Lalong Never Encouraged Or Endorsed Herdsmen Bearing Arms- Plateau APC..

 Lalong  never encouraged or endorsed herdsmen bearing arms - Plateau APC 

Febuary 24,2021

By Golok Nanmwa ,Jos

All Progressive Congress APC in Plateau on Wednesday berated the People's Democratic Party PDP over Comments credited to Governor Simon Lalong .

APC in a statement signed by Bashir Sati it's State Secretary  further said that Governor Simon Lalong  never encouraged or endorsed herdsmen bearing arms. Neither did he support any other group such as farmers, mechanics, kidnappers, politicians, cultists and other unauthorized persons in carrying AK-47 and other weapons. He merely cited the fact that because of the failure of security system, non-state actors including herders, farmers, etc are carrying arms, a situation that must be addressed quickly. 

Our correspondent reports that the PDP in a statement signed by John Akans ,it's

Publicity Secretary in Plateau  said that Governor Lalong ought to resign from his position as it is clear that he is not competent to remain as Governor of our dear Plateau state.

He further said that It is very unfortunate that Plateau never got it this bad before, this is really sad for this great land, we are loosing our youths, women and children as a result of bandits/herdsmen attack, yet our Governor is still singing praises on the graves of the victims of gruesome murder, siege and land grabbing. 

Akans also said "As a political party that is people centred we find this  statement self-serving, derogatory, unpatriotic, misleading, malicious, satanic and not only  a big lie but aiming at causing more  disaffection to already fragile relationship between farmers and herders."

It is obvious that Governor Lalong has abandoned the herculean task of governance to making unguarded statements, as one that suffers verbal diarrhea, his statements are always anti people. 

Governor Lalong's submission on national television does not in any way reflect the position of Plateau people but his personal interest. 

But in a swift reaction , the APC  in Plateau said the confused faction of the PDP in the  State is at it again making a storm in a tea cup over Governor Lalong's comments during an interview on Channels TV on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 where he was alleged to have said that not only herdsmen carry arms.

"Today, we are now seeing the hazard of allowing people do open grazing here and there. But they (herders) also want solution; by the time you explain to them, they also want to stay in one place, they would also want to keep away from carrying AK-47. I’m not justifying anybody to carry AK-47 but don’t forget that in the course of our deliberations and investigations, it was not only Fulani herdsmen that were carrying AK-47, even farmers were carrying AK-47 to protect themselves. This is because of the failure of the security architecture which we must address immediately"

How this self-explanatory and patriotic comment has become a feast for the factional PDP opposition group beats the imagination because those who are objective cannot take just 34 seconds to analyse a one hour interview. Besides, the out-of-context voyage of the PDP does not hold water as they are inputing what the Governor never said.

But the PDP faction twisted it to appeal to their isolated, gullible and disgruntled followers particularly on the social media by saying that Governor Lalong accused farmers of carrying arms. What an ingenious lie! 

He cautioned the PDP from exploiting insecurity stressing that it  will never bring them back to power in Plateau State because the people measured their  16 years and found them  wanting on all counts particularly on security.

" Governor Lalong and the APC has succeeded in dymistifying your lies by restoring peace in the State, a situation that pains you dearly despite the fact that killings have drastically fallen to an all time low. He has succeeded where you failed woefully and you cannot stomach it."

Sati further said that the Governor's main goal of discussion on the program was to talk about how the insecurity in the country can be tackled wholistically and not to justify any illegal arm bearer.

" To resort to the use of uncouth language "taut, yesman" in reference to a Governor by a party which is desperate to occupy that office is most uncharitable and condemnable. Only a denigrated opposition party can go this low. Thankfully, they can only dream of the seat."

He said that " Latching on this fabricated storm by the PDP faction to again call for the Governor to resign is not only disingenuous, but a dead-on-arrival proposition to appeal to the fantacies and emotions of a failed party. Governors do not resign because of press releases please and certainly Governor Simon  Lalong,  will not resign because  he has a job to do and he is doing it with all his might, He is not perfect, but he is focused.


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