting programmes that would improve the quality of life and deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of the state. "

"I have said it repeatedly, that Plateau State Government will continue to support every laudable programme that will enhance good governance and by extension catalyst the delivery of the dividends of democracy to our people."

Gov Lalong also  encouraged his political appointees desirous of seeking elections to formally inform the government in order to avoid vacuum in governance.

 Lalong also said the State will continue to support President Muhammadu Buhari because of the several federal projects and interventions being sited in the State.

The APC State Chairman, Chief Latep Dabang  who spoke earlier commended the stakeholders for working for the unity of the party.

He further said the meeting is for stakeholders to make inputs on the modalities of the forthcoming primary elections.

He announced the tentative  timetable  for the APC primary elections, urging  aspirants to mobilise support and promote the party in their campaigns.

Plateau APC Set To Receive More Decampees- State Chairman...

23rd August 2018

Plateau APC set  to receive more decampees - State chairman

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau state All Progressives Congress (APC) on Thursday  said  that the Party is intact and remains   one united political party .

State chairman of the Party in the state Hon Latep Dabang, made this known in a chat with newsmen in Jos the state capital  .

In his words " we are set to receive more decampees from other political parties

APC in Plateau is growing from strength to strength ,our party is very stable in Plateau ,we are one big family ,in APC we run an  all inclusive government, we are always in touch with our members ,the Simon Lalong led administration holds town hall meetings with its members often to discuss the way forward  ,we are prepared for our party primaries and the forthcoming general election "

"We are confident the people of Plateau  are with us ,

He also said the performance of  Gov  Simon Lalong led administration for the past three years has been outstanding .

He also said the All Progressive Congress, APC in Plateau State   remains committed to the strengthening of formidable institutions and the fulfilling of campaign promises according to its party manifesto.

Latep also  said the visible excitement on the faces of the generality of Plateau people since the Governor announced to the state, the creation, upgrading and restoration of chiefdoms that were reversed illegally by the immediate past administration is a clear indication that indeed he meant and still means well for the State.

According to Letep, “chiefdoms were created and gazette having passed through all the right channels but were set aside by those who did not mean well for the state, today we can beat our chest and say this administration means well for us”.

He assured that strengthening and emancipating the traditional institutions will engender peace as they are closer to the people and called on the citizens to give in their support as government continues to do more for the people.

Hon. Letep Dabang further stated that Governor Simon Lalong has not disappointed the party by working inline With it’s manifesto as can be seen in the recent attraction of several people oriented projects to the state.

On the efforts of relocating displaced Plateau people, Letep Dabang said the Governor means well in that regards and that was why he set up a committee on relocation, resettlement and reintegration of people displaced from their homes as well as attracting a 10 billion (Ten Billion Naira) presidential palliative fund for the farming communities.

He added that these tremendous achievements among so many has placed the  party far ahead as we approach the 2019 general elections.

The APC state chairman again reiterated that all members seeking election on the platform of the  party shall be provided a level playing field as long as they abide by the party guidelines.

Plateau State Offers Permanent Appointments To 4,850 Ad hoc Teachers...

Plateau offers permanent appointments to 4,850 ad-hoc teachers

22 AUG 2018

The Plateau government has offered permanent appointments to 4,850 ad hoc teachers engaged in 2016, Prof Mathew Sule, Executive Chairman, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), has confirmed.

Sule told the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Jos that their appointments would take effect from September 1.

“The conversion of their appointments to permanent status is part of Gov. Simon Lalong’s efforts to improve the standard of education and make teachers more productive,” Sule explained.

He advised the teachers to reciprocate the kind gesture through effective service delivery, urging them to see their appointment as a reward for their commitment to duty in the last two years.

Source  NAN

Eid-El-kabir; Gov Lalong Celebrate With President Buhari In Daura

Eid-El-Kabir: Gov. Lalong Celebrate with President Buhari in Daura.

