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ITF Has Trained Over 500,000 Persons In 4 Years - DG Ari..

 ITF has trained over 500,000 persons in 4 years - DG Ari

September 29,2020

By Golok Nanmwa , Jos

 Director General Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Mr. Joseph Ari,  on Tuesday said the Fund under him   has trained 500,000 Nigerian into various entrepreneurial skills . 

He  also said  so far eight giant projects spread across Nigeria have been  completed and awaiting commissioning.

Ari said this, at an event tagged: "The transformation train continues," in his honour by the staff and management team of the ITF, to mark his reappointment, held at the center of excellence in Jos.

"We have  trained  over 500,000 Nigerians that are today using the skills acquired to earn sustainable livelihoods," Ari said. 

He added that the ITF,  has also expanded, completed and commissioned its training infrastructure in Kano, Katsina, Lagos and Jos, which were previously abandoned. 

Ari said the  Fund has also established  six new area offices which includes  Lafia, Gwagwalada, Badagry, Owerri Rumoukwuta, and Abakaliki.

He said the achievements made together with management and staff of the Fund, earned him the endorsement of President Muhammadu Buhari, who graciously approved his reappointment.

"I wish to extend my profound appreciation to President  Muhammad Buhari   for first appointing me as Director - General  and for giving me another opportunity to further contribute my quota to the development of our dear country by reappointing me for another four years," Ari said. 

He further appreciated the supervising Minsters of Industry, trade and Investment Hon. Otunba Adebayo and Ambassador Maryam Katagun.

He said the Management of the fund  was conscious of the expectations even before the announcement of his reappointment, and therefore has  unveiled the 2nd phase of the ITF Reviewed Vision Strategies for Mandate Actualisation. 

Ari said that the plan, which implementation has already commenced and will terminate in 2024, is targeted at rectifying the pitfalls that were observed in the implementation of the first phase, build on the achievements thereof, and directly address emergent challenges of our stakeholders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He said that the   plan has nine focus areas namely: Direct Training Services, Revenue Generation and Sustainable Funding, Resource Utilisation, Special Intervention Programmes, Human Capital Development, Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES), Research and Development, Automation of Business Processes and other Programmes and Services. "These focus areas will guide us going forward, Our expectation is that in the next four years, the ITF will further escalate and amplify its activities especially with regard to skills acquisition and empowerment of the youths and indigent segments of the society as well as strengthen the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector through need-based training in view of the vital importance of the sector to national growth and development, especially in the light of the economic diversification agenda of the Federal Government.

He said that the  Fund will also continue to invest in expanding its infrastructure in order to create opportunities and open up our services to all Nigerians desirous of acquiring skills. 

Mr. Ari charged the staff to be more active, effective, resilient and, "work with greater intensity .

"In essence, every  staff of the Fund must from  resolve to justify their place in the new ITF," he said.


Gov Lalong Awarded As Captain Of Peace In A Peace Summit Organized By OPSH & GOPRI For Social Media Influencers &Youth Leaders In The State...

 Gov Lalong Awarded As Captain Of Peace In A Peace summit Organized by OPSH & GOPRI For Social Media Influencers &Youth Leaders....

September 28,2020

Operation Safe Haven, GOPRI Organizes Summit for Youth Leaders and Social Media Influencers in Plateau State

The Special Taskforce tagged “Operation Safe Haven” in partnership with Global Peace & Life Rescue Initiative (GOPRI) has organized a Summit for Youth Leaders and Social Media Influencers in Jos, the Plateau State Capital.

The event brought together Youth Leaders and Social Media Influencers from Plateau State and Southern Kaduna with the theme “Lasting Peace is possible” was aimed at harnessing Social Media Potentials for building peace Architecture and Community Resilience Forum.

In his opening remarks, the Executive Director of GOPRI, Amb. Melvin Ejeh said propagation of peace should be the core mandate of all Nigerians irrespective of affiliations.

He posited that peace and security remain cardinal to all. He said violence does not benefit, rather it destroys and cause distrust and suspicion.

Amb. Melvin disclosed that the roles of Youth Leaders and Social Media Influencers to peace building cannot be overemphasized and urged the delegates to be opened and sincere in the discussion.

The State Commander Operation Safe Haven, Maj. Gen. CC Okonkwo called on the youths to acquire the necessary skills and develop themselves to remain relevant and for future leadership.

Gen. Okonkwo called on the youths to put their potentials, gifts and talents into proper use for the collective interest of the society and not allow themselves to be used for violence and as agents of destruction. He reiterated the commitment of Operation Safe Haven to eradicating crime and enhancing a more peaceful, safe & secured society.

He further advised the participants whom are active on social media and other online platforms not to be using their handles or post in posting divisive, unbalanced and inciting post which could further escalates tension affecting bthe relative peace already experiencing, He challenged them to concentrate on unity and promotion of peace for a better society. He said using the social media to misinform the public is detrimental to peace efforts.

