The State of Plateau as a platform seeks to promote democracy on the local level by bringing the fore issues concerning the State, and facilitating citizens debate on public issues, through participation in government decision making.

Eid- El- Fitir: Plateau Police Command Bans Use Of Tricycles In Jos / Bukuru Metropolis...

May 31,2019


The Plateau State Police Command in its quest to have a hitch free Sallah celebration held a meeting today 31st May, 2019 with some religious leaders and critical stakeholders in Plateau State in other to fine tune its strategies to ensure a crime free 2019 across the State.

The Federal Government recently announced 4th and 5th June 2019 as Public Holidays to commemorate the Eid – El – Fitr celebrations. It is therefore necessary to solicit the cooperation of the peace loving people of Plateau State in the maintenance of law and order during the festivities.
In furtherance with the above;
The Police shall deploy a total of two thousand one hundred and eighty one (2,181) personnel to detect and prevent crime as well as control traffic to ensure that the Sallah celebrations end without any ugly incident.
There is a total ban of the use of tricycles (Keke) on the Sallah day within Jos metropolis and Bukuru areas of the State.
The National Museum and Wildlife Park shall be opened to the public on the Sallah day and beyond. However, no one is allowed to take in any offensive weapons such as knives and clubs or obnoxious drugs as anyone arrested with the above mentioned items will be dealt with in accordance with the law.
The ban on the sale and use of fireworks such as knockout, bangers and other explosives is still in force and violators will equally face the wrath of the law.
There will be diversion of Traffic in some selected areas during the Eid – El – Fitr Prayers to avoid any clash.
Worshippers are advised to park their vehicles at a distance not less than 100 metres from the praying grounds. They are also encouraged to pray close to their homes since tricycles will not be allowed on the day of festivity.
For the security of worshippers, they may be subjected to security checks hence the need for them to cooperate with law enforcement agents.
The ban on the use of motorcycles is still in force within the Jos metropolis and Bukuru. Any violator of the ban will be brought to book.
Due to past experiences where various vices are committed after prayers, youths are hereby advised in their own interest to vacate the praying grounds immediately after prayers to avoid arrest and prosecution by security agencies.
All religious as well as community leaders are required to counsel their children/wards on the need for them not to indulge in drugs/substance abuse as well as any other form of anti social activities.
Furthermore, members of the public are enjoined to be security conscious and volunteer useful and timely information to the Police and other security agencies in other to curtail the Pre-Sallah illegal activities of Sara-Suka and other cult groups.
The contact numbers of the Commissioner of Police Plateau State Command, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Department of Operations and the Police Control Room are hereby made available to the general public in case of any distress; 08035772975, 08034192853, 07059473022, 08038907662.
The Commissioner of Police Plateau State Command wishes all residents of Plateau a hitch free Eid – El – Fitr celebration, please.

Engr Buhari Auwal, An APC Chieftain Congratulates Governor Lalong On His Swearing In To Office For A Second Term.


May 30,2019

Today, the struggle we embarked upon to entrench the return of Governor Simon Lalong back to Government House, Little Rayfield for the second term climaxed with a swearing in and oath of office taking by the Governor to take Plateau State to the next level.

Bewilderingly, the journey was rigorous and turbulent  as our opponents in the other side of the divide suffocated the political atmosphere with deceitful propaganda to paint the Governor black in the eyes of the electorates. But by the Grace of Almighty Allah, we refused to be cowed and brow beaten by their antics. We dispelled what they had to offer with issue based campaign. We traversed the length and breadth of the State and disabused the minds of those they indoctrinated to hate the Governor for no just cause and equally sold to them what the Governor had achieved in the rescue mission phase one and what he has got to offer if given the opportunity to continue with the rescue journey.

Enthusiastically, people keyed into the Governor's rescue phase two mission, campaigned, voted massively and got him re-elected for the second term with a vote difference that far outnumbered the vote gap he gave his closest opponent in 2015 election to the chagrin of his traducers. What this indicates is that the State wide acceptability of the Governor can't be overemphasized.

