The State of Plateau as a platform seeks to promote democracy on the local level by bringing the fore issues concerning the State, and facilitating citizens debate on public issues, through participation in government decision making.

COVID - 19 : Lalong Adopts Multi Prong Strategies Towards Prevention...

COVID - 19: Lalong Adopts Multi Prong Strategies Towards Prevention..

March 31,2020

Governor Lalong in his commitment in sustaining the peace in the state admits the current global pandemic trending , The government has been able to unfold strategies of containing the disease despite its rising cases in some states in the country even with the scaring number of victims the pandemic has affected globally. It has affected more than 785,897 and over 180 countries.

Some of the measures taken in other to safeguard the lives of its citizens from contracting  COVID 19 are as follows;

I. Restriction of movements ; from 7pm to 6am

ii. Complete ban of social gathering.

iii. Religious gathering of not more than 50 people while observing the social distancing.

iv. All public servants in the state from level 12 and below are to work from home for the next 30 days.

v. Markets are to be shut down with the exception of sellers of food items,pharmaceuticals and cooking gas and workers on essential services such as security,media health workers ,street cleaners water and energy supply.

He has set up a task force in charge with the enforcement and monitoring of the restrictions.

The taskforce are to coordinate,evaluate and review developments of the disease in the state.

However the restrictions were some how violated on friday March 27,2020 by Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir the Leader of Jammaatu Izalatil Bida Waikamatis Sunnah. He went ahead to perform the Friday Jumaat Prayers despite the orders and precautionary measures set up by both the federal and state government to further curb the spread of the COVID 19 and also undermining the fragility of the peace sustained in the state.

Though sheikh violated the directives set by the government but Lalong tactically handled the situation which made the Sheikh Jingir expressed regrets over his actions and apologized over the incidence pledged to support the government in its fight in sustaining the peace and also joined the government to fight COVID 19.

Alot of people were agitating for the arrest of the Sheikh Jingir but the governor opted for a more practicable approach in addressing the issues in other not to divert the attention of the fight against COVID 19 which has pose as a  threat to the humanity .

The governor has further created a situation room in the state which deploys technology in curbing COVID- 19 in the state.

The situation room will be saddled with the responsibility of public awareness on the Coronavirus and work with all stakeholders including state taskforce to combat the spread of COVID -19.

The state has unveiled a COVID 19 technology platform to report incidence of Coronavirus cases, evaluate field reports,provide information on index and contact racing as well as provide first rate information on COVID 19 trends locally,nationally and globally so as to prevent panic and allow citizens and government make informed decisions.

There are officials already deployed on its major highways to take saliva samples of travellers for test and possible feedback on the outcomes.

Special Task Force ,Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) Jos Gets New Commander..


 March 31,2020

Following the recent redeployments within the Nigeria Army, the Special Task Force Operation Safe Haven gets new commander

According to the statement “Maj Gen ACC Agundu from Special Task Force (STF) Operation SAFE HAVEN Jos is redeployed to Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC) Abuja as Senior Research Fellow…”

The Statement went further to point out that “…Special Adviser Nigerian Army University Biu Maj Gen CC Okonkwo is now redeployed to STF Operation SAFE HAVEN Jos and appointed Commander…”

Full redeployments include the posting and appointment of Maj Gen ACC Agundu from Special Task Force (STF) Operation SAFE HAVEN Jos to Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC) Abuja as Senior Research Fellow, Major General HI Bature from Defence Headquarters (DHQ) Defence Liaison Office National Assembly Abuja to Army Headquarters Department of Civil Military Affairs and appointed Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Maj Gen UM Mohammed from Nigerian Army Property Limited (NAPL) to the Office of the Chief of Army Staff and appointed Special Adviser Nigerian Army University Biu/Deputy Chairman Board of Trustees NAPL.

The erstwhile Special Adviser Nigerian Army University Biu Maj Gen CC Okonkwo now redeployed to STF Operation SAFE HAVEN Jos and appointed Commander, Maj Gen F Yahaya from Headquarters 1 Division Kaduna to Headquarters Theatre Command Operation LAFIYA DOLE (OPLD) Maiduguri and appointed Commander, while Maj Gen OG Adeniyi is redeployed from Headquarters Theatre Command OPLD Maiduguri to NARC as Senior Research Fellow, Maj Gen S Idris from Sector 2 OPLD Damaturu- Yobe State redeployed to DHQ Abuja and appointed Director Liaison.

Others affected include – Maj General AA Adesope from Office of the Chief of Army Staff Directorate of Audit and Financial Management to NAPL and appointed Group Managing Director, Maj Gen MG Ali from Headquarters Theatre Command OPLD Maiduguri to Headquarters 4 Special Forces Command Doma, Nasarawa State as Commander while the erstwhile Chief of Civil-Military Affairs AHQ Abuja Maj Gen US Mohammed has been redeployed to 1 Division Kaduna and appointed General Officer Commanding.

Similarly, Brig Gen HI Daniel from the Defunct Army Special Forces Command Maiduguri to Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command Minna and appointed Director Army Training Support, Brig Gen BE Onyeuko is to remain in DHQ Abuja as Acting Director Defence Media Operation, Brig Gen NM Jega from Training and Doctrine Command Minna to Infantry Corps Centre Jaji and appointed Chief of Staff, Brig Gen LA Araba from Nigerian Army Welfare Limited by Guaranty Abuja now redeployed to Sector 2 OPLD Damaturu, Yobe State as Ag Commander, Brig Gen VO Ita from DHQ, Abuja to Headquarters 402 Special Forces Brigade Azare and appointed Commander while Brig Gen JAL Jimoh from Sector 3 Artillery Brigade OPLD Monguno to Headquarters 31 Brigade Minna and appointed Commander and Brig Gen GTO Ajetunmobi has been redeployed from 31 Brigade Minna to Nigeria Army Welfare Limited by Guaranty, Abuja as Executive Director Operation.

Others are – Brig Gen LG Lepdung from Headquarters Infantry Corps Centre Jaji to DHQ Abuja and appointed Deputy Director Procurement (Logistics), Brig Gen MO Ihanuwaze to remain in Office of the Chief of Army Staff Directorate of Audit and Financial Management as Acting Director, Brig Gen EC Obi – Osang from the defunct Headquarters 707 Special Forces’ Brigade Makurdi to Headquarters 401 Special Forces’ Brigade Makurdi as Commander while Brig Gen GM Mutkut is redeployed from the Defunct Nigerian Army Amphibious Command OPLD Baga to Headquarters 403 Amphibious Brigade Baga and appointed Commander and Brig Gen JR Lar from Nigerian Army School of Artillery Kachia to Sector 3 Artillery Brigade OPLD Monguno as Commander.

Also, Colonel DJ Abdullahi from the defunct Headquarters Nigerian Army Special

COVID 19 - Philanthropist Distributes Food Items To Plateau Citizens..

Covid 19 - Philanthropist distributes food items to Plateau citizens

March 31,2020

A Philanthropist Engr. Tein T.S Jack-Rich
has distributed food items worth millions of naira to some widows,  elderly and less privileged persons   in  Plateau state .