Speaking on behalf of the Executive Governor of Plateau State, the Permanent Secretary Cabinet & Special Services, Mr. Cornelius Sholbuel lauded Operation Safe Haven and GOPRI for the initiative of kick starting strategic interface geared towards peace building and their efforts in handling security challenges in the State.

Mr. Cornelius said negative information are destructive urging the participants to ensure they always report what is right to enhance peace.

There were paper presentations by experts in information management, peace and conflict resolution.

The Occasion celebrated the Plateau State Governor, Simon Bako Lalong, with an award as Captain Of Peace, justice, Equity and Good Governance in Plateau State and Nigeria. 

One of the facilitator from Benue challenged Lalong administration to effectively utilize the media in Showcasing the achievements of the government ,for the governor has immersely performed well but little informations to promote him rather only his weaknesses keeps flying..

The Commander Operation Safe Haven, Major General CC Okonkwo was awarded as an Icon Of Peace, Human Rights and Good Governance. Other security Actors in the State were also recognized for their active roles in promoting peace in Nigeria and were certificates were presented to participants at the end of the Summit.


Office Of The Provost And The Vagaries Of Desperados: A Need To Set The Record Straight In Federal College Of Education, Pankshin...

 Office of the Provost and the Vagaries of Desperadoes: A Need to set the Record Straight in Federal College of Education, Pankshin 

September 28,2020

By Owoicho Omaje

Ordinarily, I would have remained silent and watched from beside the stage, the series of implausible dramatic scenes which are scripted and are recently being played out in Federal College of Education, Pankshin.

 But for the reason that my silence would leave the continuous spread of the implausibility in the dramatic errors to spiral into a threshold of make belief which may twist the sensibilities of the audience and the general public, setting the record aright has become not just necessary but highly imperative. 

Besides, I will fall guilty of Frank Fanons sobriquet that “Every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor. 

Not once, not twice a minute group of self serving elements in this Institution have hidden under fictitious names to bedraggle the person of the Provost and by extension set          aback the wheel of College progress. 

This fiction which has always been replete with incongruities came to a head sometime in December, 2019, when the character design      was latched on members of one of the campus trade unions. 

During one of the unions congresses, the stock characters were dispatched to play their assigned roles; to make sure the aim of calling the congress was not achieved just to frustrate the College Management. 

The plot was brought to nullity and the characters received congress opprobrium; No sooner did they start than the well meaning congress men and women present did understand that there was a plot directed at the person of Dr. Amos Bulus Cirfat. 

Consequently, the plot failed woefully and the Provosts name came out clean.

The dramatists did not relent. This time around their plot fell on what they called Affected Graduates of the College. A silhouette character was designed and named Kazi and placed on the social media locale.

 This drama of errors was entitled:  Collapsing House of Cards: the Untold Story and Power Play at Plateau State Federal College of Education, Pankshin. Unwittingly, the thematic issues raised there were that: (1) College Management had endorsed the Provost for a second tenure. (2) Some staffers who served on a College committee chaired by the Provost were denied allowances (3) The Provost changed established procedure, to relegate his perceived opponents and that the attempt put the Provost at loggerhead with the Governing Council. 

(4) Some NANS Officials gave the Provost an award and he purportedly refused to pay for the award.

Now listen and listen attentively! Kazi, you alleged that the Provost refused to pay for the award of excellence bestowed on him, but your morbid curiosity beclouded your sense of reasoning to understand that the award was not put up for sale in the first place. Secondly, it is on record that the Provost at several fora declared that he had not, and would never request, any group or individual to give him award.  It therefore, goes without stating the fact that if the national officials NANS gave him an award for meritorious service, it was a matter of their own ardent volition and recognition of hard work; and what they saw as an act of giving merit to those who deserve it. To bring up an issue of money payment in this matter is an act of mischief.

This mischief maker and author of House of Cards demonstrated a crass ignorance of the rules and procedures guiding the selection and appointment of Provost by jumping into the careless conclusion that the current Provost changed the procedure for appointment of the provosts.

 I ask, what is the procedure, which part of the procedure did he change?  Just in case you want to know, there are documents of Federal Government of Nigeria transmitted through Federal Ministry of Education and the National Commission for Colleges of Education to Federal College of Education Pankshin. These documents include Establishment Decree and Circular(s) which spell out in clear terms the processes and guidelines for appointment of Provost and renewal of such appointment. As a law abiding Academic and Chief Executive who has won many laurels for diligence and splendor in service, Dr Cirfat has not and will not consciously act or be in any way involved in flouting those rules that brought him to office as Provost.

On the examination results you alluded to, the challenges did not occur in Cirfats era. They were as old as four years before Dr Cirfat assumed office as Provost. Some times between 2013 and 2015, the entire College was closed down twice for periods of six months each. The closure happened due to persistent industrial disharmony. In 2016 there was another strike action that lasted for about three months. 

Cumulatively, the College lost about one and half academic sessions. Thus the College was forced to run two academic sessions parripassu.

 As a consequence, staff became over worked and the resultant effect slowed down academic activities including marking and compilation of examinations results. On assumption of office in January 2017, Dr Cirfat undaunted by the development set out and successfully over came the challenges.

