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5th October, 2021.

We are constrained to respond to a so-called "World Press Conference" by a group called YOWICAN, WOWICAN & ETHNIC NATIONALITIES (NORTHERN ZONE) where various issues were raised with the intention to stop the forthcoming Local Government elections in Plateau State scheduled for 9th October 2021. 

For starters, the originators of this so-called "World Press Conference" appear determined to confuse, brainwash, incite and instigate the public using their identities, ideologies and interests that clearly portray them as strange bed fellows, sponsored hirlings and instruments of distabilization against Plateau. Here are some facts to dismantle their submissions which are at best at a shallow and desperate attempt to incite violence and disrupt the elections holding this Saturday 9th October 2021. 

1. YOWICAN (Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria) and WOWICAN (Women Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria) are religious associations that are supposedly representing the interests of members of their faith. They are not known to be political organisations, neither are they recognised to be representing any political party. But to the surprise of all, their so called "World Press Conference" in conjunction with an amorphous "Ethnic Youth Nationalities" is by all standards a political submission coated with cheap ethno-religious sentiments aimed at stopping a legitimate and constitutional electoral process. 

2. It is rather sad and disappointing that this supposedly religious groups appear to be celebrating the history of violence particularly in Jos North and using it as a benchmark for not holding elections. Indeed they have clearly stated that they prefer the State of anarchy and insecurity than normalcy and stability which the Lalong Rescue Administration has worked assiduously to bring about in the last 6 years. If not why will they make a statement such as: 

"However, between the close of 2020 to  August 2021, we have had resurgence of insecurity and massive destructions of lives and properties followed by the imposition of 24 hours curfew just few months ago which was only relaxed to now between 10pm to 6am. This is indicative of the fact that normalcy has not yet returned to the troubled LGAs of Bassa, Jos South, Riyom and Jos North". 

YOWICAN and WOWICAN need to tell the people what they know about the violence which they are cheerfully referring to and displaying gleefully. Was the recent attacks about politics? Are they confirming the fears of many that once elections (particularly Local Government) are around corner, violence erupts on the Plateau? Are their hands in this dangerous conspiracy?Since they claim to be speaking as an ethno-religious conglomeration, can they truthfully say that as at today, they dont perform their religious obligations because of insecurity? If they can hold Church services, organise weddings, go to the markets, farms and offices, hold ethnic meetings and festivals, organise cultural meetings etc, why can't elections hold? What is the big deal about people going out to cast their votes to choose their leaders peacefully in a matter of hours on Saturday? It is sad that these so-called "World Press Briefers" are rediculing their faith and members of their ethnic groups by painting a picture that they are crises mongers and against democracy and prefer to perpetually remain in violence or instigate same. If they profess violence, what then is the essense of their prayers and fasting that God should restore peace to Plateau? Now that God has answered their prayers and peace has substantially been restored, why are they prophesying doom and gloom? Did elections not hold in Kaduna recently amidst the high banditary and kidnappings going on? For how long will Plateau remain in the shadow of fear and subjugation to merchants of war? 

3. The so-called "World Press C


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