Jack Rich who is also the President of  Belemaoil Producing Limited ,said that the donation was meant to relief people as a result of the partial    lockdown announced by the state Government to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Represented by Hön. Barji David Bitrus , he expressed his determination to extend the gesture to other parts of the state and several other parts of the country .

He  advised women , children and the people of the state  to comply with the governments’ directives at “flattening the curve of the virus” for the benefit of all.

He said he is determined to put smiles on the people of the state and several other states

COVID - 19: Government Should Adopt JUTH,NVIR,& PLASVIREC Test Centres - Bulus Gyang...

COVID-19: Government should adopt JUTH, NVIR, & PLASVIREC Test Centres- Bulus Gyang

March 31, 2020

A Science Laboratory Technician with the Plateau State Specialist hospital, Mr Langs Bulus Gyang has urged the Federal Government to adopt 3 facilities in Plateau State as testing centres for COVID-19.

According to him,

1. National Veterinary Research Institute NVRI Vom has a BSL-3 molecular Laboratory that is well equipped and has more experienced staff trained all over the world.

 2. Plateau State Human Virology Research Center PLASVIREC domiciled in Plateau State Specialist has International Accreditation and is equipped with Laboratory Scientist trained home and abroad.

3. APIN domiciled in JUTH has International Accreditation and also has well trained Laboratory staff that can do the needful in the present challenges we are facing globally.

He further advised the public to go carry out their COVID 19 test in the above mentioned Laboratory in the State.
He gave assurance that if given the Reagents the 3 centers can run more than 500 test per day of COVID-19 suspect sample...

NAFDAC Approves Production Of CHLOROQUINE For Clinical Trial Treatment Of COVID-19...

NAFDAC approves production of Chloroquine for ‘clinical trial treatment’ of COVID-19

March 31,2020

The Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Prof Mojisola Adeyeye, said on Monday the agency had ordered the manufacturing of Chloroquine for use in the experimental treatment of coronavirus.
The chief said in a statement the drug was being repurposed for the experimental treatment of the disease.
Adeyeye said some countries had started using Chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19, adding that the drug was used in China with moderate success.
The statement read:
“Other researchers in France and the United States have used the drug for the clinical trial treatment of COVID-19 and they reported effectiveness of the drug. Lagos State will start a clinical trial on chloroquine to evaluate the effectiveness.
“In a very recent publication, chloroquine was reported in a press briefing by the State Council of China, indicating that chloroquine phosphate had demonstrated marked efficacy and acceptable safety in treating COVID-19 associated pneumonia in multi-center clinical trials conducted in China.

“The study involved 10 hospitals in Wuhan, Jingzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Ningbo, and 100 patients. The investigators reported that Chloroquine phosphate is superior to the control in inhibiting the pneumonia associated with COVID-19, and shortening the course of the disease.”

“About four weeks ago, I approached a local manufacturing company (May and Baker), a member of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Group of Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (PMGMAN), whose flagship product in the past was chloroquine to make a batch of the drug for emergency stock.
“The company had NAFDAC approval for the production of the as anti-malarial many years ago before the discontinuation.”

Source :

COVID-_19: US Announces N2.6b Aid To Nigeria...

COVID-19: US announces N2.6b aid to

March 31,2020

The United States Government  on Friday 27th March,2020 announced a $7 million (about N2.6 billion) emergency health  to Nigeria to address the pandemic in the country.
The US States Department said in a statement that this is part of a $274 million (N103 billion) assistance package to at least 63 countries affected by the disease.

Nigeria’s share, the statement said, would go into funding of “risk communication, water and sanitation activities, infection prevention, and coordination.”

“This assistance joins more than $5.2 billion (N1.9 trillion) in US health assistance and more than $8.1 billion (N3trillion) in total assistance for Nigeria over the past 20 years,’’ it said.


Mystery And Misery Of Contemporary Sanitizers...


March 30,2020

Kim Jerry Bot


A tale of the sanitizers currently in the market are very diverse.

What comes to my mind as a PHARMACIST is actually why Nigerians capitalize on such sympathizing opportunities to cheat on fellow citizens.

First, sanitizers are antiseptic preparations alcoholic or esterified in nature to clearly reduce load of injurious organisms as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, etc.

Secondly, their contents depends on the target organisms. What this means is that the content and their quantities for bacteria are different from those of viruses much as they differ from those of protozoa and fungi, etc, which CAN NEVER be used interchangeably. This makes it a DRUG!

Miserably, what we see today is a means of chance to extort, especially in areas with less professionals.

My Experience Yesterday

While on my assignment to ensure we sensitize the public and equip them on the knowledge and importance of self care against the dreaded COVID 19, it shocked me the kind of hand sanitizers I saw. Indeed, we are in for trouble.

Its oily nature looks like a hexane extract whose miscibility with other components is near impossible.

Its water portion is simply water, sadly!

Its other constituents are starchy filtrates from grinded and macerated cassava or corn. Too bad for the common man.

It eventually gave a product whose use leaves you with a hand that simulates a pair of hand that was used to enjoy the uncontrollable juice from an extremely ripe mango. An experience we had in childhood. Very terrible.

My Take

There are WHO approved specifications for making Pharmaceuticals and consumables e.g. sanitizers. The major ingredients are Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethanol (percentage depends on kind of infection i.e. those against viruses will differ from those against bacteria), glycerine, water and a thickener like carbomer or glycol (saturated or unsaturated).

The water based alcohol-derived sanitizers are stable, better used as sprays which can be used against inanimate surfaces and finger nails as it is the case in COVID 19. Its stable under light and temperature not above 61°C.

The gel based alcohol-derived sanitizers are equally good but best against bacterial, fungal and protozoal infections. Sadly, they can't be sprayed on surfaces and door handles but can be used as hand rubs.

Indeed, the SKILLS of a LICENSED PHARMACIST is very key and cardinal in the outcome and stability of your sanitizers as the PHARMACIST considers the gamut of steps and all other factors.

Finally, much as its time to be careful, be careful the kind of sanitizer you buy.

May God waive this infection from our hands, Amen!

Pls feel free to call or inbox me before you buy any. Will advice appropriately.

Let's know if you also wanna buy a quality sanitizer.





COVID - 19: Plateau Receives 28.5 Million Naira Donation From UBA..

Covid 19 -Plateau receives 28.5 Million naira donation from UBA

March 30,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong on Monday  received a donation of 28.5 Million Naira from the United Bank for Africa, through its UBA Foundation as part of their contribution   to the fight against the disease.

The presentation was made on behalf of  the Bank by Steve Gadzama, Regional Bank Head in Jos.

He explained that the bank has remained a partner to the Government of Plateau State and is happy with the measures taken so far to deal with the situation. He said the bank has also constructed and donated an isolation facility and incubators at the Plateau State Specialist Hospital in Jos.

 A statement signed by Makut Simon Macham,Director of Press  and Public Affairs to the  Governor said  Lalong thanked the UBA for setting the pace in contributing to the fund.

He assured that the account will be managed transparently and the money applied to critical areas including responding to the needs of the poor and people in rural areas.