 The success even earned him accolades not just from the students and their parents/ guardians but from the Governing Council and NCCE. The efforts that brought about this success were not latched on external motivation but purely an inbuilt patriotism and altruism.

Having made these achievements, how on earth could this patriotic and altruistic chief executive be the one to spew the feat he has achieved, why would anyone think that Dr Cirfat could deceive students about their examinations results? Of course there is no logic in reasoning that he could do that. He is a God fearing father to all.  

 This deluded author also stated that the Provost was at loggerhead with the Governing Council but he did not tell us how, when, where and on what occasion the Provost had this negative engagemant.  Mr Kazi stated that a member of the Council said he did not want to be involved in any local politics.

 Oh yes! I am sure it was the Council members polite way of saying you lied.

In a further demonstration of ignorance, you said some staffers who served on a College committee were defrauded of their entitlements by the Provost and that he was Chairman of the Committee. Imagine, how can the Chief Executive who gives approvals to constitute College Committees turn round to be the chairman of an adhoc committee, as if he does not have his executive schedules; who will agree to this lopsided logic? It is only a figment of your imagination and the childish maneuvers of desperadoes who are trying to run faster than their shadows. 

You said a member of the College Management who was opposed to the endorsement of second tenure for the Provost promised to come out in protest of the supposed endorsement. Please know that the College Management members have always remained united and that there was no endorsement as you alleged. Management did just what the law of the Government of the Federation stipulated. Going by such laws and guidelines, only a bandwagon of desperadoes who have been pushed by blind rush to drive their cars without wheels that can say the Provost was given an endorsement by College Management. 

Thank God the College staff who cherished and upheld the tenets of truth sought explanations on this rumour and the Provost, along with his supportive Management members, held official meeting with these staffers where he(Provost) gave copious explanations. The staffers who stated that they were satisfied with the explanation rose with profuse appreciation for the Provost and his team, and the rumour has since been buried.

As the dust generated by the rumour was about to settle and the accentuated bad blood was beginning to abet, these tribalists resurrected with their hegemonic antics; not from death but from the stupor they have suffered so far in their deluded moves. This time around they found Achilles hill in FCE Pankshin Alumni Association: 

An online publication anchored by one James Abraham entitled, “FCE Group Kick against Tenure Extension for Provost”. In the opening paragraph of the paper, the writer alleged that ‘crisis was brewing at the Federal College of Education, Pankshin in Plateau State’ because in the writers haluscsinatory over statement that, ‘different groups within the institution were kicking against the alleged plans to extend the tenure of the Provost’. 

For crying out loud sake, there are four trade unions in the College viz: COESU, SSUCOEN, NASU and NAAT. Alumni is an assemblage of ex students who are distant from, and therefore have little or no knowledge of the administrative underpinnings of the College.  COESU and NAAT are associations of Academics who are currently in their respective homes due to COVID 19. NASU and SSUCOEN are non teaching segment of the College who are charged with the duties of policy designs and implementation, and therefore the very competent groups to talk about qualification in this regard. If these four trade unions do not have problems with the Provost coming back for second tenure, what you called tenure extension, I wonder why James Abraham would state that crisis is brewing in the College because of what you called tenure extension. Crisis for what? Dr Cirfat is only in his first tenure which is renewable.

 You can only talk of tenure extension where the Chief Executive completes his first and second tenures and goes on to request for a third tenure. Are you imagining that the Provost is going for third term in office? How many alumni associations do we have in the College?  One we know as recognized by the College is made up of law abiding officials and none of the officials was mentioned in your paper. Therefore, it could be safely concluded that you put on your rubble rouser garb and conscripted a group of boys, most of whom have even come out and dissociated themselves, and used the word groups (plural) in the  caption to refer to your own alumni association who ostensibly held a phantom meeting. If anything, it should be known that Alumni is just one out of many groups in the College and that the one recognized as a registered association has no hand in this matter. After all, many of the names mentioned in that shenanigan have come out not only to deny involvement, but to vehemently denounce the sinister action of this so called groups members.

In a stage managed press conference you allegedly held in Jos you stated as follows: 

by our own expectation and collectively agreed vision, FCE Pankshin today needs better suited course programmes (not simply the reaccreditation of existing ones), better facilties (and not just TETFund sponsored ones)all these aspiration of [ours] are presently almost  vanished or nonexistent in [our] own estimation.

The fairest conclusion I have drawn on this statement is that you and members of your group are oblivious of what is happening in FCE Pankshin and your ignorance of the development in the College is pardonable for the simple reason that you said in your statement the assessment of the development of the College was based on your own estimation. And I say the estimation is founded on warped knowledge because it did not reflect the realities on ground.

Placing fact against fact, it should be understood that the last time there was fully blown employment in the College was in 2010. 