22nd Aug 2018

Gov Simon Lalong has sued for peace as a panacea for any meaningful development.

Governor Lalong stated this while addressing newsmen in Daura, Katsina State, shortly after paying sallah visit to President Mohammadu Buhari at his country home.

Gov Lalong said he was in Daura to celebrate the Eid-El-Kabir with the President and to wish him well.

In a press statement by Hon. Yakubu Dati the Plateau State Commissioner of information and communication, Governor Lalong is quoted to have said,  "we have come to thank the father of the Nation for several Federal government projects, and like Oliver twist, to solicit for more."

Gov. Lalong had earlier paid a visit to Dr Umar Faruk, Emir of Daura where he witnessed the turbaning of the former Governor of Abia, Orji Uzo Kalu, with the chieftaincy title of "Dan Baiwan Kasan Hausa."

Gov Lalong was accompanied by Rt Hon Saleh Shehu Yipmong,  Deputy Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly, Bar Bala Bako, Deputy Chief of Staff as well as leaders of Katsina and Daura citizens resident in Jos.

Letter To A Friend From Out Town Part 2

22nd August 2018

Dear friend from out of town, I hope you are doing great over there , it's been exactly 2 months now since last I wrote to you but I trust you will forgive me as I have been busy getting set for the campaigns.

A lot has happened over the past 60+ days, Jos is quickly recovering at an amazing pace from the unfortunate incident that happened.
The Plateau State Peace Building Agency had a peace conference & invited a lot of stake holders.... Security agencies, traditional rulers, youth groups, religious bodies, civil society organizations & the press were all invited to discuss a way forward & at the end of it all the conference served as a teacher to most of us who hitherto worked on sentiments rather than facts.

An amazing thing happened which details I intend to expose to you in a bit. Because of the peculiarity of plateau state being the only state in the north to have well over 85% Christians with over 50 indigenous tribes, two sentiment almost always influence our decisions viz Religion & ethnicity.

Dear friends from out of town, not everything you hear about Jos is true, I could tell you as a matter of fact that over 80% of the stuff you hear are exaggerated or non existent unless in the figment of the imagination of the peddlers or both non existent & over exaggerated to raise a kind of sentiment which purpose is mostly political.
Having said this, please permit to introduce Alh. Abdullahi Abubakar, an 80yr old man who is the Chief Imam of a mosque in Nghar Yelwa village of Barkin Ladi local government of plateau state.

Over 200 Christian farmers are alive today because of the Grace of God working through this old man. During the attacks in those villages, many Christians with a handful of Muslims & probably traditional worshippers ran to imam Abdullahi Abubakars mosque for refuge & did they get the refuge? YES they did!
Imam locked them up in the mosque & when the blood thirsty criminals came searching for the fleeing villagers, the Imam risked his own life by going down on his knee in front of the mosque & pleaded for the lives of the villagers. Yes the Imam did!

I personally met Imam Abdullahi Abubakar when the charge de affairs of the United States Embassy in Nigeria, Mr David Young introduced him at the plateau peace building agency conference. Many of us were nearly moved to tears by the heroic gesture of Imam Abdullahi Abubakar.

Dear friends from out of town, why did it take me so long to write about this man? The answer is simple, the sentiment at that period was really high, certain political parties were busy having a field day raising people's emotions, certain radio stations made it a point to "discuss" the problem but every smart observer of events will tell you there's a problem when a mourner cries more than the berieved, the objective has shifted to something else.
Secondly, I was waiting to see if a certain religious sect amongst the three taking refuge in imam Abdullahi Abubakars mosque will visit the good imam with a routinue of journalists & media activists to give it the kind of media hype it deserves. Besides, it was reported that the people Imam Abdullahi saved are more than those killed by the criminals which means the number of casualties may have doubled if not for the Grace of God working through the Imam.