He urged other corporate organisations and well meaning individuals to also donate to the fund known as PLATEAU STATE COVID-19 SUPPORT FUND. ACCOUNT NUMBER: UBA 1022751747.

Governor Lalong also said the Government welcomes other donations of facilities, medical equipment and other consumables towards building the capacity of the State to handle the situation.


PIDAN Lauds PLSG Efforts In Curbing The Spread Of COVID - 19.

PIDAN Lauds PLSG Efforts In curbing The Spread Of COVID 19.…

March 30,2020

The Plateau Initiative for Development and Advancement of the Natives (PIDAN) wishes to commend the Federal Government in general and the Plateau State Government in particular on their combined efforts to tame the Coronavirus Pandemic in Nigeria through a press release issued by their President Mr Madaki JKA on the 30th March,2020.

The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 pandemic has shown progressive infection of Nigerians since the diagnosis of its first case in Lagos, Nigeria on 27th, February 2020.
As from 27th February 2020 to 29-March 2020, the number of cases in Nigeria rose from 1 to 111. This is a worrisome progression and the Month of April is postulated to show higher numbers of cases given the history of progression of the disease. This requires more aggressive approach to contain the disease. We are however lucky that cases have concentrated in urban areas where health services are better and patients are more enlightened.

We again commend Government efforts so far at both the Federal and State levels in containing the disease. Government reeled out a package of measures to contain the disease which has been yielding some good results, however there is need for a more aggressive approach to strengthening the implementation of the package given the increasing number of cases being recorded on daily basis.
It is good news that we have not recorded a COVID-19 case in Plateau State and we wish to once again commend the efforts of Gov Lalong’s administration towards containing the disease in the State. We appreciate the level of preparedness with respect to public education campaign and stage of isolation Centres in the various health facilities in the State. However, we are worried about the absence of a single diagnostic Centre in the State. We wish to appeal to his Excellency to liaise with the Federal Government to establish COVID-19 Case confirmation Centre in the State. This will certainly reduce cost of screening and confirmation of cases in the State in addition to facilitating the quick identification and confirmation of suspected cases.

Awareness creation and advocacy on the disease have been intense but concentrated in the urban Centres in the State. Recently the Association of Local Government in Nigeria ( ALGON) came in strengthening the State Government efforts thus increasing the extent of awareness creation at the LGAs. This is commendable and should be sustained till the pandemic is over.
However, our interactions with autochthones Development Association Leaders and sampling of views of persons at village market levels showed that the message has not ADEQUATELY reach this segment of the population. This may largely be due to the limited access of such segment of the population to both print and electronic media. We wish to appeal to the State administration to mobilize the autochthones Development Association Leaders and other grassroots level organizations in the various LGAs to carry out a more extensive including door-to -door campaign with messages in the various dialects at the rural/village level to contain the disease. This is essential to consolidate the current efforts at seeing that we reduce infections especially in the Month of April, which is likely to show more cases of the disease than what has been recorded.
We have appealed to our network of about  55 Autochthones Development Association leaders to courageously and aggressively step up their efforts to educate their people on the disease, despite been handicapped by low level of logistics including inadequacy of appropriate information, education and communication material (IEC).
We wish to appeal to  well spirited individuals to team up and partner with Community Development Associations to effectively educate the people at the grassroot level so as to augment government efforts in containing the disease.
We wish to appreciate the people of Plateau State for their cooperation and compliance with the COVID-19 preventive measures so far and to further appeal to them to increase their commitment to ensure that we contain this pandemic on the Plateau.
We pray that God almighty will crown our collective efforts in taming the COVID-19 pandemic in Plateau with success.

COVID-19 : Plateau To Get Centre For Test Of Disease Soon - Lalong

COVID-19 - Plateau  to get centre for  test of  disease soon - Lalong

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Plateau State Governor Simon  Lalong on Monday said the State is to get a centre for the test of COVID-19 disease soon.

He said this in continuation of the efforts to contain the Corona Virus disease and ensure that it does not spread to Plateau State, as he met with more critical stakeholders to ensure that the State mitigates the impact of the pandemic.

 A statement signed by Makut Simon Macham,Director, Press and  Public Affairs to the Governor said Lalong met with the leadership of the  State House of Assembly as well as the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State at the Government House, Little Rayfield Jos.

Governor Lalong who chairs the State COVID-19 Emergency Response Task Force, explained that the meeting became necessary so as to carry everyone along in the fight against the disease.

He said "we are dealing with an abnormal situation and so we need to take drastic measures in order to protect the lives of the citizens. We have already put in place various measures to ensure that the disease does not come into Plateau. Thankfully, there is no recorded case yet and we pray that it remains so. However, we must work hard to keep things this way".

Lalong also said there was the need to also work with the legislature and the ruling party leadership in the State to look at the socio-political impact of the disease in the State. He said the stakeholders will need to work together and make hard choices that will keep the State afloat.

The statement further reads  that the Commissioner of Health Dr. Nimkong Lar briefed the stakeholders on the effectiveness of the preventive measures already taken such as contact tracing, closure  of markets, monitoring and checks at entry points to the State, as well as public enlightenment.

He said the people of the State are being sensitized and are cooperating with measures put in place.

He explained that the old JUTH has been earmarked as an isolation centre while the State is purchasing more ventilators, drugs and other essentials that are needed for the disease.

Chairman of the Plateau State Economic Team Mr. Ezekiel Gomos also briefed the stakeholders where he said the revenue of the State has been hugely impacted and will make execution of programmes and projects very difficult.

This he said necessitated the recommendation of the Economic Team that the 2020 budget be cut by 40 percent while all non essential expenditure be equally reduced drastically. Some of the measures already announced by the Governor in his statewide broadcast according to him are in line with the recommendations of the Committee.

Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly Ayuba Nuhu Abok expressed the support of the legislature and commended the Governor for all proactive measures taken so far.
Chairman of the APC in the State Chief Letep Dabang also supported the measures put in place, but asked for more sensitization of more stakeholders especially in the rural areas.

Secretary to the Government of the State Prof. Danladi Abok Atu also said the State has opened a COVID TRUST FUND Account for corporate organisations and individuals to contribute to the fight against the disease.


SIP Putting Modalities In Place To Pay Beneficiaries In Line With President Buhari's Directives - Dr Sumaye Hamza

SIP Putting Modalities in Place to Pay Beneficiaries In Line With President Buhari's Directives – Dr Sumaye Hamza

March 30,2020


We are all aware of the pandemic bedeviling the world referred to as
Coronavirus or Covid-19. This virus has affected all facets of life globally hence
all hands must be on deck to fight it. We are aware that the four components of the Social Investment Programmes namely: Job Creation –Npower; National Home Grown School Feeding- NHGSF; Conditional Cash Transfer – CCT and
Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme- GEEP, are being implemented
in Plateau State.

These programmes have made tremendous impact in the lives of the
beneficiaries as well as their associates. The positive results recorded include among others, investment by beneficiaries thus making them self-reliant;
improved financial inclusion among thousands; enhanced wellbeing; financial
independence and exploration of economic diversification opportunities.