Since then, the Federal Government slammed an embargo against the College. On assumption of office in January, 2017, the Provost embacked on diplomatic demanche shuttling between Pankshin and Abuja  in rain and in shine, in the day and at night just to get the embargo lifted (remember the embargo was for no fault of his). He was just trying to atone for the sins committed by others). Glory be to God; today the embargo is no more and the indefatigable Chief Executive is le


Gov Lalong Inaugurates Jos - Abuja Flight....

 Gov Lalong inaugurates Jos - Abuja flight 

September 28,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong on Monday  flagged  off the inaugural flight from Abuja to Jos operated by Max Air.

Governor Lalong along with his wife Regina Lalong , Senator Hezekiah Dimka, Minister of Women Affairs Paullen Tallen, Executive Secretary Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission Rev. Yakubu Pam and other members of the National Assembly from Plateau State joined the inaugural flight which departed the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja at about 5:30pm.

The flight landed at the Yakubu Gowon Airport Jos around 6:00pm to a rousing welcome by a large crowd of Plateau State citizens. At the airport was Deputy Governor of Plateau State Prof. Sonni Tyoden, Deputy Speaker House of Representatives Rt. Hon. Idris Maje, Speaker Plateau State House of Assembly Nuhu Abok Ayuba among other top Government officials. 

Governor Lalong while speaking shortly after arrival said the flight connecting Plateau State with the nation's capital Abuja will open up business opportunities in the State and boost tourism and other activities. 

He said the State has continued to witness influx of people since the return of peace with many yearning for air transportation to cut travel time by road. He said with the new development, many citizens of the State and visitors will easily shuttle between Abuja and Jos in 25 minutes.

He assured air travellers that security measures have been taken to ensure safety of passengers. 

Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives Idris Maje and Minister of Women Affairs Paullen Tallen commended the efforts of the Governor in ensuring that this historic achievement is recorded.

Our correspondent reports that the  flight operates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Chief Ayuba Burki Felicitate With Sir Joseph Ari On His Reappointment As DG Industrial Training Fund(ITF)...

 Chief Ayuba Burki Felicitate with Sir Joseph Ari on his Reappointment as Director General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) 

28th September, 2020.

I write on behalf of my family and political associates to heartily rejoice and felicitate with you on your reappointment as the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) by his Excellency,  President Muhammadu Buhari. 

I join your family, friends, political associates and well wishers in appreciating God Almighty for the opportunity and privilege so that you can continue with the sterling accomplishments you are known for. 

Your reappointment for a second term is as a result of the laudable programmes, projects, and reforms that characterised your first term and has repositioned the Industrial Training Fund to meet it's core mandate which has enhanced and improved the lives of Nigerians

I pray God grants you the wisdom, good health and grace to exceed expectations as you commence your second term in office and justify the confidence reposed on you. 

Congratulations Sir. 


Chief Ayuba Burki Gufwan.

Makaman Langai and Talban Panyam.


Pasali Is BCO's Coordinator, Says Chief Of Staff...

 Pasali is BCO's coordinator, says Chief of staff 

September 28,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

 Chief of Staff, office of the National Coordinator, Buhari Campaign Organisation (BCO), Malam Inusa Musa, has described  as, false the suspension of his boss, Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali.

He said the national leadership of the BCO, is still intact, with Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali, fully in charge as its National Coordinator.

Malam Musa, in a press release, Monday, said the likes of Malam Gidado Ibrahim and his cohorts, are not members the BCO.

"It instructive to stress that all of those that have purportedly signed any letter, or allegedly met to suspend Pasali, are not even known to us, none of them is in our register, either at the local or national levels," he said. 

According to him, Malam Gidado Ibrahim, have for long seized to be member of the BCO, talk less of being a director and having religuished his membership, he moved to Presidential Support Committee (PSC).

"How can he now turn to be our member," he asked.

Malam Musa said Gidado and his group are no more than liars, denigrates, mischievous, and fraudsters. 

"They are blatant liars, denigrates, whose allegations are devoids of truth, facts and credible evidences, but spreading mere hypes than substanace. 

"In the real sense of it, Gidado Ibrahim and his cohorts are people of mischief, working for our opposition, all in trying to distract our work," he said. 

He said, the trio of Malam Gidado Ibrahim, Shafiu Mansoor Tofa and Muhammad Mamudu Widi, have mischievous tendencies goes beyond Pasali's false suspension. 

He said the BCO, is an organization, that is well structured, carrying out its activities in line with global best practices. 

"As executive members we are intact in the national secretariat, with Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali, fully in charge as its National Coordinator. And we are always in touch and in consent with our Board of Trustees and all leadership.

"We assured all members that an emergency meeting well soon hold to look into Gidado and cohorts mischief.  

"We urge all members of the BCO, to discard in totality all the mischief making of Gidado and his cohorts as well as disregards any purported suspension, remain calm and committed to supporting President Muhammadu Buhari's policies of moving Nigeria forward," he said.


Nigeria Would Rise Above Current Challenges - Gov Lalong .

 Nigeria would rise above current challenges - Gov Lalong

September 27,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

Governor Simon  Lalong of Plateau State on Sunday said Nigeria will rise above its current challenges to fulfill its divine mandate as the largest black nation in the world. 