While I congratulate and wish the Governor success beyond his first term achievements, I call on our opponents to come and join hands with us to move the State forward as this is no time for politics but time for Governance.

It's my honest prayer that in this second coming too the Governor becomes equal to the exigencies of the State and fulfil the desires of his citizens. Ameen!

The Rt Hon Bar Dr Simon B Lalong: The Making Of A Quintessential Leader..

May 29,2019

The Rt. Hon. Bar. Dr. Simon B. Lalong: The making of a Quintessential Leader

Joseph Lengmang
Director General

Part I.

Yesterday at the pre-inaugural dinner held in honor of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Laong, I paid a particular attention to His Excellency’s remarks on the lessons he learnt from the leadership styles of his predecessors.

 From J.D. Gomwalk, Chief. S. D. Lar, S. B. Atukum,  Fidelis Tapgun, Joshua Dariye and J.D. Jang, Lalong in his typical humorous fashion took us through an historical journey that not only provides a window into understanding his leadership style but offers deep insights on his persona, character and perhaps, how he would like to be remembered after leaving office in 2023.

But I am not ready to delve into this discourse just yet.  This piece is about the beauty of today; the beautiful rainy day in which the inauguration of Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong the duly re-elected governor of Plateau state will take the oath of office for his second term.

This three pact series is about him, our governor and perhaps, about us too.

As they say, some people are born great, some acquire greatness along life`s journey while others have greatness thrust upon their shoulders.

The second or third instance, perhaps, aptly captures the historical and political evolution of the governor of Plateau state, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong.

Born into a humble and relatively poor family background in a small village in Ajikamai, Shendam local government area of Plateau State, according to those familiar with his trajectory, Lalong exhibited sterling leadership qualities at a very early age.

His simple upbringing by a contented and God-fearing parent would later shape his philosophy of life which is anchored on hard-work, discipline, selflessness and above all, his signature virtue, -humility.

 From his critical formative years to adulthood, his nag to carve a niche for himself gnawed him to daunt the odds and overcome the vicissitudes of life and thus earned the respect of his peers and society at large.

 Against popular perception, Lalong was an excellent student who tops his class throughout his primary and secondary school days.

While growing up on the streets of Shendam, he masterfully blended his academic pursuits with sports. He was very popular within his local government and across neighboring LGA’s due to his highly entertaining and scintillating football skills.

 His unassuming nature would naturally endear him into the hearts and minds of those who crosses his path.

At the completion of his secondary education in GSS Shendam, Lalong would proceed to study law at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Studying under very harsh social and economic conditions, he thrived both in the university and subsequently in law school.

 Following a somewhat brief practice in the legal field, destiny would knock on his doors; his people wanted him to represent them at the Plateau State House of Assembly. Yet, this would be the second time his people would beckon on him for public service.  After all, his character and leadership skills were tested earlier when he contested and won the position of the Goemai Youth Movement (GYM) some few years back.

His resounding victory at the polls in the 1999 state of assembly election was nothing but a reflection of the level of acceptability  he enjoyed by a vast majority of his immediate constituents.

In his characteristic nature, Lalong did not only settle down to conduct his legislative duties but built a resounding working relationship based on mutual trust, respect and confidence with his esteemed colleagues.

 His humility, interpersonal skills and team spirit earned both their friendship and respect so much that the mantle of leadership of the house fell on his shoulders when his predecessor, Rt. Hon. George Daika resigned as Speaker barely two years into office.

The Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong wasted no time in galvanizing the supportof his colleagues to address a wide range of governance issues troubling the state and most importantly, the festering sectarian crisis that started on 7th September 2001.

The spate and intensity of the ethno-religious violence that greeted the return of democracy in Plateau state was unprecedented and therefore puts to test the ingenuity of a relatively new and inexperienced House of Assembly headed by the Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong.

 He led the house to pass motions on the floor which were followed with actions to address the crisis as well as mitigate against the risk of a recurrence.

Under his leadership, the state house of assembly worked hand-in-gloves with the executive arm to tackle the growing conflict plaguing the state.

To his credit, some of the far-reaching decisions taken by the Dariye administration to manage or contain the outbreak and spread of violence were recorded under his leadership.

