The State of Plateau as a platform seeks to promote democracy on the local level by bringing the fore issues concerning the State, and facilitating citizens debate on public issues, through participation in government decision making.


We the Afizere Youth Movement,in Jos North LGA, want to debunk in clear terms and without any doubt and equivocation that the said Press Conference, that was read by one Agwom Atang,onbehalf of the group is very embarrassing and a meticulous as well as calculated attempt to enmeshed,smear and drag the good image of the Izere nation into a political catastrophe that is awaiting to befall the Natives of Jos North LGA.

We as a nation,will neither reneged nor negate on the recommendations of Justice Niki Tobi's Commission of inquiry that states unambiguously clear that,Jos North belong to the three Ethnic groups of Afizere,Anaguta and Berom,since then,there has been a gentleman agreement among these Ethnic groups to rotate the Chairmanship position.

For the avoidance of doubt,the said Shehu Bala they are  clamouring to imposed on the Peaceful and law abiding citizens of Jos North LGA was appointed as the management committee Secretary of Jos North LGA in 2016 under the management committee Chairman of Hon. Theresa Daniel Azi. 

He was also elected as the Flag bearer of APC in Jos North LGA,in 2018. By the year 2020, Governor Simon  Bako Lolang appointed him the management committee Chairman of Jos North LGC and the appointment was Characterised by massive protests in the nooks and crannies of the Locality. In order to stem the tide of the scenario,the state Government, through the secretary to the state Government...Prof. Danladi Abok Atu, along side Commissioners for Information and Communications,Hon. Dan Manjang,Hon. Pam Botmang,Works,Hon. Musa Gyang,Science and Technology.Hon. Jerry Werr, Special Duties,NGOs and intergovernmental Affairs.Hon. Aku Abe,Commerce and Industries... called for a meeting of the leadership of Youths  from the three natives Ethnic groups in Government House and appealed to our concients and that the management committee Chairman,Shehu Bala will spent only three months and after then, an Indigene will be appointed, moreover he will not contest for the Chairmanship position at the subsequent Election. He spent two years in office before his recent resignation.

They Equally claimed that Shehu Bala and Ezekiel Shina's candidature will promote peaceful co-existence,that is a lie from the  pit of hell,we want to tell the Governor and the good people of Plateau state that, citizens of the Locality are in serious delima for not conducting free,fair, Transparent and democratic Primary Election in Jos North LGA for the All Progressives Congress(APC) in Jos North.

When the  APC's Primary Election was fixed in the entire 17 LGAs,all the card carrying members of the Party in Jos North were prepared and converged at their various voting points to exercise the franchise,then they were informed that the election was postponed in Jos North,due to some security and other technical hitches while other LGAs continued  with the process . The people were waiting for the new date to be fixed,but that same day in the night,news came out initially as a rumour and nightmare that Shehu Bala has been emerged as the Flag bearer of APC in Jos North without any explanation on where,when how and who elected him. These are the vital questions that are still begging for answers and there was agreement that he will not contest then probably that's why he came in a surreptitious manner. Is this Democracy?

All the three indigenous Ethnic groups bought forms and they were ready to test their popularity at the Primaries but that was truncated. They include,Hon. Rapp Pam. Hon. Theresa Daniel Azi and Hon. Ezekiel Shina.

As a nation and Democrats,we want to express our displeasure without mincing words,Democracy is about Justice and fairness,this action is nothing but cruel, undemocratic and it will never entrench democracy and foster even development as well as peaceful co- existence among th


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