Speaking during a church service to mark the 60th independence anniversary held at the St. Monica Catholic Church, Rantya, Jos Plateau State, the Governor said there is a lot to celebrate despite some of its challenges.

Governor Lalong said Nigeria has made giant strides over the last 60 years in various areas including education, health, science and technology, agriculture, infrastructure and democracy. 

While acknowledging that the nation still faces other challenges related to security, good governance, unity and corruption, Lalong said Nigerians must be united to resolve these issues in order to make room for development. 

He said " The responsibility of making Nigeria great belongs to of all of us that dwell in it. It is our country and we have no other. While we hold accountable those in public offices (whether elected or appointed) who have been given the assignment of leadership to be accountable, fair, just and proactive, we cannot fail to support them. Failure to support them because of differences of religion, ethnicity, politics and other affiliations will keep all of us running in circles and down".

He said his Rescue Administration has done its best to restore security in the State and also pursue economic and infrastructural development. 

In his homily, Msgnr. Prof. Cletus Gotan citing Ezekiel 18:25-28 and Philipians 2:1-11 among other scriptures said Nigeria is a great country which is blessed in all aspects but has been held down by greed, political maladministration, corruption, poverty and insecurity.

He said Nigeria is in need of a Nehemiah who will galvanise positive action for emancipation of the nation to a direction whère justice, equity, fairness, righteousness and tolerance will take precedence over parochial considerations which appear to have been given prominence in governance.

Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria Plateau State Rev. Polycap Lubo said the Church on the Plateau will continue to pray for the peace and progress of Nigeria as well as Plateau State. 

Director General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Sir. Joseph Ari was at the service to offer Thanksgiving to God over his reappointment for a second term by President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Most Rev. Hillary Dachelem, Bishop of Bauchi, top Government officials and heads of security agencies in the State were at the church service.


Buhari Support Group Appeals To NLC, TUC To Shelve Planned Nation Wide Strike...

 Buhari support group appeals to NLC ,TUC to shelve planned nation wide strike 

September 26,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

Buhari Campaign Organisation, BCO,  has appealed to the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC,  and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, to shelve their planed nation wide strike against the federal government subsidy removal on petroleum and increment in electricity Tariff.

The group said  due to covid-19 the country is facing dwindling economic fortunes, with looming recession, just like all others in the world, are.

 BOC in a press release issued by its National coordinator Alhaji Danladi Garba Pasali, said the truth of it all is that Government does not have the funds to continue paying for the subsidy. 

"We are appealing to the labour union and trade organisations to see reasons and shelve their planed nation wide strike and agitation calling on the Federal Government to reverse it's stands. 

"We make this appeal considering the fact that Nigeria's income which is largely dependent on proceeds accruing from sales of petroleum, is dwindling," it said. 

According to BCO, the decision of the Government was in the best interest of all Nigerians, of which the NLC and TUC, are inclusive, adding that the Government rather than paying money to some few individuals in the name of subsidy has deemed wise to stop henceforth. 

It further said increment in electricity Tariff, has pave ways for investors to inject so much to improve the sector. 

"We are appealing to the labour union and trade organisations to also see reasons in the wisdom of the Federal Government energy revolution policy of attracting investors into the sector. 

"The Government has since commence work on gas plant to boost industrialisation for economic growth and development," it said. 

The BCO said, it is of the firm views that the planed strike if held will further add to the hardship faced by the commoner, it further appealed that since the Government has engaged them in dialogue, they should resorts to it, than embarking on the strike.


Gov Lalong Meets Security Heads, Directs Onslaught Against Criminals....

 Gov Lalong meets security heads ,directs Onslaught against criminals 

September 26,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

Worried by the recent incidences of security breaches in the Plateau State leading to loss of lives, Governor Simon Lalong has met with heads of security agencies where he directed an onslaught against criminals.

Governor Simon Lalong urged security agencies to collaborate with community leaders and other members of the local communities to facilitate investigations into the security challenges in their respective areas.

Secretary to the State Government, Prof. Danladi Atu, while briefing journalists at the end of an emergency security meeting at the Government House, Jos said that the Government noticed the quick response of security agencies but still encourages security agencies to interface with the local population, particularly traditional leaders, community leaders in trying to collaborate to ensure citizens are well secured. 

“Government is calling on all community leaders, citizens of Plateau, traditional rulers, to cooperate with security agencies and other non-formal security actors to safe guard the environment, by availing intelligence reports to help in addressing the security challenges we are facing," he said.

He said resolutions reached at the end of the meeting were that government would ensure that investigations into the security challenges were concluded and the culprits punished. “In areas where there are Farmers/Herders skirmishes, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) who are custodians of the agro rangers, would be deployed in areas such as Barkin-ladi, Riyom and other areas where such clashes are noticed,” he said.

Lalong appealed to social media bloggers to report with caution and establish the authenticity of their reports, while assuring the people of the state of the State Government’s commitment to protect their lives and property.