This experience is remarkable in the sense that it highlights his passion for Peace as well as prepared him for the somewhat daunting task that lies ahead. At no other time was his loyalty to the state ever put to test like in those troubling years.

 In 2006, Lalong went through a baptism of fire as a result of governor Dariye’s brush with the Obasanjo administration. Despite the initial entreaties followed by threats and intimidation for him to cooperate in the removal of Chief Joshua Chibi Dariye through crass subterfuge, he refused to bulge.

He was staunchly opposed to the idea of circumventing the rule of law to feed any individual’s interest no matter how powerful. As the Speaker of the House, he stood firmly behind the unconstitutional impeachment saga of the former governor.

 Not one to easily concede defeat, the Obasanjo administration connived with some elements in the state to plan, albeit unconstitutionally, his recall from the house of assembly.

  To the chagrin of many, the recall would fail woefully and he emerged from the experience somewhat unscathed. He was re-elected into the house as member and subsequently, Speaker of the House of Assembly in 2003 respectively. He held that position for good six years-making him the longest speaker to have served in the Plateau state house of assembly.

Having served his term in the legislature without any blemish to his name, the Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong led a quiet life after leaving office in 2007. The quiet life would however be disrupted in 2014 when the hunt for successor to the immediate past governor of the state shifted to the Southern Senatorial district of Plateau state.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, unanimously voted him to be the standard bearer of the party in the gubernatorial elections of 2015. Propelled by the unsavory political developments that characterized that material time, Lalong mobilized and galvanized a movement against impunity; the calculated antics of a political demi-god determined to establish a political dynasty against the popular will was challenged and defeated.

Against all the odds, Lalong won the election and was sworn into office on 29th May 2015. be cont..

Barrister Auwalu Abdullahi (Esq) Congratulates President Muhammadu Buhari And Gov Lalong On The Occasion Of Their Inauguration For Se ond Term In Office...

May 29,2019

Barrister Auwalu Abdullahi (Esq) Congratulates President Muhammadu and Gov Lalong on the occasion of their inauguration for second term in office...

The executive secretary Plateau State Muslim pilgrims welfare board felicitates with the duo of President Muhammadu Buhari and Gov Lalong on the occasion of their swearing in into office for second term.

According to him, the journey hasn't been easy especially in the area of security across the nation and most especially the north, but Allah has given the duo the wisdom in tackling the menace.

On the other hand, the ES commends their agricultural,infrastructural and educational strides during their first term and wishes them more wisdom in running the affairs of the state and the country at large.

The ES further pray to Almighty Allah to give all sworn in leaders the wisdom in choosing credible hands devoids their religious and tribal  affiliation to steer the affairs of the country.

Barrister Auwalu Abdullahi (Esq) Congratulates President Muhammadu Buhari And Gov Lalong On The Occasion Of Their Inauguration For Second Term In Office...

May 29 ,2019

Barrister Auwalu Abdullahi (Esq) Congratulates President Muhammadu and Gov Lalong on the occasion of their inauguration for second term in office...

The executive secretary Plateau State Muslim pilgrims welfare board felicitates with the duo of President Muhammadu Buhari and Gov Lalong on the occasion of their swearing in into office for second term.

According to him, the journey hasn't been easy especially in the area of security across the nation and most especially the north, but Allah has given the duo the wisdom in tackling the menace.

On the other hand, the ES commends their agricultural,infrastructural and educational strides during their first term and wishes them more wisdom in running the affairs of the state and the country at large.

The ES further pray to Almighty Allah to give all sworn in leaders the wisdom in choosing credible hands devoids their religious and tribal  affiliation to steer the affairs of the country.

Amb Chris Giwa Felicitate With Rt Hon (Dr) Simon Bako Lalong On His Inauguration..

May 29,2019

Your Excellency,

Congratulations on your historic inauguration for another term in office as the Executive Governor of our Dear State.

Plateau made the right choice in electing you to consolidate on the sustainable human capital, infrastructural development and growth witnessed during your first term. It is my prayer and wish that the good Lord bestows you the wisdom and grace to deliver on this onerous task.

