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BREAKING NEWS:I never signed not stamped any letter of resignation - Hon Abok Nuhu Ayuba

18th November, 2021.

It is no news that the House of assembly was vandalized some days ago and the imposture and self acclaimed speaker with government approval moved a resolution to move the house sittings into the government house

This must-have been part of their efforts and clandestine plans to access the letter headed papers of my office and get someone who could doctor my signature to make it appear as if i did resign

I never authored that document

The purported impeachment was said to be 28/20/21

Even after that Day I have responded to their press statement ... I couldn't have still been fighting.

Why will i then be writing resignation after that time

Again, that was the same day i entered the house to make a video to the whole world... Why will it be on that same day that I will do such writing

There Is an ongoing suit with my loyal members... I would have carried them along if any such decision was made.

The plateau people have alot of confidence in me. I couldn't sale their birth right for anything

The fight on this is a plateau fight... Bigger than me and the 12 of us …so we are committed to fight to the last and to victory to democracy and plateau

I cannot do a letter and put a signature and stamp of received again.

Letter not addressed to anyone in particular .. l would have addressed and typed it nicely and cannot be seen fighting the still.

If they had the letter as at 1st or 2nd November 2021 why bring it out on 18/11/2021? They would have been happy to produce it as early as possible

They crafted doing this forgery as a distraction plan for the plateau people

So did they impeach me or did I resign?

If they said they impeached me as 28/10/21 why will i need to resign? Resign from what?

So.. what they are working with now... Is it a resignation or purported impeachment?

The two cannot work hand in hand or together at all

They have not been able to plan well to do this mischief

If their schemers were smart enough, they would have planned better for them.. and not make them look confused and like fools in this whole prank and childish display of foolishness

Director Press to 

Rt Hon Abok N Ayuba


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