He said arrests had already been made over the killing of a Tradition Ruler in Ratsat village of Foron District, Barkin Ladi LGA, the Killing of a DSS operative in Shendam as well as the killing of 5 people in Vwang district Jos South Local Government, saying the perpetrators would be brought to book.


N75B FG Survival Intervention Fund: PLSG through PLASMIDA Gives Critical Information Across The State....

September 26,2020


The Plateau State Government through the Plateau State Microfinance Development Agency (PLASMIDA) is calling on all registered MSMEs to take advantage of the recently launched Federal Government Survival fund targeted at supporting businesses overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The MSMEs Survival Fund programme has the PAYROLL SUPPORT Intervention where MSME ‘s with a minimum of three Staff are eligible to apply for their payroll obligations of between Thirty Thousand Naira to Fifty Thousand Naira per employee over a period of three (3) months. 

  Employees’ Company;

Must be registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC

Must have BVN by company CEO.

Must have a staff strength of no less than 3 persons and 

Must be owned by a Nigerian.














In addition, Under the Federal Government Funds, MSMEs can apply for the Business Formalisation Component, MSME General Grants Component, Artisans and Transportation Grants Component as well as the Guaranteed off-takers Components.

Duration: The registration for every sector will continue until Thursday, 15th October, 2020

Target Beneficiaries: All Private Schools (Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, MSMEs in Hospitality Industry (Hotels and Restaurants), Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Consultants and all other MSMEs like Mechanics, Electricians, Carpenters, Taxi Drivers, NAPEP, etc in Plateau State.

How to apply – Log on to or

All MSMEs in the Seventeen Local Government Areas are encouraged to take advantage of this intervention. PLASMIDA has Desk Officers located at the Local Government Headquarters and their contacts are as follows;









































































Registration Begins on 21st September 2020. For further inquiries contact PLASMIDA or call 09084768868 for assistance 


Haggai Gutap

Director General PLASMIDA/State Focal Person FG MSMEs Fund.


Dalung A Serial Liar ; $350 Million Dollars AFDB Potatoes Loan PLSG Replies Allegation...

 September 26,2020

By Golok Nanmwa,Jos 

 Plateau state government at the weekend said it's  attention  has been drawn to yet another round of wild and malicious allegations made by the former Minister of Youths and Sports Mr. Solomon Dalung while speaking at a  webinar discussion convened by ViewPointNigeria group on Thursday 24th September 2020.

In the discussion purportedly meant to address the question “Why has Plateau lost its relevance on the national stage”, the former Minister launched series of attacks on the Rescue Administration of Governor Simon Bako Lalong and his person which cannot be left unchallenged.

This response has become expedient for two major reasons. First, to refute some of the daylight lies and misinformation that Mr. Dalung reeled out before they are swallowed by unsuspecting persons and the gullible that stand to be misled. Secondly, the organisers of this webinar had already extended an invitation to the Plateau State Commissioner for Information and Communication to be special guest at the next discussion to speak about the key achievements of the Rescue Administration scheduled for 8th October 2020. However, with this falsehood fabricated by the former Minister to pre-empt that discussion, it will be counter-productive to allow this to sink before that date which is about two weeks away. Right thinking persons must therefore be given the true perspective today before that scheduled webinar holds. This is why a few of the issues will be addressed.


Mr. Dalung claimed that the Plateau State Government took a loan worth $ 350 million (N140 billion) from the African Development Bank (AfDB) payable over a 25 years period, for the development of Plateau’s potato value chain. He claimed that as a serving Minister at the time, he was a member of the Federal Executive Council and took part in that approval –but to date, no single value chain infrastructure development of potato can been or verified. 

Even though it is a fact that Plateau State benefited from loan facility from the African Development Bank, it is rather sad that someone who claims to have been part of the approval of the facility does not know the amount of the loan. This has aptly put a lie to his desperate attempt to take glory for the transaction that he knows little to nothing about. It is on record that Mr. Dalung as then Minister “supposedly” representing Plateau State in the Federal Cabinet tried unsuccessfully to oppose the loan memo presented by the then Minister of Finance during the FEC Meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari. Having failed in his bid, he has not rested in his fruitless effort to discredit the program ever since by fabricating lies. Does he want to drag the name of the Federal Executive Council, the highest executive decision making body in the land to disrepute?

Contrary to the bogus and imaginary figures quoted by the former minister, the Loan amount signed between the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Federal Ministry of Finance for the benefit of Plateau State is USD 11.2Million and not USD 350Million as claimed by Dalung. Of this loan, 70% is being committed to Infrastructure, 20% for Capacity Building and 10% for Project Management. While he painted a picture as though the money was approved and given to Plateau State Government in cash, the fact is that the disbursement of the loan to Contractors and Consultants is paid directly by the AfDB under strict guidelines that are set by the bank. This is done gradually under the terms of the agreement and not lump sum as he would want the people to believe. If he wanted to be truthful, he knows that no single kobo is managed by the State Government. This is done through the Potato Value Chain Management Project Office which is not a parastatal or agency of the State Government, but operated under the supervision of the AfDB just like Fadama project among others.