Your statement that; "Let us work together to rewrite our narrative, if not for us, then for the future of our children and dear State" is inspiring and patriotic. Be assured of our loyalty and cooperation as we join hands with you to do more for our people.

Congratulations once again and best wishes of a fruitful and prosperous tenure.

God bless Plateau.
God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Amb Chris Giwa

29th May, 2019

Gwani Muhammad Adam Alkali OON Felicitates With President Muhammadu Buhari and Gov Lalong On The Occasion Of Their Second Term Swearing -In..

May 29,2019


Gwani Muhammad Adam Alkali OON is felicitating with the duo of President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Simon Bako Lalong on the occasion of their swearing-in as President and Governor respectively. Gwani observed that president Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Simon Bako Lalong of Plateau state had a lot in common as both were reelected based on merits and their physical performances in office reaching the ordinary man on the streets is outstanding; a true devidend of democracy. Also the dou are peace loving as it had been on record they both invested heavily on security, social justice, economic development and infrastructure.

As Next Level begins Gwani Muhammad Adam Alkali OON enjoined all and sundry to maximally cooperate with the duo's administration as he assured more dividend of democracy is on the way maximally to the advantages Nigerians and  Plateaunians alike.

More so Gwani Muhammad Adam Alkali OON prayed that God the almighty guide and protect them through out their tenures and increase in their wisdom and well-being.

Congratulations Nigeria

Congratulations Plateau state

Congratulations all.

Abu Maleek MJ

Maje Support Group Nation Wide Felicitates with President Muhammadu Buhari and Gov Lalong On Their Second Term Swearing - In ..

May 29 2019

Message Of Congratulations to President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Simon Bako Lalong on their Second Term swearing-In on 29th May,2019 By Maje Support Group Nation Wide

On behalf of Hon Ahmed Idris Wase the Deputy Majority Leader Federal House Of Representatives,the good People of Wase Federal  Constituency, we congratulates their Excellencies President Muhammad Buhari and Governor  Simon Bako Lalong on their inauguration for a renewed term of another four years as the President Federal Republic of Nigeria and Executive Governor of Plateau State.

For us, the people of the State and Nigeria have made the right choice by  electing you  to take the lead in the affairs of the Country and Plateau State for the next four years. Your re-elections is a clear affirmation to the fact that you are prepared to lead the Country and Plateau State to even greater heights.

We are confident that under your renewed leadership, Nigeria's leading role as the giant of Africa and Plateau State's place as the home of peace and tourism  will continue to be strengthened. And we stand ready to support your governments and the people in achieving your objectives.

In The 8th National Assembly, our Member Hon Ahmed Idris Wase have enjoyed close relations with both the Federal and State Governments and stand ready to explore positively with you and your Governments in new areas of cooperation, which will correspond to our  impressive achievements and future challenges as we enter the NEXT LEVEL

We commend the people of Nigeria and Plateau state for trusting you with the responsibility of continuing the successful economic path and stability of our country and state, as well as ensuring we are shielded from marchants of crisis

Your Excellencies, we are confident that you will succeed in the task of transforming Nigeria and Plateau State. This is because the qualities of leadership is reflected in the standards you have set for yourselves.

It is our hope that you will not allow actions of misguided and self serving politicians and bureaucrats to direct you wrongly in  this noble vision you have for our country and state.

Please, accept our very best wishes for a successful new tenure of office.

Engr Umar Saleh Abubakar MNSE, Re-COREN

Gov Lalong Sworn In For Second Term As Plateau Governor * Vows Not To Disappoint The People Of The State*

May 29,2019

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Governor Simon Lalong was on Wednesday sworn in for a second term  in office amidst thousands  of supporters and well wishers at the Rwang Pam  stadium in Jos the state capital .

Our correspondent reports that Lalong was sworn in at about 12 42 pm .

Speaking at the occasion   ,Lalong said " I have the immense honour to stand before you, the people of  Plateau State, today to yet again register my deep appreciation for the additional mandate you have given me to run the affairs of our great State for the next four years. "Today’s inauguration marks a new beginning for Plateau State, and reveals the limitless possibilities before all of us. On this occasion, we rise up to celebrate a new beginning and a day we set our course for greater future and prosperity."

