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Senator Jang Replies Dati Says I Am Not Losing Sleep Over Trials...

Senator Jang replies Dati says I am not losing sleep over trials

10th January 2019

Senator Jonah Jang on Thursday said he  has no  any reason to lose sleep over the trumped up charges against him by the All Progressive Congress led  government and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC

Jang  in a statement signed by Clinton Garuba  his Media Consultant made available to newsmen in Jos on Thursday reads that
"The recent rants by Yakubu Dati the information Commissioner of Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State wherein he made spurious allegations and uncomplimentary remarks against distinguished Senator Jonah David Jang, is by all standards of appraisement comes as no surprise at all. Ever since he was invited to attempt to rescue the battered public image of Governor Simon Lalong, it becomes more and more evident that he has parted ways with the beautiful traits and skills he acquired from the People’s Democratic Party when he worked with Senator Joshua Dariye while he was governor of Plateau State, and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) during the Goodluck Jonathan presidency, which combined gave him the oratory he now misapplies.

As the mouthpiece of a governor who has failed the people woefully, we sympathize with Yakubu Dati for the herculean task he has had to shoulder trying to redeem the irredeemable. His principal Governor Simon Lalong has proven beyond doubt on numerous occasions to be against the people he governed unlike his predecessor Senator Jonah Jang who stood with the people of Plateau State through their travails while the passed through the valley of the shadow of death. Where people are killed and displaced from their homes, Lalong abandoned them to their fates and sought to reward their killers and persecutors. If not for the resilience, courage, and bravery of Plateau people, most of their ancestral lands and heritage would have been forcefully taken away as grazing reserves, colonies, ranches, or any convenient nomenclature. The people saw through his deceit and today he has been rejected because of it. This and many more make Dati’s job frustratingly difficult.

Yakubu Dati and his apologists can go to town with any story they fabricate against Senator Jonah Jang, but it will have no effect, and cannot erase the magnificent achievements of the Senator while he was governor. Today the cars Dati’s principal and indeed the APC administration in Plateau State drive were bought by Jonah Jang. Most of the roads he plies in the State Capital and on the way to his Village, were constructed by Senator Jonah Jang. The office he works in and the government house he sleeps in on the few nights he spends in the State were built by Senator Jonah Jang. What more does Dati want? We understand their frustration and fixation on Senator Jonah Jang. His transformational work throughout the 17 Local Government Areas of the State have eclipsed them in all ramifications thereby reducing Lalong and his government to midgets before the towering accomplishments of the man who is cherished by the people of Plateau State for the memory of his outstanding stewardship as governor for 8years.

One thing Yakubu Dati sought to achieve is misleading the people to think that Senator Jonah Jang has any reason to lose sleep over the trumped up charges their government and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC brought against him. Unfortunately, he failed lugubriously trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. EFCC is bemoaning their fate in court and so is Dati and his boss having endured the most painful and agonizing traumas of their lives when their own witnesses testified against them. So, it is shocking that a man of Dati’s acumen can be so delusional to mention and celebrate a politically motivated case like that which the Senator is confident of winning.

It is always amusing when Yakubi Dati and his people say they have restored peace on the Plateau. What peace are they referring? Where is the peace? Perhaps it is a figment of their imagination. From New Year Day till date, a little over a week ago, we have lost 20 precious lives in the State. Is that the peace Plateau people desire, the type that reduces them to internally displace persons, IDP? Certainly, they cannot lay claim to creating peace as an achievement, neither can Lalong or Dati boast of returning IDPs to their homes, because what continues to happen is that more ancestral lands and homes of the people are being forcefully occupied in the name of conquests under Lalong. Oh Plateau… How can your governor know or understand your pain and suffering when he governs from the palatial penthouses of Abuja?

Putting Yakubu Dati’s infamous antecedents in perspective since becoming Lalong’s Commissioner of Information, it leaves very little to be desired. Saner people in his position use their offices to inspire hope, unite people, heal wounds, and open new vistas of progress and advancement for the government and people they represent, but that cannot be said of him. He is the exact opposite of that, and my torpedoing the goodwill he is presumed to have garnered over the years, he is truly in a precarious situation today.

Consequently, I will like to use this medium to call on Yakubu Dati to tread carefully, because the trajectory on which he is moving may soon consume him politically. When you have a bad principal like Dati’s who is anti-people, the wise thing to do is to quietly resign to safe whatever is left of your integrity.

Importantly, Senator Jonah David Jang wishes to hereby categorically warn Governor Simon Lalong not to mistake the 2019 General Elections for the sham he presided over when Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission stole the people’s mandate. The 2019 elections is between the people of Plateau State and Governor Simon Lalong. Therefore, the Senator is calling on the people to resist all attempts to rig the elections.

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