Initially, the project covered only 10 out of the 17 LGAs based on the area of coverage of completed Fadama II project in the State. However, His Excellency Governor Simon Lalong demonstrated his passion for the progress of the programme and made a case for inclusion of the 7 other LGAs to benefit from the infrastructure component of the project during the appraisal mission which was accepted by the Bank. The whole 17 LGAs are today beneficiaries of the project. In addition, the Governor mandated the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to carry out research on the possibility of growing the crop in all the Local Governments of the State. The research returned positive and today, potatoes can be grown in the entire State.

As at today, the Potato Value Chain Project has completed many projects while others are on-going. Some of the projects include:

9 Community Markets (Barkin Ladi, Bassa, Bokkos, Jos East, Jos North, Jos South, Mangu, Riyom, Pankshin)

6 Community Markets have been completed and handed over to the Local Governments and Communities.

3 Community Markets and Diffuse Light Stores are awaiting handing over

9 Diffuse Light Stores

2 Processing Centres

200km Spot Road Improvement across the 17 LGAs of the State

17 Spring Captures and 

26 Water Harvesting Structures for expansion of Dry Season Irrigation farming in Plateau State.


Mr. Dalung further made disparaging attacks on the Rescue Administration for not achieving much in its blueprint except completing inherited and abandoned projects, having claimed to be one of those who brought the government to power. The questions to ask him are: Are the completed projects located in Plateau State or in another planet? Who are using the projects? Would he have been happier if Governor Lalong chose the path of neglecting inherited projects to start new ones just because he wants to look good in the eyes of the people? Had he chosen that route, the likes of Dalung would have been the first to wail over the Mararaban Jama’a to Secretariat Junction road which was a nightmare for motorists and commuters when Lalong took over. Despite the fact that monies were paid with little work done, he remained steadfast to completing them and also constructing new ones such as the Lowcost junction to Rantya, Rafiki-Dong, British America-Terminus road among others as well as rehabilitating over 26 city roads. He also installed street lights all over the State Capital which the former minister claims not to have noticed for reasons best known to him. There are other roads across the State as well as the Lalong Legacy Projects that are on-going, not to talk of major projects at the Plateau State University and other tertiary institutions in the State. Many primary and secondary classrooms have equally been constructed or renovated while primary health centres have been executed across the State. Could that have been the reason why even when the Dalung was serving as minister, he refused to be present when President Buhari visited Plateau State to commission projects including the tractors that he had threatened to resign if they were eventually procured?

We are aware of his antecedents as a politician who works for the opposition despite claiming to be a memb er of the APC (without making any impact even in his polling unit). We know what he did by campaigning against the party in 2019 despite holding the position of a minister. Little wonder he was not contemplated for reappointment when the President was selecting his cabinet for second term. We hope he would one day find time to tell the people of Plateau State and Nigerians in general what he achieved on their behalf in the four years he held sway as minister of Youths and Sports. It is to his shame and to the credit of the Lalong Rescue Administration that Plateau United won the league and is again coasting to victory without any input from him. Rather, he was antagonistic. No wonder he couldn’t give any tangible response when one of 


Gov Lalong Tees Off Golf Tournament To Honour DG ITF Joe Ari...

 Gov Lalong tees off Golf Tournament to honour DG ITF Joe Ari 

September 25,2020

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong on Friday performed the tee off at the golf tournament in honour of Director General of the ITF, Sir. Joseph  Ari.

 The tournament is to commemorate his reappointment as DG of the organisation. 

Governor Lalong who spoke to journalists shortly after the tee-off said he was delighted with the reappointment of Sir. Joseph Ari who he described as an achiever in the last four years of managing the organisation. 

He assured that he would continue to support and partner the ITF in delivering empowerment to Nigerians. 

Sir. Joseph Ari was full of praises to Governor Lalong for his support to him and other appointees from Plateau State which he said has given him the opportunity to serve without any hindrance.

He also commended the Governor for developing the game of golf in Plateau State which has continued to bring people from all over the country as in the case for this tournament in his honour.


PLATEAU: Coalition Condemns Killing Of Foron Monarch....

 PLATEAU: Coalition condemns killing of  Foron monarch

*Cautions against attributing sources of attacks to particular tribes,religions

September 25,2020

*Says bad eggs exist in every community, society

*Commends OPSH on timely response,averting escalation 

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

Peace advocacy group in Plateau State under the aegis of Coalition of Plateau Peace Advocates,COPPA,has condemned the brutal killing of the District Head of Foron in Barkin Ladi Local Council of the state,His Royal Highness, Da Bulus Chuwang Jang, by some unknown gunmen.

The group described the action of the killers as not only wicked but also callous,saying it deserved condemnations by all.

The group,in a statement made available to newsmen on  Friday and signed by its Executive Director, Dr Pam Dung Gyang and Secretary,Rev. Danjuma Maiwazi,condoled with the family,the people and government of Plateau State over the death of the monarch,saying its 'heart' was with the bereaved.