These results would not have been achieved without a conducive environment to
operate. Parts of the driving parameters include peaceful environment, good health and opportunities for economic growth. Government at Federal and State levels have done extremely well ensuring that wellbeing of citizens is enhanced.

It is the light of the foregoing and furtherance to the awareness programmes
carried out by the SIP office, that this press release is issued. We strongly add
our voice to encourage all our teeming beneficiaries, well over 600,000, and
their associates to obey all precautionary measures put in place by Government
to ensure that we stay safe of the Coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 is real, hence the need to take precaution against being infected.

SIP beneficiaries
should be patient as Government is proactively putting remedies in place to
cushion the effect of Shut-Down.

Be assured that all your allowances will be
paid in no distant time.

We call on the good people of Plateau State to pay attention in maintaining personal and environmental hygiene. Join us to advocate for self-protection by maintaining good personal hygiene-frequent
hand-washing, maintain social distance, use of hand sanitizer and avoid
touching your face; protection of our loved ones by not sneezing openly but use
tissue and dispose or sneeze into inner side of your elbow, avoid crowded places and wear mask; and indeed protect our communities by seeking medical attention if you have fever, persistent cough or feeling unwell and staying

Finally, we are all advised to stay at home until the pandemic is put under
control and eventually eradicated from the universe.

May God bless the good
people of Plateau State and Nigeria.

Stay At Home Stay Safe.

Dr. Sumaye Fadimatu Hamza (PhD)
Executive Assistant to the Governor/Focal Person
Social Investment Programme. Plateau State

No Confirmed Case Of COVID -19 In Plateau - Govt.

No confirmed case of COVID19 in Plateau - Govt

March 29,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Plateau State Government  on Sunday refuted trending news in the social media alleging that there was an index case of confirmed Corona Virus in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

A statement signed by Dan Manjang,
Honourable Commissioner,
Information and Communication,
Plateau State said that  Since the circulation of this fake news, there has been rising concern and anxiety within and outside the state.

According to the fake news,  "one Hassan Sale, an influential personality from Gangare area of Jos, in Jos North LGA, an ally of Senator Bala Muhammad Governor of Bauchi State,  has developed symptoms similar to those of Corona Virus (COVID-19) having been come in contact  with the Governor recently".
For the avoidance of doubt, the Government of Plateau State wishes to state unequivocally that this assertion  is false amounting to a misinformation.

Prior to this rumour however, the Ministry  of Health,  Plateau State  swiftly acted by taking the  specimen of Hassan Sale,  and sent same for examination.
We are happy to announce to Plateau people and indeed to the whole world that both the preliminary and the confirmatory results of the specimen standing in the name of  Hassan Sale are negative.

In the light  of this development therefore, Government wishes to call on all and sundry to  discountenance such misinformation and also state categorically that as at this moment,  there is no known case of Corona Virus found in Plateau State.

Governor  Simon  Lalong who is the Chairman of the Plateau State COVID-19 Emergency Response Committee wishes to use this opportunity to appeal to the Plateau people to continue to adhere to preventive measures by washing their hands regularly, staying at home and maintaining social diatance. They should also be mindful of the kind of news they pick on the street or from the Social Media space.  It will do them good to verify such from the appropriate quarters please.

He assured that  the people that Government is working day and night through all its response Committees to ensure the enforcement of all measures put in place to safeguard the them against the disease and ensure that Plateau State does not record any case.

COCIN Adhered To Plateau Governor,s Directive - Authorities..

COCIN church adhered to Plateau Governor,s  directive - Authorities

March 29,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

The attention of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) Local Church Council Diye Tohort, Jos South LGA, Plateau State has been drawn to a news report on the website of Guardian newspaper, purporting that Church service, on Sunday March 29, 2020 witnessed a "massive attendance" in defiance of government order prohibiting religious and social gatherings of more than 50 persons.

The report tagged "Churches defy government order on large gatherings in Jos" for the records is a far cry from the truth.

A statement signed by Rev. Moses Dagurum , the Leading Pastor, COCIN LCC Diye-Tohort,RCC Dadin Kowa, Jos, Plateau State made available to newsmen in Jos reads that "To begin with, COCIN LCC Diye Tohort is a law-abiding Church, committed to raising kingdom-oriented believers whose lives reflect the obedient lifestyle of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. The Church could therefore not have flouted government orders as purported. This would be a direct affront to the Bible, which in Romans 13:1-7 commands us to obey constituted authorities as service to God.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Executive Council of COCIN, through the General Secretary had since Monday, March 23, 2020 directed all its Church units to split their congregations into small groups of 50, and observe all guidelines provided by government. In compliance to this, the leadership of COCIN Diye-Tohort divided its membership into small house fellowships.

It was at these house cells simultaneous Sunday services were held, with none lasting more than 1hr30mins. At all of these services, attendance fell within the 50 persons margin with adequate spacing and hand washing facilities provided.

After the Services, the Church leadership  still met and resolved to further split the existing units into more groups to ensure population does not exceed the 50-person benchmark, in case of any increase.

The Guardian news report therefore came as a rude shock. At these trying times, the world is looking up to journalists for accurate information to guide them in their daily choices. Such unfounded reports therefore insult the credibility of the media, and its integrity as the dependable eye of the society. The report from its lack of byline and verifiable details clearly shows it was either hurriedly written, or written with ill-will.

However, as members of the faith, we simply want to appeal to journalists to always verify their facts before going to press. Anything short could erode public confidence in the media, and in some cases, destroy the society that the media exists to protect.

COVID-19: I Support Total Lock Down,Nigeria Has One Of The Weakest Health System In The World - Dr Gana..

COVID-19: I support total lock down , Nigeria has  one of  the weakest health system  in the World -- Dr. Gana

March 28,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Former President of the Nigerian Medical Association NMA  Dr. Daniel Gana ,has said  that he supports the total lock down of the entire country as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that is raving the world saying it is cheaper to prevent the virus  than to cure.

He also described  the Nigeria health sector as grossly  underfunded .

Dr. Gana  who is also the Chief Medical Director CMD/CEO of Sauki Clinic in Jos who spoke to newsmen in Jos the Plateau State capital at the weekend rated the approach of federal and state government to contain theCOVID-19 virus to 2 over 10 adding that state like Lagos are blazing  the trail doing the right things while other states are playing politics with the pandemic .

According to him, "Whatever that has been described as pandemic where it has brought strong health system and economies down to their knees that Italy has to beg and accepted 100 doctors from Cuba to come and rescue them . We need to take serious measures to contain the various  because our own health system is one of the weakest not in Africa but the entire world.

The Former NMA President further  disclosed that during president Olusegun Obasanjo administration in 2001 all African countries gathered in Abuja and what is then called the Abuja declaration that Fifteen percent of their annual  budget should be allocated to the health.

He lamented that ever since then, Nigeria has not exceeded Six percent adding that even the Six percent was as a result of debt forgiveness by the International Monetary and World Bank that insisted that the chunk of money must be used on health and Millennium development Goal MDG.

Dr. Gana noted that in 2019 400 billion naira was allocated to the health while this year 2020 Nigeria has a total budget of 11 to 12 trillion naira budget and 424 billion naira was allocated to health representing 4. something percent  adding that the country had not gone past beyond  Six percent .

