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Lalong Is A Nationalist ,His Comments On Farmers Bearing Arms Is The Bitter Truth- Plateau Group

 Lalong is a nationalist, his comments on farmers bearing arms is the bitter truth - Plateau group 

Febuary 23,2021

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos 

Group operating under the aegis of Plateau Regeneration group on Tuesday said that the comments attributed to Governor Simon Lalong  during an interview on Channels TV, Sunrise Daily on Tuesday 23 February, 2021 where he bared his mind on security challenges bedevilling the nation particularly herdsmen bearing arms is nothing but the bitter  truth .


In the said interview, the Governor was alleged to have said that not only herdsmen carry AK-47 as even some farmers also carry arms to protect themselves from the failure of the nation's security architecture to protect them. 

The Governor's comments appear to have raised dust among social media users particularly on the Plateau with many quoting portions of the appearance to lash out at the Governor. 

The group in a statement made available to newsmen and signed by Pam Datri the spokesman of the group  in Jos said what  Lalong said was nothing but the bitter truth .

"As a group we   are solidly behind our Governor  spoke the truth and nothing but the truth. 

The statement reads that It is unfortunate that the comments of the Governor which were spoken in truth and in pursuance of lasting solution, were taken out of context by people who have pre-concieved motives and do not see beyond their noses. We are not surprised that the issues raised generated discourse unnecessarily.


"We want to state unequivocally that there is a proliferation of arms in the hands of non-state actors who are not from one tribe or religion. There is therefore nothing wrong if the Governor averred that not only herdsmen, but others carry arms illegally. Can the critics of the Governor swear that only herdsmen commit violent crimes with AK-47 and other weapons? Who are those involved in kidnapping, banditary, robberies, destruction of farms, attacks on villages, killing of innocent people, cattle rustling and cultism? Are they from one tribe or religion? The statistics from the security agencies speak differently as people of different backgrounds are involved in crime."

We call on people of the state to support Governor Lalong instead of crucifiying him , Governor  Lalong is nationalist who is determined to better Plateau and Nigeria .

Lalong  is doing  well as Governor and chairman of the Northern Governor's forum ,lets continue to support him ,he added .


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