"This event also opens a new chapter in our march towards peace, unity and progress as it also signals another series of activities, developments and events which require all hands to be on deck in realising our collective aspirations in the task of leaving lasting legacies for the benefit of the present and future generations. It has always been my earnest prayer that I shall not disappoint the people of the State who have demonstrated their abiding faith in the APC-led Administration in the State by voting for its candidates massively in the Presidential, National Assembly, Governorship and State Assembly elections. "

"Nevertheless, the path from 2015 to 2019 had not been without challenges, particularly in the area of security. Sporadic attacks on communities occurred in some Local Government Areas, notably Barkin Ladi, Bassa, Jos South and Riyom, leading to deaths and displacements of people, destruction of houses, crops and livestock and mutual mistrust among community residents. We continue to sympathize with the family and pray for the repose of the Souls of the Faithful departed. "However, in line with our robust policy of ensuring peace, Government did not relent in its efforts; we promptly responded to these challenges the best way we could by boosting security in the troubled areas and setting up Operational Security Bases in synergy with the Federal Government. We also introduced confidence-building measures and Roadmap to Peace, especially through the Plateau Peace Building Agency and stakeholders’ meetings. I had also signed into law various legislations dealing with administration of criminal justice, making it possible to decide certain cases in the State rather than taking them elsewhere."

"In terms of Human Capital Development, the Education, Health and Agricultural sectors have benefitted immensely from Government interventions, as detailed in my previous speeches. Thus, the huge debts and unpaid salaries and pensions were cleared while we have substantially reduced the debt profile of the State through prudent use of allocated funds and internally Generated Funds."

"The hallmark of good governance is financial prudence, fairness, transparency, justice and humanitarian concern for the citizens. To this end, the Government embraced the policy of fiscal discipline, by keying into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and broadening our tax base. The TSA enabled us to monitor revenue inflows and expenditure outflows, thereby ensuring prudence, diligence and accountability in all our financial dealings. The creation of the Efficiency Unit ensured blockage of leakages, leading to huge savings."

"The next four years will be devoted to consolidating the gains already made and expanding more areas of development for the benefit of Plateau people."

"We shall strive to inject new ideas and philosophical paradigm into our governance efforts. This paradigm will hopefully find expression in Religious Humanism. Governance is a two-way traffic, involving a social contract of duties and obligations between the government and the governed. Good Governance presupposes loyalty, hard work, effective service delivery, and leaving behind a legacy worthy of emulation by subsequent generations."

"Our Humanism will be based on the principles that people need freedom and self-determination; that people should be respected and held in high esteem,  rather than means of negative governmental action; that people are fundamentally social in nature and therefore value or cherish community life; and that people have a right to seek truth and oppose authoritarian rule. These ideas of liberty, human rights, democracy, and public scrutiny of opinion and governmental actions are essential to the smooth functioning of society. We must therefore learn to form communities that respect human life and tolerate differences to avert the embers of hate and fanaticism."

 Lalong further said "Our vision for the new Plateau State promises to leave behind legacies of our commonality, human dignity and welfare. While as a Government we shall strive to meet our own side of the social bargain, we equally expect the good people of Plate State to reciprocate Government gesture, not only by giving their unalloyed support, but, more importantly, by learning to live in peace with one another so that together we can achieve the much desired development. We should recognize that corruption, dishonesty, disloyalty, rumour-mongering, fake news, religious and political fanaticism, ethnic jingoism, violence, and other forms of social evil are antithetical to our vision of the new Plateau, and must be avoided."

A critical policy this administration developed and embraced is the concept of “Forgiveness”. As part of our reconciliation moves and breaking the cycle of violence, which has engulfed our beloved state for close to two decades, we recently launched the “FORGIVENESS DAY” to be marked every February 7, 2019. This is a day we have set aside to reflect on our journey as a people and having in mind the various crises that have bedevilled our dear state. This day will always be a day to chart a new path and rewrite our narratives and celebrate our taking the path of forgiveness in line with our different religious injunctions.