He pointed out that one of the past president of NMA and now president of the commonwealth medical association Dr. Enabulele once remarked that the allocation to health sector in Nigeria remains  a joke stressing that, that joke is now playing out as Nigeria is not just prepare.

" We are concentrating  on the  health sector  without understanding that the health system needs to be strengthen . If you pour all the resources to the health sector without building a strong health system is tantamount to wasting  of resources ."

He further stressed he understands  that Dangote, UBA , Access Bank, Jack Ma and others has donated testing kiths, ventilators , drugs even though there is no proven drugs for the treatment of the Coronavirus to health sector lamenting that as at Friday the chairman of Jos University Teaching Hospital JUTH Coronavirus management committee has not received anything from the federal government either for testing and management of Coronavirus patient .

According to Dr. Gana if you provide ventilators which are artificial breathing machine in adequate number , if a patient has some chest  or breathing problem that is non Corona, ventilators need to work with uninterupted power supply for four days and the continued supply of oxigen to keep the patient alive stressing that we have not strengthen the Ministry of power and energy to supply energy to Coronavirus patient  on the ventilator on admission in the hospital.

The patient also need  steady  supply of oxygen  which will go through evaporaiser that is uninterrupted supply of water to ventilators arguing that we have not in strengthen our water board or ministry of water resources enough to backed up the ventilator, the answer is no. This is where I said  we are not ready and we have not been ready . It is very unfortunately and that will be calamitous if nothing is done urgently to strengthen the other  sector that synergies or belong to the health sector in Nigeria.

He pointed out that the country need to ensure that not only the upper strata which is less than one percent of the population benefit from the test kiths, supportive and systematic therapy and the use of ventilators that a Coronavirus patient needs adding that it is important to know also that nutrition is very important.

"Most Nigerians are under malnourished ,If people are not adequately nourished  and there is no continuous power supply and other essentials  to improve the living  standard of the people whatever money you pour into  the health sector is just a fire brigade approach that will not achieve any meaningful development ."

On why he is speaking now, the former NMA President noted that he decided to come out now to say something because his association the Nigerian Medical Association are silent on the current development stressing that as a former President he can not speak on their behalf.

"There is a standing EXCO headed by the President of NMA which suppose to do the advocacy. IAM just doing my personnel advocacy and enlightenment so that government and the people of this country will appreciate the magnitude of Coronavirus pandemic ."

COVID 19 - Dr Chris Kwaja Admonish Citizens To Be Cautious And Comply With Preventive Measures...

Coronavirus Pandamic: Dr. Chris Kwaja Admonish Citizens to be Cautious and Comply with Preventive Measures

March 28,2020

With growing global cases of the dreaded novel coronavirus at over 600,000 and over 28,000 deaths recorded globally, a Peace and Security Scholar and United Nations Expert, Dr. Chris Kwaja has charged the people to be cautious, maintain good personal hygiene and stick to all preventive and precautionary measures and directives employed by government to stem the spread of the virus.

Dr. Kwaja said Covid-19 is real, should not be treated with kid gloves and there is need for the people to know what will expose them to the disease and how to stay safe.

He urged the people to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, use hand sanitizers, avoid handshake, drink lot of warm water, stay at home, avoid touching things anyhow, avoid crowdy gatherings/public places to avoid contact with people with the virus, avoid touching their faces, eat fruits and vegetable rich in zinc and vitamin C to protect body, maintain social distance and report any suspected case to health practitioners to protect themselves against the virus.

Dr. Kwaja also urged the people to stick to directives by health practitioners and government aimed at stemming the spread of the virus.

"People must avoid lifestyles and tendencies that will expose them to the virus in order to stay safe, stop the spread of the virus and save lives"

"I join government to be decisive in enforcing all policies/directives associated with the prevention of the corona virus"

"Those who violate such directives have the potential of becoming the primary vectors of the virus, which might in turn affect other law abiding citizens" he concluded.

COVID 19 - Plateau Restricts Vehicular Movement At All Borders...

Covid 19 -Plateau restricts  vehicular movement  at  all borders

March 28,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Worried by the apparent refusal of  some people of Plateau  State to comply with certain measures put in place to check the spread of  the dreaded COVID-19, the Plateau  state government on Saturday  called for full implementation of the directive .

The Secretary to the Government of the state Prof Danladi Atu, while addressing newsmen in Jos  said tricycles will no longer take more than 1 passenger

Effective Sunday 29th March 2020 ,there will be prohibition  of vechicular movement into Plateau from all border entry routes from 6pm to 7 pm , all people coming into Plateau state should note and take note of this and prepare their trips to avoid unnecessary inconveniences .

Saloon cars will only take 4 passengers including the driver , the government has set up a Covid 19 eradication fund ,which the organised private  sector and  well spirited members of the public can contribute into

" Government takes exception to the non challance and flagrant disregard to the directives by some individuals and groups who have remained recalcitrant , they have also mobilised their followers to disobey the orders of Government , let me make it clear that nobody is above the law and government is taking necessary action action

We appeal to members of the public to cooperate with the Government as we work together to ensure that we protect the lives of our people .

The SGS further refuted claims  that Governor Simon Lalong has  gone into self-isolation as being speculated across the state.

As of now, we have no recorded case of the disease in Plateau State.

"      In order to ensure that we prevent any case from coming into the State, Government has rolled out measures including shutting of markets; ban on festivals; restriction of gatherings to not more than 50 people; Ban on weekly Sunday markets at Ahmadu Bello Way, Bukuru and environs; closure of night clubs and drinking joints etc." " We have appraised the situation about compliance to the directives and you will recall that the Chairman of the Task Force, His Excellency further directed the full enforcement of the orders issued."

COVID 19 : Pius Henwan Plateau United Club GM Appeals To Citizens In Supporting And Adhering To Govt. Measuring In Curbing COVID 19....

March 27,2020


Plateau United General Manager appeals for support to government directive to avoid spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

The General Manager of Plateau United Football Club of Jos , Pius Henwan has appealed to citizens of Plateau State to support governor Simon Lalong directive to stay at home as a measure to halt the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic which is fast ravaging the world .

Henwan who stated  this in a statement noted that adhering to the governor's directive has become necessary in order to stop the spread the of the virus which is gradually affecting the country.

He explained that the pandemic which has no cure for now except precautionary measures has killed thousands in other parts of the world and Nigeria , particularly Plateau State is not an exception .

The General Manager while wishing those affected speedy recovery, appealed to citizens especially  the club teeming fans to adhere to the governor's directive to enable them celebrate with the team as they aim to win their second Nigeria Professional Football League title at the end of the season.

Henwan disclose that Plateau United has worked hard right from pre-season to win the league title describing the recent break as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic as a temporary setback which will not affect the team chances of winning the league title.

In order to cushion the effect of the government directive, the General Manager has distributed foodstuffs to inhabitants of Kangam, a suburb of Jos South Local Government Area where he lives.

The football administrator used the occasion to appealed to other individuals and public spirited organisation to complement government efforts in providing succour especially to the less privilege who will be seriously affected with the lockdown.

