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Plateau 2019: Jo's South APC Stakeholders Endorses Lalong,Says Edward Pwajok Decamped To PDP Alone...

Plateau 2019 - Jos South APC stakeholders  endorses Lalong , says Edward Pwajok decamped to PDP alone

14th January 2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Jos  south All Progressive Congress  APC stakeholders on Monday said it remains committed in ensuring that the Plateau state Governor Simon  Lalong  wins the forthcoming 2019 elections

Addressing newsmen in Jos the spokesperson of the group  Hon Pam Ayuba  said Lalong remains our Rescue Captain and together we shall work to deliver all our candidates at the forthcoming elections God willing.

 Also speaking  on the recent defection of Hon Edward  Pwajok  (SAN) to the the PDP, the group said ,Pwajok returned alone to PDP.

"We have gathered here today to address you on certain political developments particularly, the recent defection of Hon. Edward Gyang Pwajok, SAN, to the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP. He is the current National Assembly(NASS) member representing the good and hard working people of Jos South/Jos East Federal constituency of Plateau State at the 8th NASS!

As you are aware, the Hon was received back to the PDP on Saturday, 12th January, 2019, at the Polo Field during the Plateau State Presidential Campaign Rally. His defection was long anticipated after he failed to secure the Senatorial ticket of the Plateau North Senatorial Zone of our great party the APC. To those of us, his political associates who knew him; and to those who have followed his political antecedence, that he decamped back to the PDP was not surprising but he was merely demonstrating a character trend he is known with  closed to three decades that he has been in active politics. To us, it was a familiar terrain he was working and passing through!

Recall the Hon member early January, 2018; printed posters that littered major streets of Jos and environs seeking the position of the northern zone Senator. The posters took many of his supporters unawares and there was no explanation from him in spite of several entreaties on him to explain the status of the posters! When we demanded a meeting be called to discuss on the political future of the group, especially his aspiration then, he rebuffed each advice and went on to continue with his political activities silently without recourse to his supporters. "

"Recall also, that since May, 2017 when we officially defected to the APC, he has never for once saw wisdom in calling us together to sit and reappraise our status. We were all kept in a political limbo, hanging in the air not knowing where to go except that we should wait and dance to his tune. This continued up till the late hours that he contested for the primaries of the party for the northern Senatorial seat which he lost to Hon Rufus Bature, the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the State-SGS. "

"Immediately after he failed to secure the ticket of the Senatorial zone, he began to show trends that were peculiar to him and to those who knew his antics, knew that the time was up as he was such a man that never took lightly failure, not even of this magnitude. "

At the meeting he held Friday, 11th January, 2019, eve of his re-defection at his residence with majority of those who are here except for a few of us who were not invited including the Management  committee chairman of Jos South, Hon. Dr. Gideon Davou and the Works commissioner, Hon. Pam Botmang who together with majority of those here gave their hearts out to work for his Senatorial ambition. "

It is instructive to note that at the said meeting, many were taken aback when he announced that he was rejoining the PDP. Many spoke their minds denouncing and condemning in strong terms his decision warning about the political consequences that were to follow such actions if he went ahead to do that. In fact, some walked out of the meeting in total anger! He was reminded that if he went ahead to defect, how will he feel being the first federal lawmaker to decamp from a political party to the other and within the same legislative calendar year re-decamp again? What Honour and respect would he earn if he does that? He insisted on leaving the APC avoiding any entreaties that came closed to his ears.

At that meeting, he was asked how will he face his supporters if he insisted on leaving? He was asked to explain what was the main reason for him taking the decision he was about to take? Of the several questions put across to him, he merely responded that “since when he lost the party’s Senatorial primaries, neither the governor, deputy governor, the state party chairman and the candidate who won the primaries had come to him. He said too, he was being left behind and no body again consulted him about any party activities and he felt he was no longer needed! Asked further what happens to his supporters who joined him to decamp to the main party and what arrangement has he made to accommodate them if they followed him back to the PDP? No answer was given which almost made all concluded that it was a personal political trading he was embarking on other than group interest!

"On whether it is true he was neglected by the governor! Here the Hon member lied! Since 2017, no body has enjoyed the closeness and goodwill of the Governor than Hon Edward Gyang Pwajok SAN. Before our decamping, we organized a medical constituency outreached in Vwang where the governor led the entire state executive to grace the occasion. This was a clear demonstration of the love the governor had for him and in the spirit of a by-partisanship attended. "

"Again, the governor had been more forthcoming calling him and at some point traveling with him to state functions home and abroad, a rear opportunity that he did not get while he served as the State attorney general for more than eight years. "

The appointment of the current management committee chairman Jos South, that of the commissioner for works, Plateau State were done with his consent including many others. The governor never did something in Jos South without consulting him and to insinuate he was neglected was a blatant lie!

On further findings, we learnt on good authority, the Deputy Governor was reported to have gone to his residence and had useful discussions. This was after several phone calls we learnt were put across to him that he could not pick nor return such missed calls. This story is similar with the state party chairman who was said to have called him severally and was said to have shown to some people with him that it was the state chairman calling but that he would not pick!

After the primaries, Hon Rufus Bature met with him and they talked. He even congratulated him for winning the primaries aside many calls he put across to him.

He was invited to many state functions as usual including the opening of the governor’s campaign office and the official flag-off, but failed to honour any claiming he traveled out of the country.

"For the avoidance of doubts, we still respect Hon. Edward Pwajok,SAN. We have no doubts about his credibility however, let us say with every sense of responsibility that the latest action he took to return back to the PDP has put his revered credibility into question. It’s painful to walk with somebody and coming to a point of decision,he abandoned ship. We feel if there was anything concrete to hold unto it shouldn’t have been the reasons he gave. As his political associates we feel betrayed and disappointed. "

Let us also make it clear that the Hon member returned alone to PDP. We have resolved to carry on and vowed to ensure total victory for the party in Jos South. We want to make it abundantly clear that we have total confidence on the capabilities and doggedness of the management committee chairman, Hon. Dr. Gideon Dung Davou to lead the entire local government to victory in this coming elections. We are proud of his leadership style and assure him of our loyalty and support. It is the resolved of our local government that Governor Lalong remains our Rescue Captain and together we shall work to deliver all our candidates at the forthcoming elections God willing."

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