"We condemned in the strongest terms the unfortunate, wicked  and unjustifiable killing of the Acting District Head of Foron  in Barkin Ladi Local Government Council of Plateau State, His Royal Highness, Da Bulus Chuwang Jang, by Unknown gunmen. This is unfortunate and should be condemned by all.

"We express our deepest condolences to the family, people and government of Plateau State over this great loss. Our heart is with them," it said.

It,however, commended Operation Safe Haven,OPSH Sector 4 Command,which it noted,responded swiftly to the attack that claimed the life of  traditional ruler, saying devastating attacks could have occurred with escalating consequences if troops had not acted promptly.

"We sincerely commend the officers and men of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) sector 4 Command for their swift response to the village despite the bad terrain. This singular act of gallantly and professionalism averted more casualties. 

 "If our security agencies respond to distress call  in this manner,  crimes will be reduced to the barest minimum."

It called on perpetrators of evils in the state to give peace a chance just as it asked those it described as "merchants of crises" to give peace a chance.

COPPA said it was worried over the consistent branding of some particular tribes or religions as attackers or terrorists in the state,tasking people to desist from such act as according to it,such was only a recipe not only for crisis but also for disharmony among the diverse ethnic groups in the state.

According to the group,there are bad people in every society hence the need to stop branding a particular tribe as attackers.

It said:"As peace advocates in Plateau State and beyond,  we want to use this medium to call on some crisis merchants to give peace a chance. We are greatly worried at their consistent attempts to take us back to Egypt. We wish to in similar manner call on their agents who are fond of posting reports laced with bias and sentiments in the social media with the view to achieving premeditated end, to give peace a chance.

"We note with regret,the recurring trends of attributing sources of crimes in the state to a particular tribe. There is no denying the fact that criminal elements are found in every community or society anywhere in the whole world hence it is not only morally but also professionally and spiritually wrong to accuse any tribe or religion of being responsible for crimes that are still being investigated by relevant constituted authorities.

"People should restrain themselves from jumping to conclusions in attributing sources of crimes. This is because such actions only inflame passion thus resulting in dire consequences inimical to peaceful and harmonious living among the different ethnic and religious groups in the state.

" This  act can only deepen hatred and mistrust among the diverse ethnic and religious groups and must be discouraged for the interest of peace."

The group said,"People must not play tribal or religious cards with fake news that ca


Plateau Council Boss, Gwallson Condemns Attack On Miners In Riyom....

 Plateau council boss , Gwalson condemns attack on miners in Riyom

September 24,2020

By Golok Nanmwa , Jos

Management Committee Chairman of Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, Hon. Mafeng Gwalson has condemned the clash between Fulani and Miners in Jol community where seven persons were injured.

He applauded the Nigerian Police and personnel of the Operation Safe Haven for their swift action in arresting the situation from degenerating into a major problem.

Hon. Gwalson disclosed this yesterday while speaking with Journalists in Jos .

Mafeng  said the Management of the Local Government and security agencies will not allowed crises merchants to take the council area to the dark days where killings and destruction of crops and properties was a phenomenon.

"In the past two weeks, we have had people who have intentionally tried to returned the local government back to crisis period by destroying crops in the farm. 

"It has happened in jol, Kwi, Wereng, Sopp and in Tahoss community. Also, on Wednesday, some miners went to the field for mining and were attack by some Fulani youths who told them not to mine that the area is their cattle route.

"As we speak, I don't have details of what happened but I am happy that the security agencies have gone to secure the communities and have started making arrest.

"I appeal to our people to be calm and support what the security agencies are doing and I am sure that we will get the perpetrators and take them to court to get justice."

He said efforts has been on ground to recover the about 53 villages that were sacked and the people displaced as a result of the 2001 Jos crises.

"Riyom has always been a peaceful local government until sometimes in 2001 when the effect of Jos crises affected the area. Since then we have not gotten ourselves back with over 53 villages sacked, thousands of people left their homes and a lot of destruction of corps and properties.

"We are working to make the communities a better place to help in retuning those who fled their homes as a result of the violence.

"We are grateful to Governor Simon Lalong because there has been sharp reduction in the violence in the past 5 years. We have sharp reduction in the issues of destruction of lives and properties and cattle rustling because of the committees set up by the Governor."

Hon. Gwalson  lamented that between 2019 and 2020, there has been an intention efforts by Merchants of crises to bring the local government back to crisis period but we are working round the clock to ensure that doesn't happen.

"Last week, we had a lot of people whose farms have been grazed mischievously by cows and others where they intentionally used daggers to bring down crops that are almost at the point of harvest.

"We have put in place the machinery to ensure justice is secured for those people. We have called leaders across the divides to ensure those whose crops were destroyed get fair compensation and to ensure that the perpetrators face the consequences.

"As we speak, most of those cases are in court, a big thanks to the Nigeria Police, Operation Safe Haven, vigilante and leaders of the affected communities for their peaceful role."



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