The State of Plateau as a platform seeks to promote democracy on the local level by bringing the fore issues concerning the State, and facilitating citizens debate on public issues, through participation in government decision making.



In view of the leadership tussle in the Plateau State House of Assembly, it has become imperative for the leadership of the Plateau State Youth Council to make certain statements in the overall interest of Plateau state.

 It may interest Plateau Youths and by extension, Plateau people to know that the state leadership of the Plateau state Youth Council in its wisdom has extensively engaged the two factions in the house of Assembly and also the executive and have full knowledge of the politics going on in the house of Assembly. Therefore, the leadership of the Plateau State Youth council wishes to:

1: Call on Plateau people to remain calm and exercise restraints on actions that are capable of further escalating the matter.

2: Call on both factions in the House of Assembly with very resounding voice to sheath their swords and give peace a chance by embracing the dialogue table in settling their differences, to enable the house begin full legislative business to deliberate on issues that affect the state in the general interest of Plateau state.

3: Call on politicians and individuals who have derived pleasure in taking advantage of the situation for their selfish gains to desist and take their hands off as members of the House of Assembly are capable of settling their differences.

4: Call on external forces and factors who are further fueling the leadership crisis by overheating the polity just with the aim of placing Plateau State in the media for the wrong reasons, thereby giving the state a bad image, to as a matter of urgency, allow members of the house of Assembly to handle their matter as it is purely a Plateau issue and tussle for leadership within the members of the House of assembly.

5: Call on both factions in the House of Assembly to stop overheating the system for political gains and approach the courts just as it has been confirmed to the PYC leadership by leader of one of the factions that they have approached the courts on areas where necessary to get justice on areas where injustice are perceived as the court is the only institution saddled with the responsibility of administrating justice and determining what is wrong and right.

6: Call on the judiciary to treat every case before it especially as it relates to the leadership tussle in the House of Assembly with every sense of seriousness by ensuring that the process is expedite and justice dispensed at the end of the day, for the overall good of Plateau people.

Conclusively, the leadership of the Youth Council is glad that during its engagements with the parties involved in the matter, assurances were given by all parties that the issues are being resolved within the members and will be laid to rest in no distant time.

The leadership of the Plateau state Youth council wishes to assure Plateau Youths of council's continuous readiness and commitment to working assiduously to ensure that both parties come to terms and resolve their differences and giving Plateau Youths the best of representation now and in the future.

Lot Sunday Adas


Plateau State Youth Council.


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