With this Philosophy, our winning points will continue to be the insistence on impartiality, neutrality and fairness to all concerned, regardless of ethnic, religious and political affinities. Plateau is a State with diverse ethnicities. I therefore assure all and sundry of holding on to our policy of inclusiveness and get everybody in different position of responsibility to do the needful. In this way, we would have justified earning the votes and confidence of the people. We would have also justified accepting the mandate to serve with all the humility and affirmation to move the people and state to the Next Level."

Lalong also said "As a mark of our appreciation and thanksgiving to God for the guidance, protection and successes recorded, and in exercise of the powers conferred on me as Governor in Section 212 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), after due consultation with the State Advisory Council On Prerogative Of Mercy, I have granted Prerogative of Mercy to one   Prisoner, Mr. Evaristus C. Mozie from life  imprisonment to absolute pardon. This Pardon is granted for reasons of good conduct and determination to continue to be productive, with effect from the date of sentence.

 "we shall remain committed. We shall continue to espouse the core values of peace, unity, mutual respect, hospitality and progress, while striving to go beyond these by channelling the energies, and building the skills, competencies and capacities of our Women and Youth. I therefore implore all Government functionaries and citizens to embrace the age-long philosophy of “Think Plateau, Act Plateau” as a solemn orientation to preserve the Plateau core values towards industry and enterprise in productive ventures and self-reliance. Our strengths indeed lie in our diversity . I Pledge that this administration  Will continue to serve diligently towards achieving our set goals".

APC Online Forum Congratulates President Muhammadu Buhari And Governor Simon Bako Lalong On Their Inauguration For The Second Term

29th May,2019

It is with great Joy and elated spirits that the *APC Youths Online Forum wishes to congratulate His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari with his amiable deputy Prof Yemi Osinbajo and Barr Dr Simon Bako Lalong alongside his loyal deputy Prof Sonni Tyoden as they set to take the oath of office for another second term of four years.* We wish to express our joy as a forum and to reaffirm our loyalty to the leadership of President Buhari and Gov Lalong, as you take this oath we pray for a successful tenure.

We are proud to associate with you because of your startling performances from the Federal to the state levels which earned you a second term in office, *we are happy to have supported you even when the going was tough we remained committed and resilient believing that you will take the country and state out of the woods that bedeviled it and alas we are here today.* We say a big congratulations and four gallant cheers to signify the beginning of the second term.

We pray for more wisdom unto you all from God almighty that you will continue to lead Plateau and Nigeria in the fear of God to an unattainable height.

Once more congratulations and happy inauguration.

Pius Tongmaan Dadaar,
*Forum Chairman.*
Chamzy Bako,
*Publicity Secretary*

Alfred Dapal Felicitates With Gov Simon Lalong On The Occasion Of The Swearing in For A Second Tenure...

29th May,2019

As today marks another milestone in Nigeria’s journey to a more stable and prosperous democracy,
Mr. Alfred Dapal, felicitates with his Excellency Gov. Simon Bako Lalong on the occasion of his
inauguration to steer the affairs of our dear State for the next four years. In a statement by his
media aide Satmak Dapar and made available to journalists in Jos, Mr Dapal wishes him a fruitful
Your election reflects the wishes and aspirations of an overwhelming majority. Consequently, I
encourage you to be moved by this show of solidarity and trust reposed in you by reeling out
programs, policies and development projects that have direct bearing on the lives of our people so
the impact of governance could be felt in a greater dimension because “to whom much is given,
much is expected.”
It is a truism that the primary purpose of leadership is service to humanity and one’s nation. You
were elected by Plateau people because majority believe in your passion and drive to render
exceptional leadership services in order to make Plateau state better. This ought to be done for the
sake of conscience and posterity. Politics is over. The time for true governance is at hand. Personally, I believe that our unity of purpose, shared humanity and collective efforts can
go a long way in renewing the struggle for a better Plateau.
I further urge his Excellency Gov. Lalong to re-calibrate more efforts in improving the security of lives
and property. In the same token, the “ease of doing business” policy of federal Government should
be embraced in totality as it is a potential catalyst for self-sustenance for us on the Plateau.
Completion of the Lalong legacy projects across the 3 Senatorial zones remain critical in ushering a
sustainable era of hope, dignity and pride in line with APC’s vision. I also urge that education should
be given paramount attention because it cannot be ruled out in the equation for sustainable
development. When the people are educated and well informed, they will better appreciate and
maximize their roles in nation-building.
I’m a true believer in the Plateau project and my solidarity is unbreakable. We will continue to make
our efforts count in building a better future for generations yet unborn.
May I at this juncture, condemn in the strongest possible terms the unrest that erupted in parts of Jos with an attendant consequence on Sunday the 26th of May 2019. According to reports, about 6 people lost their lives. I call on the good people of Plateau state to give peace a chance. The government on the other hand should do everything in its power to safeguard lives and properties. It pays to build peaceful and inclusive societies.