Dear friends from out of town, I am happy that though the Imam did what he did out of love for humanity & what his religion preaches. The government at the state, federal & the United States have recognized what he did. No one can put a price on one life but you can try 300!. As I write you this letter, no local radio station has called the man for an interview, no religious group I know of has gone to say thank you to the Imam but for CNN & BBC who interviewed the good man.

Our politicians in their usual self righteous manner have kept mute, turned a deaf ear & blinded themselves with hypocrisy probably out of fear of being seen to be associated with the man forgetting that the lives saved are those of their constituents, those lives are the same people who will be given Maggi & salt in return for their votes.

Dear friends from out of town, there's no country in the world that has been able to achieve absolute peace, the United States with all its technological military advancement still contends with insecurity, the United States recently had cases of killings that are racially motivated, we have heard of shootings in churches, we have heard of killings in schools & even clubs.
In our dear country Nigeria where states police have not been established, you will agree with me that the military & all paramilitary agencies though serving in the states & local governments receive orders directly from the presidency through their head quarters in Abuja. You will also agree with me that state governor's are only chief security officers on paper but not in practice, I have seen three different governors in my state watch helplessly while insecurity keeps ravaging our villages i am tempted to believe it's purely political for anyone to claim that the state governors are to be blamed for insecurity in their domain when we know for a fact they don't control the military nor paramilitary. I believe this was the reason behind the resignation of the zamfara state governor as the chief security officer of the state.

Dear friends from out of town, please keep praying for plateau, keep supporting Plateau in anyway you can.

Your friend,
Sen. Dogo Nanzing (CDA)

Gov Lalong Attracts Empowerment Of 13,000 Rice Farmers From FG_ Commissioner

22nd August 2018

Gov Lalong attracts empowerment of 13,000 rice farmers from FG - Commissioner

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

The strategic engagement of  the Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong with the Federal government  has again attracted empowerment for about 13,000 rice farmers in  Plateau State.

This Plateau State Commissioner of Information and Communication, Yakubu Dati stated this while inspecting the distribution of implements and materials from the stores of the Plateau Agricultural Development Programme  (PADP) in Jos on monday, August 22, 2018.

Dati said about 6, 670 rice farmers in Plateau State have received seedlings, fertilizers, herbicide, pesticide, water pumping machine and other rice farming inputs from the ongoing Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Anchor Borrowers Programme of the Federal Government.

According to the Commissioner, the distribution is on-going simultaneously at the PADP stores in Jos, Mangu and Shendam to the benefiting farmers who are mostly women and youths.

He said the programme is aimed at empowering the farmers to boost food production, create employment and reduce youth restiveness.

According to him, " we applaud the efforts of  Gov Simon Lalong for quietly returning the State as the hub of agriculture in the nation, more so with  the potatoe value chain project on-going in the state"

The secretary of the Plateau State chapter of Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) Dauda Aku said the farmers  were receiving their items for the past three weeks at Secretariats of Plateau Agricultural Development Programme (PADP) in Jos, Shendam and Mangu local government areas respectively.

According to him the beneficiaries were drawn from the 17 local government areas of the state.

He said, “6,670 people were approved in 3 geo-political zone of the state and about 36 trucks each loaded with 600 bags of fertilizers were allocated to the rice farmers in the state.”

Eid el kabir; Volata Felicitates With All Muslims...

Eid el kabir; Volata felicitates with all Muslims.

VOLATA group sends her deepest compliments and joins millions of Muslims world wide in the epoch and holy celebration of this year's Eid el Kabir.
Our earnest prayers are that, may the Almighty God reward all the Muslim faithfuls with His kindness and grace as they profoundly reflect on the immaculate reasons for the season.

We sincerely wish to use this arterial to entreat all patriotic Nigerians both home and abroad to seize this devout period to say a genuine prayer for the peace and unity of our dear land and to plead with all to eschew all forms of negativity that has bedeviled our growth and progress in the state and Nation at large.

Barka da sallah

Cmr Promise Yatu
For Volata..

