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Plateau 2019- Lalong Inaugurates Campaign Council, Charges Citizens To Reject Treasure Looters...

Plateau  2019 -   Lalong inaugurates campaign council ,charges citizens to reject treasure looters

29th January 2019

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong on Tuesday inaugurated the Campaign Council of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, for  his re-election ahead of the gubernatorial elections slated for March 2, 2019.

Speaking while inaugurating the campaign council  in Jos,Gov Lalong  said  his administration would set up election monitoring committee to target individuals who may want to venture into anti party activities ahead of the general election .

He said "we are inaugurating men and women of timber and caliber who have been carefully ,strategically and meticulously selected as arrowheads of the campaign,your inauguration therefore means that the countdown to our re election victory has now commenced   in earnest .

He further said "You could recall that since the APC took over the reins of power almost four years ago from the then  ruling party PDP ,it has been victory galore  for our dear party in virtually all the elections that have been conducted in the state to date ,this was clearly demonstrated ,particularly during the house of assembly bye elections as well as the recently conducted local government elections ,our victory in these elections eloquently testify to the fact that our party is solidly on ground and that the electorate is solidly behind us ."
"As an incumbent ,government which has recorded stunning electoral victories against the opposition and has also achieved so much with so little resources within a record time of less than four years ,we must however not rest on our oars and be complacent in the task ahead ,we must therefore do everything   legitimately possible to ensure landslide victory and not mete marginal victory for our party in all the forthcoming elections ,I therefore urge you all to immediately hit the ground running ."

"You should bear in mind that the election is about the future of our dear state ,you should vigorously take the rescue message to intra family ,neighbour to neighbour ,ward to ward levels of the campaigns , the people at the grassroots ought to know from you nothing else but the truth ,they should be made to understand that those who are responsible for their present poverty woes today ,destroyed the education of their  children yesterday and looted the National and state treasuries yesterday are the same people seeking to replace APC and return to power to perpetuate the misery of the masses ,their only aim is return to power to continue their looting spree to the detriment of all of us ,never again should we allow them access to power ."
"The rescue administration under my leadership has achieved so much in the past four years now and laid a solid foundation for the plateau state of our collective dreams , , we have turned around the education sector , we have breathed life into the hitherto comatose civil service , we have stemmed the hitherto open ended spate of violence , we have diversified the state,s economic to agriculture with amazing results to be savoured in the not too distant future , we have empowered women and youths like never before , we have resuscitated hitherto moribund state owned industries ,completed most of the multi billion naira projects which we inherited from past government and also embarked on new turn key projects such as the Lalong legacy projects among numerous others . "
Lalong also said "Let me at this junction inform other members of the party shoes names did not make the campaign  council list that they were not included only because space and logistic constraints could not permit

Arch Pam Dung Gyang the Director General of the Governor  Simon  Lalong led administration said from what is on ground the All Progressive Congress APC would win the 2019 elections in the state .

Governor Lalong  has done well and their is no vacancy in Plateau Government house come 2019  ,since he came into power in 2015 ,there has been relative peace in Plateau ,the projects he has done are seen in most part of the state .
Lalong is humble and has provided quality leadership to the people of Plateau.he has done well in revamping moribund companies as well as help reduce poverty in the state by empowering of youths and women .

Latep Dabang the All Progressive Congress Chairman who  was represented by Sati Bashir the Secretary of the party in the state who  also spoke at the occasion said Lalong has followed the manifesto of the APC and has done excellently well .
He charged all APC members  especially political appointees  to  ensure that  they deliver their wards .
The party has confidence in those selected ,with those we have  ,we are not afraid of any party ,rather we are sure of victory .
I call on the people of the state to continue to support the party at all times ,he added .

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