In conclusion, I congratulate you once more and wish you a prosperous time in office.
Long live Plateau state and
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Satmak Dapar
Media Aide Abuja

Lalong Commends Citizens For Resilience Against Conflict Merchants..

28th May,2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong has praised the resolve of citizens to resist being lured into violence.
Governor Lalong while reacting to last  Sunday's  unfortunate  incident around Dutse Uku said the ability of residents to work with security agencies to prevent it from spilling to other areas is a testimony of the deepening peace building effort of the government and people of the state.

He said such behaviour has given the state and its people a positive  image and should be sustained.
Governor Lalong in a message through state Commissioner of Information and Communication implored citizens to resist the temptation of being drawn back into the ugly past by being vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour or persons to relevant authorities.
He commended security agencies for bringing the situation under control within the given area where the incident happened.
Governor Lalong said purveyors of bad news who had gone to town about another crisis in the state have been put to shame as citizens stood together to defeat the ghost of war mongers.
He assures of better days ahead as his administration works together with citizens and security agencies to prevent criminal activities in the state.

Governor Simon Lalong Dissolves Cabinet....

Governor Simon Lalong dissolves cabinet

28th May,2019

Governor  Simon  Lalong  of Plateau State has dissolved the state executive council and directed all Commissioners to prepare and hand over the affairs of their Ministries to their Permanent Secretaries.

Our correspondent gathered that a  valedictory session was held in other to dissolve the state Executive Council as presided over by the council Chairman Governor Simon Lalong  at Midnight on  28th May,2019

Our correspondent  gathered that the  governor expressed his appreciation to council members for offering themselves for the service of the state at a crucial period like this and  appreciated them for their commitment to the service of our  dear state.

Photo Credit: Josiah Envulu.

Plateau Crisis: Police Confirms 5 Death, 12 Houses Razed..

27th May,2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau police command on Monday confirmed that five  persons lost their lives and twelve (12) houses were burnt down following crisis that engulfed some parts of Jos North local government area of the state on Sunday .

DSP Tyopev  Matthias Terna ,the Police Public Relations Officer, Plateau State Command, Jos in a statement made available to newsmen reads that "On the 26/05/2019 at about 1130hrs, the Plateau State Police Command received a report from one Sarki Arum  Male of Tina Area of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State that one Enock Monday 'Male ' of Tina was seen lying motionless at an area between Dutse Uku and Angwan Damisa in Jos North Local Government.

The Command immediately mobilised to the area and removed the body to Plateau Specialist Hospital where he was confirmed dead by the doctor on duty and corpse deposited at the mortuary of the same hospital.

Youth of the area started protesting when the news of
 Enock's death filtered into the community.

The  statement further reads that the "Area Commander Jos Metro mobilised personnel of the divisions within his jurisdiction and moved with the Commanding Officer of 8PMF and the Divisional Police Officer of Nasarawa Gwong Division under whose jurisdiction the crime was committed to the scene of the crime."
As a result of the protest, five  persons lost their lives and twelve houses were burnt down."
"With the efforts of The Area Commander Jos Metro, the Commander of Operation Safe Haven, the Commanding Officer 8PMF and the Divisional Police Officer Nasarawa Gwong Division, the situation has been brought under control.
The area is being patrolled. Residents of the area are enjoyed to remain calm.
Efforts are on to track and arrest those who were involved in the criminal protest.

