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Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan Dumps PDP * Says He Was Discriminated By Party * PDP Is Fragmented....

Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan dumps PDP
* said he was discriminated by Party
* PDP is fragmented

2nd January 2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Candidate  of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the October 2018  Local Government elections in Mangu local government  Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan on  Wednesday officially  dumped the Party .

Addressing newsmen in Jos ,Gufwan lamented that the PDP discriminated him because he was physically challenged .

He said "in the past few days,  I have had cause to reflect on my political sojourn in the PDP and the fate of our Dear State. In consultation with my family, friends, and political associates, I have decided to resign my membership of the PDP. "

"This decision was not an easy one on my part considering that the party has been gracious having nominated me twice to vie for public office."

"My participation in politics has always been anchored on the people first before party and that is why despite having never held any political position, I have always tried within the best of my capability to touch the lives of our people. "

"After the 2015 election which saw PDP performing dismally in Mangu LGA, I was persuaded to contest for the chairmanship of Mangu LGA by concerned members of the PDP who then were of the view that my candidature had the potency to revive the PDP. Reluctantly, I agreed so that alongside others we can rebuild the PDP and prevent the slide to a one party situation in Plateau as the performance of a Government is to a large extent determined by the quality of opposition available to provide constructive criticism. "

"Today, having done a lot in terms of mobilisation, financing the party and even giving it credibility, I became a vicitim of discrimination on the basis that I am physically challenged by vested interest in the party thus  necessitating me to issue a press release on the 19th of October, 2018 stating my intention to suspend my membership of the PDP. The emotional trauma my family went through when news of this discrimatory comments filtered into the public will take time to heal. I have always stated that if it comes to making a choice between fighting for the rights of people living with disability and membership of political party, I will choose the former. I had tarried a while hoping to see genuine appropriate steps by the PDP showing remorse, rather the opposite was the case. Also, the PDP in Mangu which is my immediate political constituency never rose up to the occasion to offer support.""

Today, due to external forces,  Mangu PDP is fragmented and victory for the PDP in the Governorship election is utopian. People who worked against the party in 2015, and those without capacity to win even in their polling units have hijacked the party reaping from where they never sowed. Calling persons nominated for the position of Deputy Governor by the party at the LGA "Rejected Five" was too reckless and arrogance gone too far. We may not like the five persons but if we appreciate them been party members who have contributed to our success over the year,  such words coming from associates of the new sheriff's ought to have been condemned in strong terms. "

"Genuine PDP members deserve to know that they have been sold out even before the casting of ballots next year. Having been a victim then in 2015, I don't wish to face similar scenario again. Doing what is right always pay rather than waiting to set up a reconciliation committee  later."

"If indeed Plateau PDP is desirous of changing the change, why will the State Publicity Secretary fraudulently shortchanged Mangu PDP by three hundred thousand (300,000) Naira out of the money he was assigned to give during the LGA election? "

"If the party is desirous of victory,  why will statements that Mangu is not important in terms of votes be made? "

"If the party is desirous of victory, why will EXCO members be collecting money from Government House at night? "

Alongside my brother,  Barr Simon Barry, we were victims of internal conspiracy in Mangu during the 2015 General election, yet we remained believing that things will change. As it stands today,  the PDP in Plateau has not learnt any lesson from the 2015 election. Today, it is a fact that the AD elements have taken over the party with efforts been made either to decimate others or use them to get power. We only changed guards but the old habits remain.

The options available to me is either to stay behind and work against the PDP in some instances or to resign my membership and support individuals as my conscience dictates. For me, it is best I quit. I can't in good faith remain and be subject to the whims and caprices of the visible cabal who obviously have hijacked our candidate.

I leave with fond memories of good persons in the PDP whose thoughts is about Plateau and are in the minority. My decision to leave I know will attract criticism and some genuine friends will not be happy with me,  it is a cross I have decided to carry alone. I will still continue to be the Ayuba Burki Gufwan whose interest is the betterment of the people. My doors remain open to everyone irrespective of divide.

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