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I remain authentic Chairman of Langtang North council - Bar Zulfa Rimven

By Our correspondent 

Executive Chairman of Langtang North Local government of Plateau state Barrister  Zulfa Bitrus Rimven on Monday described the judgement obtained by the Immediate past Chairman of the Council as a miscarriage of justice, insisting that he remained the authentic chairman of the council.

Zulfa who addressed newsmen in Jos said he recall that Hon. Ubandoma Joshua Laven had addressed newsmen  wherein he raised so many issues relating to the judgment he obtained. 

The Chairman Hon Zulfa said that the said press conference by Laven is littered with false accusations, half truths and unfounded allegations levelled against his  humble self and the Government of the day.

"I am the Chairman of our council and even the Ex Chairman Laven knows that ,I followed the process,an election was conducted In my council in which I won landslide, I was issued a certificate by the electoral empire saddled with the responsibility that's the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC ) and was sworn in by the Executive arm.

Zulfa added that  One can quickly pardon him for his comments on some of the legal issues involved in the judgment he obtained as he is not a lawyer. Consequently,  it will be an extension of common sense too far to expect him to understand the concept of legal proceedings and procedure.

In his words Zulfa added that "As a Lawyer that I am, I will not be discharging my duty of enlightening the public on legal issues if I allow the Babylonian confusion released by Ubandoma Joshua Laven in his press conference to fester. It is for this reason and many more that I must respond to the press conference to clarify the issues involved.

First, I must state in unambiguous terms that neither myself nor Langtang North Local Government Area is a party to the suit and the judgment obtained by Ubandoma.

"I am very much aware that Ubandoma does not know, but I will take the pain to explain to him in a language he can understand that judgments cannot be executed against non - parties. 

He said that "The Law in this regard has not changed, that judgments cannot be enforced against persons who are not parties to the suit. " Had Ubandoma wanted to execute his judgment against me or Langtang North Local Government Area,  he would have sued me and Langtang North Local Government Area as parties to his suit. But, he didn't. To my mind, this is an elementary principle of common sense that needs no interpretation by any Lawyer. 

Second, the judgment obtained by Ubandoma has already been appealed against and the Notice and Grounds of Appeal adequately served on Ubandoma. It is not a Motion on Notice alone that has been served on him as he alleges. Well I don't expect him to understand the nature and nomenclature of the documents served on him, after all, he is not a Lawyer. These issues and the documents in this regard are public records that any member of the public can apply to have them. It is not something happening in the dark. May I use this opportunity to school 

Ubandoma without pay, that once there is an appeal against a judgment, parties are expected not to tamper with the status quo in order not to render the judgment of the Appellate Court nugatory. In this regard, the legal procedure is for Ubandoma to be patient to allow all the legal processes to be exhausted before he can shout 'uhuru'.

Thirdly, upon obtaining judgment from the Court, it is not for the party who has obtained judgment to enforce same (as did Ubandoma), it is for the Court Sheriffs,  in company of Law Enforcement Agents to enforce same against persons who are party to the said judgment. The resort to self - help by Ubandoma and his supporters by destroying part of the main gate leading to Langtang North Local Government Area is an act of criminality; and if Ubandoma is being prosecuted for it, then he should deal with it. In law, the maxim is "Ignorantia


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