No Traditional Ruler Will Be Allowed To Oppress Minority Ethnic Groups Under My Watch- Lalong..

27th May,2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau state Governor, Simon  Lalong on Sunday  assured  citizens of the state  that his administration will not allow traditional rulers to oppress the minority ethnic groups in the state under his watch.

The Governor stated this  in Jos on Sunday during a special church service organised in his honour as part of the activities to mark his second term inauguration on May 29.

Lalong said, "I have said it before and i will not change, traditional councils are supposed to take care of the oppressed. If you are appointed a traditional ruler and you turn round to lord it over the oppressed, I have done human rights before, I will not agree with you because we say in the Middle Belt we are fighting the rights of the minority. Then, why should we be thinking of oppressing the minority when we are appointed a traditional ruler.

"Is it proper? If we are crying and have opportunity to be there, we must also look at the plight of those who are oppressed and and try to liberate them. That is why we ask people to apply for districts and we create new chiefdoms. The creation of districts should not be an instrument of disunity but should be for emancipation."

The governor also appealed to all stakeholders in the state to join hands with him to “consolidate on the achievements of his first term administration and transform the state.”

He assured that he would continue to accord priority to peace in the state during his second tenure.

Lalong commended members of the state House of Assembly, security agents and other stakeholders for the support given to him during his first tenure and expressed the hope that the synergy will continue, to enable him achieve greater results.

Commander of the Special Task Force Major Gen.Augustine Agundu and the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Mr Joshua Madaki were among others dignitaries that spoke at the church service. They assured the Governor of cooperation to enable him succeed in his dreams for the state.

Insecurity: Buhari Meets Northern Governors Monday....

26th May,2019

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

President Muhammadu Buhari will on Monday  meet the 19 northern state Governors in Abuja over the prevailing security in the region with a view to proffering solution to the protracted problem

Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum and Governor of Plateau State, Simon Bako Lalong, who disclosed this on Sunday ,he  said his colleagues in the north were deeply worried by the issue of insecurity and  under-developmental in the region and had decided to meet with Mr President before the commencement of his second tenure in order to articulate ways of addressing them.

Lalong said, "during our meeting under Northern Governors Forum, they said let us go and meet with Mr President.

"As the new Chairman of the forum, I said I have not resumed. But they said we must go and meet with him before his inauguration on May 29 so that we will tell him the problems of the north and how we can address the challenges of insecurity, under-development and other matters affecting the people. That is why we have agreed to meet with him tomorrow in Abuja"

Lalong urged the people to pray for the success of the meeting to enable the northern region move forward

May 2019 Inauguration: Lalong A Child Of Destiny - Rev Fr David Ajang..

May 2019 Inauguration: Lalong a child of destiny - Rev Fr David Ajang

26th May,2019

As part of the inaugural programmes for the 29th May Inauguration of HE Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong's second term in office, an interdenominational service was held at the government house chapel Rayfield .

The service had its opening prayer by Rev Dr Yakubu Pam CAN Chairman Northern Nigeria where he asked the congregation to pray for the spirit of forgiveness that Nigerians will have the spirit to forgive politicians..
He prayed for plateau to know peace because plateau is known for its peace.

The governor and his deputy together with their families were prayed for by Apostle Chris Bature for God to grant them favour and wisdom from the national level for the prosperity of the state.

Rev Fr David Ajang gave the sermon which centered on second chances and opportunities, saying everything according to God is not by chance but destiny and he said  the governor was the chairman of speakers in Nigeria when he was a speaker now the chairman of governors in the north is an act of destiny ,and  God has given him another opportunity to serve the people of plateau state and he is expected to serve well.

The governor has been advised not to lose focus and he shouldn't allow anyone distract him, he should work with people with same mission and vision as his for the state.

In attendance are his commissioners, permanent secretaries,OPSH Commandant and top government officials.

Photo credit : Josiah Envulu



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