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Buhari's Visit Plateau PDP On Panic Mode-Yakubu Dati

Buhari's visit: Plateau PDP in panic mode - Yakubu Dati

17th January 2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau state Commissioner for information  and communication Hon  Yakubu Dati on Thursday said the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the state are already in a panic mode over the visit of President Muhammadu Buhari visit to Jos to campaign on Saturday

Dati in a statement made available to newsmen in Jos said " It is with delight we note how the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Plateau State has entered into a panic mode 48 hours before the scheduled visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Plateau State for the presidential rally."

"While we are not surprised by the reaction of the PDP, we  find it appropriate to further aggravate their plight by stating the people of Plateau are not oblivious of the obvious benefits of the president's intended visit to the state and they have long made up their minds to give him a rousing welcome not minding a terse and incoherent statement from a pack of envious and desperate politicians."
 The PDP is scared that President Buhari’s visit will further expose it as a vacuous assemblage of spent political forces seeking for relevance and may open the eyes of their financiers about claims to popularity."

"We also find the call by the PDP on Mr. President to inspect the projects executed by the state government and which he commissioned as counterintuitive as it will further project the laudable works of this administration and the pains it has taken to redeem some of the works abandoned by the last administration in the state."

 The statement further reads that "The PDP should know by now that the APC unlike the PDP does not thrive on lies and make believe. APC policies and projects are guided by sincere high sense of decency and commitment to alleviating the suffering visited on the people by the past administration."

Hence, Governor Simon  Lalong has not only consolidated on his achievements since the historic visit of Mr. President where he commissioned many laudable projects but has indeed opened a new vista to the transformation of the state, known as the legacy projects  and which work is in progress and at different levels of completion. "
Perhaps, we should disclose to the PDP at this stage that long before they came up with the call on Mr. President to ‘inspect’ the ‘projects’ it has been the sincere hope of the APC administration in Plateau that Mr. President will not only stay for the period of the rally  but will have the time to stay so that Governor Lalong can take him round the Legacy Projects to see for himself what is being done for the people of Plateau."

It is our hope that if Mr. President grants that request that Governor Lalong will be able to show him that the confidence he has on his ability to transform Plateau is not misplaced as he will see firsthand how schools have been transformed, IDPS resettled, health facilities built and roads constructed as opposed to the white elephant projects of the previous administration.

This we believe will offer Mr. President the opportunity to interact with the people of the state and confirm for himself how enduring peace has returned to the state and how civil servants, teachers and other workers have been receiving their salaries promptly.

The PDP is aware that  President Buhari is a crowd puller any day and are afraid that when he comes to Jos he will pull four times more crowd than the motley gathering that graced their event. That is why they have started saying that the APC is trying to hire crowd from other states.
Crowd hiring and other acts of public deception are in the genes of the PDP that is why they imagine others can also think in that direction.
But I will like to assure the PDP that we do not  have such tendencies hence such criminal acts do not cross our minds.
It is on record that no single political leader In Nigeria has been able to pull the kind of crowd our presidential candidate does. So why should anybody waste resources and efforts trying to do  achieve what naturally comes to the president.

The PDP should know that the APC is a different party and does engage in such unwholesome practices that the PDP is known for.

Going by the number of people that voted for Lalong in 2015, and the number that voted for the APC in the last local government elections, coupled with the hundreds of thousands that have defected to the APC, we do not need to resort to the desperate tactics of the PDP to pull crowd.
 We are already on ground and we are the party to beat on the Plateau.

If there is any party that the people of Plateau have rejected, it is the PDP which has lost all elections since the formation of the APC.

Governor Lalong is even more confident about winning elections now seeing that the PDP candidate has lost confidence in himself and has sent a message to the people of Plateau that he is not ready for the task of governance by falling asleep at all occasions.

The good people of Plateau have taken note of this and are prepared to assist the PDP candidate in the best way they can and have resolved that in the next elections, they would not be harsh to him but will give him the opportunity to go and do what he deserves, sleep; by not voting him so as to go on with his favourite pastime.
The PDP have realized this and that is why they are now clutching at straws with all sorts of laughable allegations.

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