Sallah: STF Boss Tasks Troops To Sustain Peace,Restricts Movement..

Sallah: STF boss tasks troops to sustain peace, restricts movement

21st August 2018

The Special Task Force (STF),  Commander in Plateau, Major General Augustine Chris Agundu, has task troops to ensure that the state remains peaceful through out the Sallah celebration, saying that only in a peaceful society can economic activities blossom.

Gen. Agundu stated this on Monday at the STF headquarters in Jos, while charging troops on a "show of force" to send signals to the public that security is on top gear to ensure a hitch free holiday and that the command will not tolerate criminal elements.

He said, "while assuring Plateau residents of adequate security during the Sallah celebration, Agundu enjoined residents to support the Force with timely information on the movement of suspicious and strange persons around them".

The Force also code named Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), mandated to restore peace on the Plateau and some parts of Bauchi State, also said operators of Tricycle popularly known as Kekenapep and Motorcycles are restricted on Tuesday to ensure a hitch free Sallah celebration.

OPSH which is also in-charge of four Local Government in Southern Kaduna, also said the use of fireworks, hate speech, street procession and over loading of vehicles during the celebration is also prohibited, adding that worshippers should not hesitate to submit themselves for screening before entering Mosque and any other worship center designated for prayers.

Eid--El-kabir; Edward Pwajok SAN Felicitates With Muslims...

Eid-El-kabir   Edward Pwajok SAN Felicitates with Muslims.

21st August 2018

Member Representing Jos South/ Jos East Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon Edward Pwajok  SAN,  on Tuesday  urged the Muslim Ummah to use the occasion of the Eid-el-kabir to pray for the nation.

The lawmaker gave the charge in a sallah message  congratulating Muslims on the occasion of the 2019  Eid-el-kabir festival in a statement made available to newsmen in Jos

Hon Edward Pwajok SAN Member who is also an Aspirant  for Plateau North Zone Senatorial district  noted that "more than any other period, Nigeria deserves and needs  prayers, especially as the nation transits to another election year in 2019."

While urging the Ummah not to allow the lessons of the season sink away, the lawmaker called on Nigerians to continue to make sacrifice for its well-being.

He therefore wishes Muslims across the globe a peaceful celebration.


Eid -eid Kabir- Work For Progress Of Plateau, Nigeria Youth Activist Tells Nigerians..

21st August 2018

Eid -eid Kabir - Work for progress of Plateau ,Nigeria ,Youth activist tells Nigerians
By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau State youth activist, Comrade Pius Hommen, has charged Nigerians, particularly the youths of Plateau State, to commit themselves to the unity, peace and progress of the state in particular and Nigeria in general.

In his Eid el Kabir message  made available to newsmen in Jos on Tuesday  reads that " To all my Muslim friends and well wishers  i bring you greetings , as  we celebrate  Eid -el - Kabir ,  i call  on all citizens to use the period to embrace the virtues of love and sacrifice for the unity and development of the country ."

 I urge all indigenes and residents of Plateau State to work for the unity of the country and keep supporting Rt Hon Simon Lalong, the executive governor of the State, in his quest to restore Plateau to its state of former glory.

Governor Lalong has proved within this short time that he is the right man to take Plateau to greater heights. He needs our support for him to achieve our collective dreams of a strong and prosperous state. Plateau State will be stronger in a more united Nigeria.

Let us all commit to continue to work for Nigeria’s unity; let us also dedicate ourselves to the progress of Plateau State by supporting Simon Lalong. Certainly, our tomorrow is looking better than we can imagine

Eid-el-Kabir: Security Agencies Ban Keke- Napep In Jos...

20th August 2018

Eid-el-Kabir: Security agencies ban Keke-Napep in Jos

The Joint Heads of Security and Law Enforcement Agencies in Plateau state have suspended the operation of the tricycles popularly know as Keke-Napep on Tuesday in order to celebrate a hitch-free 2018 Eid-el-Kabir.