It would be recalled that the three tiers of government has directed citizens across the country to stay at home as a measure to avoid the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic which has killed thousands of people around the world.

Albert Dakup.
Media Officer,
Plateau United Football Club, Jos.

Barr Ezekiel Mandyau, BLadi Boss Sets Out Steps In line With The State Government Measures In Curbing The Spread Of COVID-19 to The LGA...

Barr Ezekiel Mandyau ,BLadi Boss Sets Out Steps In line With The State Government Measures in Curbing The spread Of COVID 19 to the LGA

March 27,2020

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.  Sequel to the recent outbreak of corona virus otherwise known as covid19 which resulted in the lost of many lives around the globe and Nigeria inclusive, government at all levels are taking steps to curtail its spread among citizens.  The authorities of B/ladi local government council wishes to express its solidarity with the measures so far taken by plateau state government, accordingly  henceforth only traders selling food items and pharmaceutical stores are allowed to operate within towns,  villages and markets.
Also all forms of mining activities are hereby suspended until further notice.
By this trading activities in B/ladi and other markets within the locality from Saturday 28th march are suspended,  only food item will be allowed.  Consequently all shop owners in the streets,  towns and villages within the area are to comply with the order and lock their businesses.
In the event that any individual exhibit any symptoms such as cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing, they should immediately call the following emergency toll free numbers to report:
In the same vain all citizens should cooperate with security operatives to ensure compliance please.
Announcer Barrister Ezekiel Mandyou management committee chairman B/ladi LGC.

CORONAVIRUS: Hon Timothy Dantong And Wife Engages Constituency With Covid- 19 Awareness Campaign...

Coronavirus: Hon. Timothy Dantong and Wife Engages Constituency with Covid-19 Awareness Campaign

March 27,2020

Following the global outbreak, ravaging effect, deaths and confirmed cases of the coronavirus, the Member representing Riyom Constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Timothy Dantong and his Wife, Dr. Rahila Dantong took awareness campaign to Riyom LGA in order to sensitize the people about the disease.

The delegation led by the Wife of the Member, Dr. Mrs Rahila Dantong took the campaign to the 17 Wards in Riyom LGA.

Dr. Rahila expressed concern over the coronavirus pandemic and charged the people to observe good personal hygiene as well as adhere strictly to preventive measures and directives put in place by government at all levels to curtail the spread of the dreaded disease.

In all the places visited, Dr. Dantong advised the people to avoid crowdy gatherings, maintain social spacing, abstain from handshake, ensure they wash their hands regularly and avoid tendencies that could expose them to the disease.
She said these are not best of times and admonished the people to exercise patience to remain safe and protected.

She said global active cases stands at over 400,000 with over 25,000 deaths recorded globally.

"In Nigeria, total cases stood at 65 with 61 active cases, 3 recoveries and 1 death recorded Nationally so far" she said.

She said the figures above are alarming and indicates that the disease is a global emergency hence the need for the people to be cautious and do what is expected to stay away from the diseases.
She called on world Leaders to come together in unity to confront the global threat potent by Covid-19.

She encouraged the people to remain steadfast in prayers, draw closer to God, assist one another at this critical time and trust God, who is able to turn the Covid-19 situation around.

In their separate remarks, those who spoke in the visited communities were full of joy and appreciated the Member and his wife for the proactive campaign which they described as timely and enlightening.

They commended them for the kind gesture, show of love and empathy to the people at the grassroot.

Items provided for the people included Wash hand buckets, hand washing soaps, hand sanitizers and fliers containing information about Covid-19.

Communities visited were Kwi, Wereng, Riyom, Fang (Shonong), Rachi (Sharubutu), Rim, Jol, Kwogo, Rahoss, Tahoss, Gurra, Danto, Tse, Fangroi and Bum.

COVID 19 - Langtang South LGA Boss Rims Shuts Down Viewing Centers,Bars...

COVID 19 - Langtang South  LGA boss Rims shuts down viewing centers , bars

March 27,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

To stop the spread of the dreaded Covid 19 virus , the Executive Chairman of Langtang south local government of Plateau state Hon Nimchak Rims ,has shut down  all  markets  in the LGA
(except those selling food items .

In a statement signed by the Senior Special Assistant  On Media And Publicity Changwak  Dashe make available to newsmen in Jos,  the Chairman reiterated that his government will continue to enlighten his people through the media .

The statement reads that viewing  centers are not allowed to operate, All drinking places including local joints are henceforth to be closed for business.

"  All form of street hawkings and  street begging are hereby suspended. "
"It is strongly recommended that unless absolutely necessary, everyone should remain at home and  maintain social distancing."

"Government regret all inconveniences these changes may cause but this measures have become necessary in view of the current corona virus pandemic.
The general public are encouraged to adhere strictly to these rules.

Rims said that in  view of the above, an enforcement team comprising of medical professionals, the military, paramilitary and  selected departments in the local government have been inaugurated to serve in the Local Government Enforcement team to ensure compliance to the government directive.

He said  all wedding ceremonies, funerals, birthday parties, cultural events  any other public gathering that will have more than 50 attendees will not be permitted.

"Religious gathering of more than 50 attendees will no longer be permitted but religious organizations are encouraged to have form small worship groups."

"Motorcycle riders are allowed to carry not more than one passenger at a time.

"Public transport operators are prohibited from overloading their vehicles and people coming in to Langtang South must submit themselves to checks by medical / security personnel."
Restaurants  and eateries are allowed to operate normally but customers must be served in take-away packs so as to avoid crowding.

Breaking :COVID 19 - Gov Lalong Orders Full Implementation Of Restriction *Orders Arrest Of Defaulters *

COVID  19 - Gov Lalong orders full implementation restriction

*Orders arrest of defaulters *

March 27,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Joa

Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong on Friday ordered security operatives to fully implement the COVID 19 restriction in the state .

A statement signed by Dan Manjang
Commissioner for Information and Communication, Plateau state made available to newsmen in Jos also called on security operatives to arrest defaulters .

 The  statement reads that "Further to the broadcast made by the Governor of Plateau State Hon. Simon Bako Lalong on measures taken to contain the dreaded COVID-19 Virus,it has been observed that many citizens are yet to comply with the restriction orders issued to prevent the outbreak of the disease in the State.

"Therefore, the Governor as the Chairman of the Task Force on
Monitoring and Enforcement has directed that beginning from today, Friday 27th March 2020, security agencies will embark on full enforcement of the measures earlier
outlined to deal with the Corona Virus Disease.

"Consequently, members of the public are warned in their own
interest to abide by the restriction order as security officials will arrest
and prosecute anyone found violating the order."

For the avoidance of doubt, the restriction order includes the
following measures amongst others.
Closure of all markets (except those selling food items,
pharmaceuticals and cooking gas)

No congregation of more than 50 people at places of worship etc,
and strict observance of 2- metres social distancing where up to 50 people
congregate, as well as provision of hygiene materials such as water, soap and

Prohibition of street trading, street hawking, and begging

Ban on weekly Sunday markets at Ahmadu Bello Way, Bukuru and

Closure of all drinking joints, social centres and night clubs
Mandatory provision of take-away packs by restaurants to avoid crowding

Cancellation of all festivals and anniversaries

Strict adherence to 2-metres social distancing in motor parks
and inside all transport vehicles and tricycles .
Capture of data of inbound and outbound passengers at all motor
parks in Plateau State.

