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COVID - 19 : Lalong Adopts Multi Prong Strategies Towards Prevention...

COVID - 19: Lalong Adopts Multi Prong Strategies Towards Prevention..

March 31,2020

Governor Lalong in his commitment in sustaining the peace in the state admits the current global pandemic trending , The government has been able to unfold strategies of containing the disease despite its rising cases in some states in the country even with the scaring number of victims the pandemic has affected globally. It has affected more than 785,897 and over 180 countries.

Some of the measures taken in other to safeguard the lives of its citizens from contracting  COVID 19 are as follows;

I. Restriction of movements ; from 7pm to 6am

ii. Complete ban of social gathering.

iii. Religious gathering of not more than 50 people while observing the social distancing.

iv. All public servants in the state from level 12 and below are to work from home for the next 30 days.

v. Markets are to be shut down with the exception of sellers of food items,pharmaceuticals and cooking gas and workers on essential services such as security,media health workers ,street cleaners water and energy supply.

He has set up a task force in charge with the enforcement and monitoring of the restrictions.

The taskforce are to coordinate,evaluate and review developments of the disease in the state.

However the restrictions were some how violated on friday March 27,2020 by Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir the Leader of Jammaatu Izalatil Bida Waikamatis Sunnah. He went ahead to perform the Friday Jumaat Prayers despite the orders and precautionary measures set up by both the federal and state government to further curb the spread of the COVID 19 and also undermining the fragility of the peace sustained in the state.

Though sheikh violated the directives set by the government but Lalong tactically handled the situation which made the Sheikh Jingir expressed regrets over his actions and apologized over the incidence pledged to support the government in its fight in sustaining the peace and also joined the government to fight COVID 19.

Alot of people were agitating for the arrest of the Sheikh Jingir but the governor opted for a more practicable approach in addressing the issues in other not to divert the attention of the fight against COVID 19 which has pose as a  threat to the humanity .

The governor has further created a situation room in the state which deploys technology in curbing COVID- 19 in the state.

The situation room will be saddled with the responsibility of public awareness on the Coronavirus and work with all stakeholders including state taskforce to combat the spread of COVID -19.

The state has unveiled a COVID 19 technology platform to report incidence of Coronavirus cases, evaluate field reports,provide information on index and contact racing as well as provide first rate information on COVID 19 trends locally,nationally and globally so as to prevent panic and allow citizens and government make informed decisions.

There are officials already deployed on its major highways to take saliva samples of travellers for test and possible feedback on the outcomes.

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