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BREAKING: Court discharge, acquits Senator Jang of all 17 count charges

By Golok Nanmwa, Jos  Ex Governor of Plateau state Senator Jonah Jang has been discharged and acquitted on all 17 count charges levelled against him. The court been presided by Justice Christy Dabup discharged Senator Jang on Friday. Reacting to the judgement Jang in a statement he personally signed reads that " The truth always finds its way out, even years and years and years later. The truth always prevails” - Tyler Hamilton. The above quote succinctly captures the position we are in today, following my vindication of the charges preferred against me by the EFCC.   I must confess that I had known from the onset that leadership was not an easy task but I stepped out to make a difference, having been a Military Administrator in two states. The benevolence of the Plateau people and the grace of God made me the Governor of Plateau State from 2007-2015. My previous experience as a Military Administrator and the driving force which was to leave a mark on the plateau as I did in my pr