. Preliminary tests for
Covid-19 at all land and air entry points into Plateau State
. 14 days self-isolation for
overseas returnees or those who know that they have had contact with any of the
confirmed cases in the country.

Avoidance of unnecessary
movement and travels.

In addition, members of the public who exhibit any symptoms such
as cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing, should immediately call the
following emergency toll free numbers to report:

        0806-548-6416;                 0803-577-9917.

This total enforcement will continue until full compliance is
achieved as all these precautionary measures are aimed at safeguarding the
possible occurrence of the disease in the State.

COVID 19 - Jama'atu Nasril Islam,Plateau State Chapter Express Its Total Compliances To The State Government Measures In Tackling The Spread Of COVID 19 In The State....


March 26,2020.



The Plateau State Chapter of Jama'atu Nasril Islam under the leadership of His Royal Highness Dr Muhammad Sambo Haruna, Emir of Wase, wishes to express it's support and solidarity to the Plateau State government on measures it has put in place to contain any possible outbreak of the Corona virus, also known as  COVID-19, pandemic in the state.

It will be recalled that the National headquarters of the JNI and the Nigeria Supreme council for Islamic Affairs, both under the leadership of His  Eminence Sultan Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar, had earlier conveyed messages of sympathy and support to the Federal Government and the entire citizens of the country over the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria, with a call to all Muslims to fully co operate with the authorities and health workers in the effort to stem it's spread across the country.
They also called on Muslims to embark on continuous prayers for Allah's protection and relief from the hardships the pandemic is causing across nations of the world.

In the same vein, JNI in Plateau State is satisfied with the proactive measures being put in place by the administration of Governor Simon Bako Lalong to safeguard the lives of the citizens at this crucial moment, which calls for understanding,  perseverance and support by all citizens to the authorities.

While commending the government for rising to the occasion, we call on the Muslim Ummah in the state to co operate fully with the authorities to ensure the success of the measures taken and realisation of their goals so that the looming calamity  will be avoided.

The situation entails sacrifices and all faithfuls, regardless of status or calling, should therefore demonstrate patriotism, resilience and patience as admonished by Islam.

We should also not forget to dedicate ourselves in prayer and seeking for Allah's forgiveness and compassion so that we will be able to overcome the challenges facing us.

On our part we shall continue with the sensitisation campaigns currently going on through the various outreaches available, on the need to comply with directives and instructions on preventive measures that are meant to safeguard lives of citizens.

Once again we commend Governor Lalong and pray that Allah will grant his administration the grace to succeed in it's mission to provide quality life for the citizens of the State.

 In conclusion it is our fervent prayers that Allah SWT will grant full and speedy recovery to all those currently suffering from the covid 19 affliction in the country and beyond.

May Allah SWT bring an end to this pandemic that poses a serious threat to the progress of mankind.

Sani Mudi
Publicity Secretary
JNI Plateau State.


COVID - 19: Plateau State Government Did Not Ban Religious Service - Dan Manjang..

COVID-19: Plateau State Government did not ban religious service - Dan Manjang

March 26,2020

It has come to the attention of the Plateau State Government that false information is making the rounds that the  Government has banned prayers in Mosques and other Muslim places of worship.

This is not only false and malicious but an attempt by merchants of conflict to disrupt the prevailing peace in the state.
For the avoidance of doubt, the commissioner of information and communications in a press text made reference to Governor Simon Lalong's broadcast message which is clear and unambiguous.

The Governor directed for the observance of two meters social distancing and a congregation  of not more than 50 persons at religious gatherings of all faiths.
Additionally, the Government banned outright cultural festivals and anniversaries while funerals and marriages should be among family members.

Religious and community leaders should therefore guide their members appropriately and disregard the rumours and divisive message being peddled by perpetrators of conflict.

Governor Lalong thank the people of Plateau State for their cooperation so far..

All citizens are assured that the Rescue Administration will ease the restrictions placed to ensure the  coronavirus pandemic does not infect any citizen resident Plateau or visiting  the state for business.

The Government implores citizens coming in or passing through the state  to subject themselves to screening at the state Government designated points.


Dan Manjang
Commissioner of Information and Communication
Plateau State.

Postponement Of The 60th Anniversary Celebration On The Throne Of HRH Dagwom Rwey Jos South....



March 26,2020

In view of the present health challenge ravaging the globe, Nigeria and Plateau in particular as a result of the covid19, the planned 60th anniversary thanksgiving celebration of the Dagwom Rwey Jos South marking his reign on the throne of his forebears has been suspended.

In a  press statement released Thursday, 26 March, 2020 and signed by the Chairman, Media/Publicity subcommittee, Hon. Ayuba Pam Dangwong quoted the Chairman of the  Central Planning Committee(CPC) Hon. Amb. Dr. Gideon Dung Dandereng as announcing the suspension.

The suspension he said was in direct "consultation with the Jos South and Gyel District Traditional Council". The CPC Chairman, Hon. Dr. Dandereng was quoted as saying.

According to the statement, "the decision" to shift the event to a later date "followed the need to comply with the State Government's directives on ban on public gatherings to curb the spread of the deadly Corona Virus otherwise known as Covid-19".

According the press release, events that supposed to commence from Friday, 27 March - Sunday, 29 March, 2020 had been suspended pending the lifting of the ban on public gathering by the State Government".

Meanwhile, all subcommittees according to the statement, are expected to continue with their assignments awaiting a new date as soon as the ban is lifted.

The statement further "regretted any inconveniences this would have caused to all enthusiasts, family, friends and well wishers who had looked forward to participating actively during the celebration".

Hon Dandereng however called all people in the locality to "support the government in this abnormal time by trying to live a personal hygiene to fight Covid-19 as it is real!

Hon. Ayuba Pam Dangwong
Chairman, Media/Pub.


CORONAVIRUS: Jos North LG Boss,Hon Saleh Bala Usman Places Ban On Gathering To Aid Curb COVID - 19 Within The LGA...

CORONAVIRUS: Jos North LG Boss, Hon Saleh Bala Usman Places Ban On Gathering  To aid curb COVID-19 within the LGA..

March 25,2020

The management Committee Chairman of Jos North Local Government council Shehu Bala Usman has placed a ban on public gathering with immediate effect in line with the state Government directive.

Usman, said the measure became necessary in order to halt the spread of Coronavirus which has assumed a global pandemic.

The Chairman explained through a press release sign by the LG Senior information Office Mr Philip Eplong that religious congregations should not be more than 50 person while two metres distance should be maintained by the adherents.

He said Joints and Night clubs are banned while Restaurants are advised to provide takeaway packs for their customers adding that all markets to close effectively from 25 March,2020 with the exception of traders selling food items, Pharmaceuticals and cooking gas are to remain open

Staff of the Council from Grade levels 1-12 are to remained at home for the period of the lock down except workers that offers essential services such as security, health, street cleaners noted that a tasked force to monitor compliance in line with the Government directive has been set up by the Council which would be personally Chaired by him to ensure robust enforcing preventive measures.

