The State of Plateau as a platform seeks to promote democracy on the local level by bringing the fore issues concerning the State, and facilitating citizens debate on public issues, through participation in government decision making.



I have read with dismay and utmost pity, the statement of the Plateau State Government, signed by the Commissioner of Information and Communication, Mr. Dan Manjang in which he tried reduce the pedigree of Senator (Dr) Jonah David Jang just so his paymaster could come close to a being compared to the former Governor.

He struggled hard as they have always tried to do but failed once again to make any substantial sense. As a friend, let me start off with a friendly advice to the Commissioner, former Governor Jonah David Jang cannot be compared with your principal. There is no basis for comparison! Jang had a fulfilling military career, survived a civil war, and rose to the rank of a General, two-time military governor, won two elections on the plateau and was elected to the Senate and instead of resting he is forced to speak because of the lacklustre performance of the current administration, which is destroying what he built.

It is not surprising that he struggled hard, knowing well that Senator Jang has had a distinguished career not just as a military officer, Administrator but also an outstanding outing as the Governor of Plateau State, an office his principal is struggling and wangling through, little or nothing tangible to show for holding the office except the being the lapdog of some perceived owners of power in Nigeria. The footprints of Senator Jonah Jang as one of the best Governors that Plateau State has ever produced are there for everyone to see and no amount of lies or distortion of the achievements of his administration will fly.

For a man who failed in his responsibility as a Special Adviser (Media) in the Jang administration, it is only a non performing government that will find him suitable for commissionership and, of Information and Communication for that matter. All attempts to rubbish the person of Senator Jang in order to please your employer or those in whose good books you wish to be recorded, will end as an exercise in futility.

It is not only pitiable but laughable to think that Senator Jang will condescend so low to the point of being insinuated that he is behind the avoidable drama happening in the Plateau State House of Assembly. If the Commissioner learned anything from or about Jang when he had the opportunity to serve under him, he should have known better than to engage in that kind of infantile imagination. It is however not surprising, the remain relevant and find acceptance, the puppet must keep dancing to the tune of the puppeteer.

Senator Jang does not require the endorsement of Governor Lalong’s administration, his towering credentials which the Commissioner chose to call anti-democratic are the very reason why name Jang remains a nightmare to them. For a government which rode to power on the goodwill of the people, it is unfortunate that all of that has not only fizzled out but was squandered on the pursuit of personal political gains over the collective welfare and wellbeing of the Plateau people.  

Both the Commissioner and his principal knows that Jang has done in Plateau State what the government of the day could not. In fact, even if they wanted to, time has been wasted chasing frivolities at the detriment of governance and plateau people can’t wait for 2023 to correct the mistake of voting the APC into power.

The commissioner saying that Jang calling for action to save democracy is calling kettle black simply speaks more about the kind of person he is. When the ‘Honourable’ Commissioner of information and Communication speaks and write like a motor park tout, there is nothing to be expected from what he says.

Yes! There were changes in the leadership of the House of Assembly during the administration of former Governor Jonah Jang but all of these changes were done following due process and the governor accepted the changes and never attempted to interfere. That. Indeed, shows that democracy w


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