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We would strive to see ITF completes favourable with other learning, development Agencies worldwide - DG Joseph Ari

By Golok Nammwa , Jos 


Director General, Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Sir Joseph Ari on Tuesday said he is determined to take the fund to higher heights.

Speaking in his keynote address at the 2021 half year and 3rd quarter performance review meeting in Jos , Ari said   " I will also want to see an ITF that competes favourably with other learning and development Agencies worldwide " .

The Director General further added that " I am desirous of seeing an ITF that has answered its name as the leading learning and development Agency that Nigerians depend upon in terms of actualising the building of our economy. 

"I would like to see an ITF that adds value in taking Nigeria to be among the top country in the commitee of Nations".

He also said that he is working to ensure that   ITF grows not just into a household name but where every young Nigerian would see as a pride of place to belong to in terms of actualising his or her career prospects.

Ari further said we would work  to ensure that ITF will lubricate the industrial hub of the country by way of ensuring that industries in the country operate optimally”. 

He added that the  2021 Half Year and 3rd Quarter Review Meeting,  would provide the fund  with a dual opportunity to review it's activities in the first nine months of the current year, while also attempting to chart a roadmap for the ITF as  envision as it enters its next phase of life as an organization.

In his words "The theme of today’s event: Target Setting and Achievement in a Post Covid-19 Era: The Way Forward for ITF, which has been carefully selected, will provide us with the platform to vigorously deliberate and address the challenges currently faced, not only by the ITF, but by all organizations operating in our dear fatherland, as they have battled, and continue to battle with the myriad of challenges thrown up by COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Beyond target setting, deliberations here will allow us to think futuristically and innovatively on the ITF we desire, bearing in mind Management’s vision I had underscored".

Ari further said thatt 'it is becoming increasingly obvious that the challenges we are currently confronting today as fallouts of the COVID-19 pandemic, will be with us for some time to come. "It is in appreciation of this that Management has continued to explore ways of exploiting the opportunities in the prevailing situation for our corporate survival in the years ahead including aligning our HR and finance operations with emerging global Information Technology best practices."

However, some of the problems that have continued to defy reasonable solutions are two critical aspects of our operations- Target Setting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

"To resolve these, Management has mandated two Management staff to critically examine these in their presentations at this forum. It is my hope that the two papers will lay the intellectual, even practical foundations for Management’s new thinking about Target Setting and Performance Management. "

It is equally my hope that this forum will look at ways where we can surpass our targets in all our KPIs. While I do not intend to pre-empt the Score Card that will be presented shortly by the Corporate Planning Department, I can reasonably conclude from reports that even the area where we had lagged behind which is training implementation has progressively improved.

"From the foregoing, it must be obvious to all of us that we have a challenging task before us ," he stressed .

He urged all participants at this meeting to listen attentively and contribute meaningfully to the discussion in order to find lasting solutions to these problems.


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