The council recognises that compliance with these measures come with a level of inconvenience for which we readily apologies noted that the council trust that everyone understand the necessity for these sacrifices as the pragmatic way to keep people safe and alive.

Usman further stated that the Council will continue its enlightenment Campaigns in the media on the danger of the disease to help people stay safe.

He appealed to citizens in the locality to cooperate with government in order to curb the spread of the virus warning that violators of the directives will have themselves to blame.


COVID 19 - Avis Bar Adheres To Gov Lalong, s Orders, Shuts Down Bar...

Covid 19 - Avis Bar adheres to Gov Lalong ,s orders ,shuts down bar

March 25,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Following the directive of the Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong to shut down bars and Night clubs to curtail the spread of the dreaded Covid 19 disease  ,our correspondent reports that some bars have adhered to the call of the Governor .

Our  correspondent who visited the  Popular Avis Bar and Restaurant located around Yakubu Gowon way opposite NITEL   observed that the bar was shut down by the management of the bar.

A security man at the the spot  Mr Ayuba told our correspondent that the management of the bar and restaurant had to close their bar on the directive of the state government .
He said our boss ordered us to close down the bar .

Ayuba said even at the restaurant we only sell food in takeaway packs as directed, our boss has also  made provision of hand sanitizers and water for every customer.

our correspondent observed that food were prepared and sold in take away  packs to customers to avoid crowding at the restaurant

It could be recalled that the Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong on Tuesday  directed all civil servants from  Grade Level 12 and below, to remain at home for the next 30 days, effective from Wednesday .

Governor Lalong , who made this known in a state broadcast   said that the directive became necessary to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The governor however said that workers providing essential services such as security, health, media, street cleaners and water supply and energy are exempted from this directive.

Lalong said " In view of the crowds associated with markets, government is directing all markets to close effective 25th March 2020. Only traders selling food items, pharmaceuticals and cooking gas are to remain open.

"In addition, all street trading, street hawking, and begging are prohibited. The weekly Sunday markets at Ahmadu Bello Way, Bukuru and environs are hereby banned."

The Governor further said "Social joints, Nightclubs, drinking parlours are to also close effective Wednesday 25th March 2020, while restaurants are advised to prepare take away for their customers to avoid crowding."
"Motor parks are to capture and keep data including contacts of all inbound and outbound passengers as well as adhere strictly to social distancing and mass gathering prohibition order as well as hygiene regulations. "

COVID 19 - Avis Bar Adheres To Gov Lalong, s Orders,Shuts Down Bar...

Covid 19 - Avis Bar adheres to Gov Lalong ,s orders ,shuts down bar

March 25,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Following the directive of the Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong to shut down bars and Night clubs to curtail the spread of the dreaded Covid 19 disease  ,our correspondent reports that some bars have adhered to the call of the Governor .

Our  correspondent who visited the  Popular Avis Bar and Restaurant located around Yakubu Gowon way opposite NITEL   observed that the bar was shut down by the management of the bar.

A security man at the the spot  Mr Ayuba told our correspondent that the management of the bar and restaurant had to close their bar on the directive of the state government .
He said our boss ordered us to close down the bar .

Ayuba said even at the restaurant we only sell food in takeaway packs as directed, our boss has also  made provision of hand sanitizers and water for every customer.

our correspondent observed that food were prepared and sold in take away  packs to customers to avoid crowding at the restaurant

It could be recalled that the Plateau state Governor Simon Lalong on Tuesday  directed all civil servants from  Grade Level 12 and below, to remain at home for the next 30 days, effective from Wednesday .

Governor Lalong , who made this known in a state broadcast   said that the directive became necessary to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The governor however said that workers providing essential services such as security, health, media, street cleaners and water supply and energy are exempted from this directive.

Lalong said " In view of the crowds associated with markets, government is directing all markets to close effective 25th March 2020. Only traders selling food items, pharmaceuticals and cooking gas are to remain open.

"In addition, all street trading, street hawking, and begging are prohibited. The weekly Sunday markets at Ahmadu Bello Way, Bukuru and environs are hereby banned."

The Governor further said "Social joints, Nightclubs, drinking parlours are to also close effective Wednesday 25th March 2020, while restaurants are advised to prepare take away for their customers to avoid crowding."
"Motor parks are to capture and keep data including contacts of all inbound and outbound passengers as well as adhere strictly to social distancing and mass gathering prohibition order as well as hygiene regulations. "

COVID 19 - Plateau Govt Begins Enforcement Of Directive...

Covid 19  - Plateau Govt begins enforcement of directive

March 25,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Plateau state Government on Wednesday   began the enforcement of  the closure of markets,  bars and night clubs  inorder  to stop the spread of the dreaded Covid 19 disease .

  Our correspondent report that  Traders and hawkers around  some major parts of Jos city Ahmadu Bello Way and other business areas in Jos were  chased away by police and civil defence officers for flouting state government’s safety directive.

It could be recalled that   that Governor Simon  Lalong on Tuesday , while addressing citizens in a broadcast ordered the  closure of all market ,bars   ,night clubs  with immediate effect except those selling food items.

Hundreds of shop owners and hawkers around some parts of the city  were seen early morning of Wednesday going about their normal business despite the earlier directive.

Our correspondent  who was around the Main Market at Terminus  at about 2 pm on Wednesday observed that many shops were  closed down and hawkers have fled the area following the enforcement of the directive .

Also at the Popular Avis Bar and Restaurant located around Yakubu Gowon way , our correspondent observed that food were prepared and sold in take away  packs to customers to avoid crowding.

Our Correspondent who was also observed that several  civil servants from  Grade Level 12 and below, did not go to work on Wednesday as directed by the state Governor  .

COVID 19 - Plateau Elders Laud Gov Lalong For Taking Proactive Measures..

Covid 19 - Plateau elders laud Gov Lalong for taking proactive measures

March 25,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos

Plateau Elders Forum, an Independent forum of Elders from all over  the State has  commended  the efforts of  the State Governments for the prompt proactive steps it is taking to prevent the  spread of the Covid 19  virus in the State.

Amb. Yahaya Kwande  the Convener of group  in a statement made available to newsmen in Jos said "We commend in particular the establishment of screening and isolation centres in Jos to handle any unanticipated occurrence in the State and other measures that government has taken in public interest.

He called on citizens of the state to support these measures to help control any eventualities.

Kwande  urged government not to relent in its action but to quickly take steps to open more screening and isolation centres in at least each senatorial zone in the state.

" Further, government must take steps to enforce the preventive measures announced by the governor Lalong  to ensure full compliance.

"we call on government to use the unwanted opportunity of this pandemic to review its public health policies. "Our general hospitals and health centres need to be reassessed and reequipped to meet the needs of the common man at minimal costs.

"In the same vein, the elitist practise of sending a privileged few on overseas medical treatment must be stopped immediately. The huge funds spent on this exercise for this priviledged few can be used for the benefit of many more
citizens in the state."


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