The security agencies said this in a statement after their synergy meeting on Sunday aimed at ensuring a peaceful Sallah celebration across the state.

The statement signed by the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Tyopev Ternas on behalf of Commissioner of Police, Undie Adie also said that the security agencies would tomorrow (Monday) hold a joint show of force in Jos and Bukuru areas of the state in order to build confidence as well as provide the necessary security during Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

They added that the ban on the sales and use of fireworks such as knockouts, bangers and other explosives must be observed as violators would face the wrath of the law.

They said, "National Museum and Wildlife Park should be opnened for the public on Sallah day with serious checks while anyone arrested with any weapon and or drugs during the search would be prosecuted in accordance with the law."

Lalong Commends Military's Effort In Fighting Insecurity...

20th August 2018

Lalong commends military,s efforts in fighting insecurity
By Golok Nanmwa ,Jo's

Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong on Monday  commended the military for evolving an all encompassing security architecture that has impacted positively on the State.

Lalong stated this while receiving the new General Officer Commanding  GOC 3Division of the Nigerian Army Maj Gen Ben Akinroluyo who was on a courtesy call on the Governor today at Government House, Little Rayfield Jos.

Gov Lalong expressed confidence that the state will benefit from the rich  experience and knowledge of Gen Akinroluyo who had served in the State.

According to Lalong, "I know the General and we are confident that he'll enrich our security infrastructure with his knowledge and experience".

Speaking earlier, the new GOC, Maj Gen Ben Akinroluyo said he came to formally introduce himself and assure the government and people of the State that the military will continue to play it's constitutional responsibility in the best military tradition.

The new GOC who was accompanied by senior officers from the Division was received by members of the State executive council.

Eid -El Kabir; Gov Lalong Calls On Muslim Ummah To Practice Virtue Of Islam?

20th August 2018

Eid -el Kabir -Gov Lalong calls on  Muslim Ummah to practice  virtue of Islam

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Lalong has called on the Muslim Ummah to practice the virtue of Islam as professed by Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and demonstrated in his sacrificial obedience to all the tenets of Islam.

Governor Lalong, made the statement while felicitating with the Muslim faithful at the celebration of the festival of Eid El Kabir, which signifies faithful submission to the will of Allah as exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim who was prepared to offer his son as an act of worship to Allah (SWT).

This was contained in a statement  signed by Emmanuel Nanle ,the

Director, Press and Public Affairs to the Governor and made available to newsmen in Jos.

The Governor expressed delight that with the deepening of the gains of democracy and the consolidation of peace and security by the APC led Administration in the Country, the Nation was surely on the threshold of sustainable growth.

He noted that, the dividends of Democracy which the people of Plateau have signed up for and are working assiduously towards consolidating have borne fruit in the various Projects which the Federal Government have brought to the State, notable amongst which are the release of Funds for the completion of the Mangu Dam Water Project, the approval for the establishment of the Rescue Search and Combat Command of the Nigeria Air Force, Kerang, the Shendam and Gashish Mobile Police Squadrons, the approved Dualisation of Akwanga - Abuja - Gombe Federal Road Project, the Ten (N10) Billion Naira Farmers Palliative and the various Agricultural Value Chains running into billions of naira which the people of Plateau State are already enjoying amongst many other projects under the Muhammadu Buhari led Administration.

The Executive Governor while thanking the Moslem Ummah on the Plateau assured citizens of the State that the commitment of all and sundry to the peace process in the State will engender an enviable atmosphere for the turnaround of the fortunes of the State. He enjoined all the Moslem faithful in the State to sustain their prayers for peace, unity and stability of our Country.

Governor Lalong while wishing the Muslim Ummah a happy Eid-El Kabir celebration, assured all citizens that all that is necessary to guarantee a peaceful celebration has been put in place for a hitch free celebration, he further urged all to be law abiding during and after the celebration.


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